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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is Thursday, March 31st

Sometimes life is just a bowl of obbleyocky...  a phrase Cenz used to say all the time...I think it was from Steve Allen?  Anyway, I always try to look on the positive side but sometimes... the good news is Mr. T is getting stronger every day, altho' he needs some bulk... he seems so gaunt.  He is eating again and hasn't had an episode at all...Yahoo!!

 Tomorrow is hopefully, the last day of chemo on this 'intensification' phase of his protocol.   We both need a break!  He seems to be on a creative phase... he's recreating our spaces and starting to draw... have to get him some paint brushes.
I cancelled my open house on Sunday because I'm just plain exhausted and I can't seem to muster up any energy.  My escrows are fraught with issues and I keep trying to find solutions...  sorry, falling asleep again on my keyboard...

Love to you all and thanks for the great comments!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today is Wednesday, March 30th

UPDATE!!!  Tracy is home from Stanford and we're soooo glad!!!

Tuesday started with our sales meeting seminar on short sales, followed by touring of 5 new listings, quick bite with Lorraine and then, escrow work until it was time to drive to Stanford to retrieve my honey... I was waiting at the front door for T and he walked out sans cane and I was overwhelmed with happiness...  My honey has his balance and his wit back...tank God!

Today saw a harried Realtor do a great listing presentation (they won't put their home on the market until June or July) and then, yours truly tried to keep the short sale deal alive through very thorough inspections.

Great news!  Coronado Drive no longer has a trustee scheduled on Sat.

I'm sooo tired, I keep falling asleep on the keyboard.

White light!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today is Monday, March 28th

Tracy is better and hopefully, the pain from his new PICC line is due to his counts being so low.   I hope he'll be coming home soon.  My center is off kilter.

I worked on the Laguna St. deal all day and then, put together my listing appointment marketing material this evening.  I'm ready for some sleep.

Thank you one and all for all your support!!!   White light feels good....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today is Sunday, March 27th

Tracy is better!!!  He sounds so strong and positive.  He has been on several antibiotics and as of this morning, he says he feels like himself, able to walk without knee pain!  I am so thankful... .. I couldn't have forgiven myself if this weren't the outcome.  More blood cultures today, 3 different chemo shots and T now has a new PICC line on the right side... wondering if the infection was through the PICC line... it was inserted Oct. 15th.  Maybe we'll get some answers from Bruno this week.  Allen reminded me yesterday that Bruno had said Tracy would be in and out of the hospital many times through this protocol.  Thank God for great neighbors!!!!  Riley is exercised daily & run weekly;  homemade food & cookie deliveries and so much loving support.

I spent the day with clients... working through all the issues with their short sale purchases and showing property.  Thanks for all the calls.  I was unable to return any messages.  I got home in time to call T;  and finally eat something... just didn't expect to be tied up so long.  I have a lot on my plate tomorrow including a listing appointment.  I'm spent...

Hope and faith fully restored... love to all

Carpe diem!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today is Saturday, March 26th

Tracy was admitted to Stanford last night.  While he was being given blood (after the platelets) he began to run a temp.  We: T, Peg Asst? Rn, Sandy RN and I were all trading lines from our favorite comedy movies of all time in the Apheresis room (had to look that one up- sterile room with big comfy chairs where blood is extracted and separated into its parts- platelets etc.).  T had been given a chair in that room because the ITA was so full.  He was happy and very comfortable in the high tech chair/bed which was even long enough to accommodate him.  So, we were all relaxed and having fun and I stepped out of the room to answer a phone call.  That's when Sandy nailed me.  I couldn't lie when asked the direct question about whether he'd been running a temp.  She extracted the true situation... T had sworn me to silence but I was terribly worried...Tylenol was keeping the temp down along with cold compresses but it certainly wasn't dealing with the cause... Sandy and then, Katie, the nurse practitioner asked for details and I told and then upon returning to his room, asked T for forgiveness.   Sandy & Katie told T that they'd heard every excuse in the book for why he might have run a temp (sat in front of the fireplace, took too hot a shower etc).... nobody wants to deal with restarting the process... but the key point is dealing with the cause of the temp... infection?  his liver count wasn't great (I thought he was a little yellow) and all his numbers were awry. ... As they got T to acquiesce and eventually tell, they explained what the result of allowing him to go on with unchecked fevers could be... and renal failure or stroke is not acceptable.   So, a couple Drs. arrived and thoroughly worked up what his present condition was and examined him.  About 7:00PM, I caved and decided I'd go home.  T would have a cat scan, EKG and lots of blood cultures done before he was admitted into a private room.  With his admittance of relief that he would actually get some help and his absolution for telling on him... I journeyed home to strip and wash everything on our bed and finally rest my weary head....  T called to say he was in a large corner room overlooking a statue and gardens outside the children's hospital and I thank God he's in good hands....

