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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today is Sunday, May 1st

I am so thankful that I was able to hold an open house today at my listing in Rio Del Mar.  It's a gorgeous day on the coast and it feels good to meet people and hopefully, sell the home.  Tracy is in the best hands:  his big sis, Toni is watching over him.  T has developed some sores in the back of his mouth and throat which make it very difficult for him to swallow as a direct result of the radiation.  It is a normal side effect but troubling for our boy so, I called Stanford last night and this morning and Toni was going to pick up the mouth rinses etc at CVS today to fix our boy's dilemma.  Chemistry is our friend.

Sorry about not keeping up with my blog... it's been an interesting last few days.  I'm realizing that I'm going to have to start taking time for myself.  I need to stay healthy & sane in order to be able to care for T full time and work.  I was able to take an evening with Carla & Jayne and see Rowena Fri. evening at Jayne's.  She shared some tips and tidbits about Roddy's fight against the big C and it was very insightful.  I realize I don't have to do this alone...

I don't know what I would have done without Toni's help over the last 2 weeks.  I'm very thankful that I didn't have to try.  She has made it possible for me to rest a bit and not have to drive every day to Stanford for this third phase of T's treatment.  T has one last day of cranial radiation tomorrow and an LP on Tues., quite possibly with blood infusions.  Then, we have a free day on Wed before Toni returns to her life in Santee, S.Carolina on Thurs.  I can't even express how thankful we are to have had her here...  I was just about out of gas when Toni arrived.  I must say that it's been tough to admit that I was at the end of my rope... 7 months of this has taken it's toll... I was totally spent & exhausted... gonna have to take more breaks and sleep downstairs some so, I can keep up with what's next in store for T.  The good news is except for the next 3 Tues. LP's and a Bruno apt on the 13th, T's treatment should be available at Dr. Wu's office in Santa Cruz....Yahoo!!!

Thanks for the love, white light and support.... we feel it....

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