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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, Post 3

 I arrived at Stanford at 8PM only to be told by Angela, T's night nurse that he'd been ready since 6PM.   No one seems to know who Albert, the charge nurse, is who called me twice to be sure that I didn't come before 8 to pick T up.  The doctor never called me and it took 2 Tylenols to calm me down enough to eat something before I made the trip to pick T up.  Somebody's going have some 'splainin to do tomorrow.  I realize that I'm too logical at times but this whole episode has my teeth on edge.  I need to get some answers tomorrow and some help.  I don't know what I'd do without the ability to blog about my feelings.... hope I won't have to find out.  My priorities are clear and writing about it makes it real.

T greeted me with a kiss. and he was ready to go.  I dressed him, called  transport and retrieved the car.  ready to roll, once more.  T and I work well together,  Once home, we showered, T had his meds and woohoo!  I ended up giving him his Neupogen shot... didn't want to,,, my fear of hurting him was overcome by necessity.  He's exhausted and I've just fallen asleep on the keyboard twice.....  carpe diem!

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