Spoke with T several times today, Sat.  Courtney is his nurse-  Yah!!!!  and he was watching the John Wayne classic "True Grit"...  I'm sucking on Zicam lozenges for a sore throat and back in bed....hoping I'll be over it so, after my client leaves tomorrow... I can journey to Stanford to see my honey.  Please surround him with white light... he's gonna beat this thing... he's almost made it through the second phase!!!  That's gotta count!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today is Friday, March 25th

Let's see it's Friday and we're at Stanford and it's raining... we keep repeating the same thing over and over... Ground Hog Day?!!

I love Tracy.  I have devoted myself to him and work for the last 7 months without a break...    I'm functioning on 3-5 hours sleep a night...   I've been hoping for some normalcy and relief, a break from doctors visits & Stanford  ....    Tracy, whether he'll admit it or not,  wants some normalcy and a break in his routine... but the reality reinforces that it's tough enough to go through this for the two of us...  and we're in it for better or worse together for as long as it takes to get him well.    He has spiked a fever for 3 out of the last 5 nights running and he won't go to the emergency room no matter how high it gets and he insists that I care for him.  He says "you know that all they'll do is give me Tylenol and fluids".  Today, we're at Stanford since 11:15 AM and they've given him platelets for the second time this week and now he's getting the first of two bags of blood.  We won't get home until 9 at this rate.  No chemo today because he can't tolerate it....  I'm exhausted, scared and just plain weary... but I'm in it for the long run no matter what.   He was looking forward to a week off but now who knows?

I'd like to curl up with a roaring fire & jazz, Tracy & Riley and a nice glass of red...hopefully, it's coming soon...frankly, it can't come soon enough...

Tracy wants me to write about the big things... politics, health care, gun control.. rather than about him... today, I just don't have the energy nor do I give a f__k... this is liberating and cathartic and hopefully, over soon...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today is Wednesday, March 23rd

What a wickedly twisted world we're living in right now.. hee hee...  I'm very happy to report that T & I have made it through so far.  We journeyed to Stanford verry early this morning yet again so, T could get his labs done at 8AM and then, see Bruno.  While T went to the rest room, Bruno came in and made it abundantly clear that he had to eat (protein and needs potassium) and that if he kept going we'd see the light...oh Thank God!!!   Bruno kept razzing T about being old... but we know he's kidding T because he can take it and there's good news.... So,  T needed platelets today and the plan is:  this Fri. another shot of chemo and he'll need blood (the good news is we know ahead of time)... he starts neupogen shots today continuing 'til Bruno says stop.  Then, he returns for chemo next Fri. and sees Bruno on the 6th.  Next phase is 5 days of radiation repeated for 2 weeks plus chemo pills and weekly spinal taps.  Pray and surround T with all the healing light you can send him.  He's gonna beat this thing.

Yesterday,  Shar drove me to Cathy Sy's for relief of my earache and sore throat (I finally bore the brunt of no relief)... she adjusted me so well and prescribed rest, Zicam and a hot bath.  The Sorcenelli's drove T to his new oncologist, Dr. Wu for his initial visit and T was enthused by the possibility of being treated in Santa Cruz... We spoke to Bruno about it today and I have to pursue this next week.  Bruno was very encouraging about working with Michael Wu.  Light at the end of this interminable tunnel....

The Sorcenelli's returned to So. Carolina and Portland safely... we're home and I'm gonna take a bath...  Pat came up with some protein powder that T actually can tolerate as a smoothie with a banana.  Perfect!!!

Good news!!  Short sale accepted.  Now we just have to work out the timing.  Price reduction on 207 Toledo Dr. Rio Del Mar to 899K!!!

I sent this to the papers today.  I listen to NPR as we drive to Stanford daily and I'm sick of hearing about Libya...

We can't afford to get involved in another civil war.  We can't afford health care, schools, infrastructure in our own country!!!  I voted for Pres. Obama because I thought he'd take a stand for middle class Americans and finally we'd see some hope.  All I see is a quagmire of billowing debt and no relief for the middle class in sight.
It's a never ending hole that we're digging while the military complex sees billions of dollars in profits.
Pull out now from all military action!!!
Get back to talking instead of shooting!! 
If political campaigns were financed by the public instead of corporations;  politicians would find the heart to do the right thing by the middle class and rebuild America... from roads to schools to health care for all.
Now I'm gonna submerge myself in a hot bath....  Night all!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is Monday, March 21st Cont.

T needed blood and we're still here... hopefully, we'll get home by 9PM.  Send healing white light to surround my family...

Today is Monday, March 21st

We're at Stanford again.... feels like Groundhog Day... Johnny accompanied us today for T's 4th treatment.  T was pretty touch and go over the last day or so.  He's been running a temp and I've been sworn to keep taking his temp and keep him hydrated.  He's bound and determined to finish this round and not have to start all over again.  So, tylenol and lots of protein drinks and chicken broth are the main stays...  I keep changing him and washing clothes and taking his temp... feels like a broken record.  T's weight is down to 211 lbs.  The  Dr. says graze thruout the day.  So, I'll start cutting up cheese with crackers and hard boiling eggs to feed the beast.  T's attitude is the best!  He's gonna make it through this round.

Shar & Shawn are together today... just wish the sun would come out!  Tomorrow is my families last California day...  let's hope for the best!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today is Saturday, March 19th

Yesterday, we traveled to Stanford for the beginning of the second week of chemo treatments for Tracy.  He seemed to tolerate it well along with the steroid and the demerol.  He had a slight headache and laid down a bit throughout the day.  We went to Deb & Gary's for dinner on our route home and the Sorcenelli clan caught up with the Whitnick's.  It was a stormy day and we made it without a hitch....  came home and watched Mel Brook's "Robin Hood" streamed from Netflix on our Wii ... not his best effort but we enjoyed a few laughs...

Today T awoke with an inability to keep water down.  I was alarmed to see that he was running a temperature of 101.9.  After compazine, tylenol and green tea, protein drink and Greek yogurt... T's temp finally came down to 100.7.  I wanted to call Stanford.  T prevailed and insisted on going to his scheduled appointment.  Sharon came with us and Johnny & Shawn went exploring in Monterey on their own.  T's temperature is now normal.  Yahoo!  We're hoping he'll be able to have his chemo treatment and continue....  Ok so, it took awhile to get a Doctors attention but finally T was given his chemo and we went back over the hill.  What a ride that was!!  It had been raining sooo hard that it became pretty scary... we were hit with a wall of water at one point without any visibility, I just tried to stay still and we rode it out.  It felt like minutes but it was probably only seconds... thank God everyone kept their heads!

Tracy is holding at 98 - 99.7.  We've been warned that if his temp goes to 100.5; we should call the doctor immediately.   I've lost count on how many times he's sweated through everything... send white light to surround my love please...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is Thursday, March 17th Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

The last few days have been hairy and harrowing...  love those alliterations... but the reality has worn me down.  Tracy was driven to Stanford on Mon. by John and when he arrived home he was hurting... spinal headache was raging and he'd been given a prescription for 25 mg. Demerol ( Class 2 Narcotic) which Walgreen's in the Cancer Center couldn't fill and neither could CVS.  Poor T was miserable and I was bound & determined to find him some relief... I started calling pharmacies only to find that most were closed or didn't have the prescription strength as written.  Linda even drove to a few along the way with the final stop at Dominican Hospital trying to get someone to help... very strong coffee and vicodin finally allowed T to eat some soup and sleep...  I learned that because the med is a Class 2 Narcotic; it can only be filled as written from a hard copy script.  No one stocks 25 mg.  Tracy seemed to be able to handle the pain with vicodin and resting prone on Tues.  By Wed. T was done.  I called the Dr. & drove to Stanford to pick up a new prescription.  T had located the only Santa Cruz county pharmacy that had Demerol and it was in Watsonville.  As I left Stanford, I noticed a sandwich board advertising a pharmacy around the corner.  Something told me to try there.  I went in with the prescription in a sealed envelope and opened it at the counter.  It was a copy, not the original.  The pharmacist said he needed the original.  I asked if he could fill it, given the right script and he replied yes, that he had a generic.  So back to Stanford, calling the Dr. & asking for assistance from the medical receptionist.  The Dr appeared immediately, apologizing profusely.  I asked "what would I have done if I'd gone all the way home, only to find an unfillable script?"  It didn't matter.  I was done.  I circled back to the pharmacy and retrieved T's relief.  Luckily, I called T from the parking lot.  He informed me that the Dr. had just called in a healing steroid to the Rio Del Mar CVS.  I called the Dr. & told her to call it into the same pharmacy (since CVS would be closed by the time I got home).  Back in I went to retrieve the new med and then, I sat for a few moments.  Stress....

Next stop a 20 min. wait for gas by the airport and then, I picked up John, Shar & Shawn.  Oh what a relief.  Home to dungeness crab (I cooked & cleaned it Tues. night) & champagne and finally, Tracy had a respite from the pain.

Today was Dentist, chiropractor & catch up until this evening, when we stopped by the Sons of Italy fund raiser and dinner at the Wooden Nickel.  Tracy actually ate his take out St. Patty's Day dinner and we're all ready for a good night's sleep...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today is Sunday, March 13th

Tracy has survived the last 3 days of chemo... I do mean survived.  After they threw everything conceivable at him on Fri., my sweet man ended up with a very queasy stomach and a virulent headache (we'd been warned about a spinal headache as a result of the lumbar puncture).  Sat. was another long day at Stanford.  When we arrived, Tracy was visibly ill so, I pushed our way into the treatment room.  They got him a bed and Dr. Chan finally prescribed a full IV liter of caffeine (can you imagine?) and then, dilaudin for the pain and at last, an injection of cytarabine.  Tracy thought he was ok but his stomach told a different story.  He lost it twice before we got home.  I was doing 80+ all the way... I was speeding knowing that the sooner he laid down in his own place, the better (also just daring someone to stop me)...

Today, Sunday, was a work day for me.  Tom arrived to transport T and I went off to my open house at 207 Toledo Dr.  Although it's around the corner, I drove the area to set up all my signs.  Thank goodness the rain held off until the last hour.  As a result, I had a listing appointment afterwards and another listing apt. tomorrow.   Home to my honey, I made all his normal favorites... salmon, brussel sprouts and couscous... unfortunately, he took one whiff and that was it... chicken broth was all he could handle.  I hope tomorrow my honey can hold down some real food... he's looking mighty gaunt and Riley's gonna get fat!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is Friday, March 11th

Thurs. was jammed packed with work and forcing my hairs back to normal... all I really wanted was a nap all day... when I finally arrived home, I was too tired to sleep... relaxed a bit and then, grilled some beautiful asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, cherry pie for dessert.. before I could rest, I had several things I had to do and finally, turned the light out at 10:30.

 Narrowly escaping the tsunami we made our way over the hill... verry early this morning... Dayna had called at 2:30AM to ask if we knew about the tsunami heading our way... no, we were deeply dreaming at the time.. Now folks we happen to be about 100 feet above the sea, set back from the bluff a block.... tank God!  Michael phoned @4:45AM... why aren't these people sleeping?!!!!  Jayne even checked in from Mexico while working on her tan....So, we left our boy Riley to fend for himself ... he can swim, I tell you!  The most amazing sight as we crested the summit of 17... there were hundreds of cars parked on both sides of the freeway and lots of folks just standing there.... fugitives of beach flats??  awaiting the sights?  I was dumbfounded... somebody could have made a lot of money selling breakfast treats...so we called Gary to alert him to the opportunity... sorry, I'm making light of a tragedy.. We saw some CNN footage upon our arrival... God help the poor Japanese! 8.9 Earthquake!!  That is truly mind blowing!  The Pacific coastline seems to have survived unscathed...

We've been here at Stanford since 7:15 AM and Tracy has been quite the trooper!  His numbers are way up... neutraphils are up to 4400!!! and his overall white cell count is 4.8.  Yahoo!  So, they're throwing everything at him... he's had an anti- nausea pill, spinal tap with chemo,  cytorabine, then, an IV of vincristine and an IV of saline... all over the course of many hours...  My man is tough and right now, he's lying in a bed with multiple blankets and two IV's feeding him.... I thank God for his resilience!!   I'm a little punchy... I took a walk awhile ago to find the elusive Mexican bistro... and lo and behold!  great turkey, guacamole, beans etc. wraps!  T had wanted something different and he actually ate half.. could have ordered one for both of us... but they're Riley treats now...  can't wait  to go home...

The good news:  Tracy has finally started the next phase of treatment... we hope!!  I'm gonna drive him tomorrow and Tom will drive Sun. (so I can hold an open house at my listing at 207 Toledo Drive)  and John will drive Mon.  Then, 3 days off and he starts the cycle again on Fri., Sat., Sun, Mon.  Keep your prayers coming and healing white light surrounding Mr. T.  Rides needed...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today is Wednesday, March 9th

whiz by, that's the last two days... Tuesday was a day of phone calls and catching up and today we heard from Janell... Tracy is due very early 7:20AM at Stanford on Friday.  It will be a very long day and we're ready... I've been warned not to let the highs and the extreme lows get to me... I really don't know how else to deal with the roller coaster...if anyone has a clue, I'm listening...

I finally yielded to pain today... I had a sinus headache that was the worst I've experienced... went looking for relief and first, did a sinus rinse... then, took an Allegra-D that expired 3 years ago.  Guess the sinus rinses have been working for several years now and I finally had relief.  I recycled the allergy medicine... sinus rinse here I come...

My broadcast on the First Person Singular show was sooo cool!  It's amazing to hear me on the radio!  I feel like I've finally done something in this war against the middle class ethic.  Who knows if it will accomplish anything but at least I've tried...  I'm a tired girl...

Tracy had his first session with Kate Perkins for acupuncture today.  He's set up for more sessions to come and he replaced the woofers in his audio speakers then, laid back... smelling the aroma of the roasting chicken with garlic, red potatoes, brussel sprouts and onions...  an early night for two tired folks...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today is Monday, March 7th

What a difference a day makes... 24 little hours... attitude adjustment has been made by all... We're so thankful and hopeful!

Spent the day organizing my contacts in my Outlook file.  Made a pretty good dent in it while I contacted folks that hadn't heard from me in awhile.  I enjoy new tools and I must say the Office suite for the mac is already making my life easier!

Tracy is more at ease and content... he's making chicken dumplings for us... love that man of mine!!!

White light has encircled our world....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, March 6th

Unbelievable... what a roller coaster ride!!!  We hung around yesterday at Stanford to get T's lab results... just in case he needed blood or platelets.  Surprise!!!    His numbers are up: 4.4 White Cell Count (Normal 4-11)  AND Neutraphils 2700!!!!!  Last week neutraphils were 300....  well, we hooted and hollered and in shock, went to Gary & Dee's and loved everyone and everything!!!

Awoke today to a rainy day and more calls celebrating the good news!!  We spent the day relaxing... listening to Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon, just enjoying each others company....  gonna do that for a long time.... love to all!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today is Saturday, March 5th

Friday was a day of recovery!  T & A needed a day off!  Crystal clear & sunny Rio del Mar beach with Riley, the ever ready bundle of energy jumping for joy!  Saw a very large otter close to shore and caught up with our neighbor, Worth... home to relax, email, eat, Wii boxing, tennis & bowling & "Gosford Park" streamed into the TV via Netflix on our Wii console... interesting confrontation, possibly the last time we'll deal with Dr. Alexander's office people... what a bunch of insensitive, lazy boobs!!!  I read the riot act to the office manager and gotta say, it felt good!  In very direct non swearing words (man, did I want to say go f__k yourself but didn't)  I let them know that their behavior was unacceptable and that I was done trying.  I had asked if T could go to the office for a PICC line dressing change.  The incompetent receptionist replied "that since he's not being treated by this office; they'd be unable to service him.  They would have to get Blue Shield authorization" to perform this simple but very necessary function & they weren't having it.  Well, I made myself very clear to both the receptionist & then, the office manager. " T has been a patient there for over 10 years.  Dr. A referred him to Stanford for treatment and treated him in Jan. when he was rushed to Dominican hospital.  You apparently don't want our business and we'll be sure not to continue giving you our business.  You need some SENSITIVITY training!!!!" ... as T listened and approved my firm rebuke of their inexcusable behavior.  Then T called our GP at Santa Cruz Medical and asked for a referral to Dr. Wu, T's new oncologist.  Dr. Nassaralla called back within the hour to speak to us and make sure it wasn't an emergency.  That's what I'm talking about!!!!  So, tomorrow we'll go to Stanford for the dressing change & blood tests and we will also begin the shift to a new Santa Cruz oncologist for emergencies.

Saturday we awoke with a purpose!  Noon appointment at KUSP  to record my latest piece in the middle of their fund drive.  It will be broadcast on Wed., the 9th at 7:30- 7:40AM and 4:30- 4:40PM on FM 88.9.  Please click here for your listening pleasure Who's Kidding Whom?

And now we're at Stanford for T's dressing change and labs...  swift, efficient and great attention to care!

We'll be stopping at the Reed's on the way home.  T wants to attempt to alter the faucets for our guest bath on Gary's lathe.  We realized way too late that we hadn't ordered these horrible faucets and they make turning the water on & off virtually impossible if your hands are wet.  So, we get to see Gary & Deanna, even if T has to wear his mask... no kisses or hugs. ... but so important to his well being!!!

Love, peace and good health to all!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today is Thursday, March 3rd

  I was on Broker's Tour today and was about to drive to Boulder Creek for a noon meeting with the appraiser, when I heard a dog bark.  Finally our angel, Janell had called T.  OMG!!!!  I took a deep breath as Tracy said "we're still in REMISSION!!!"... I hadn't realized that I had been holding my breath and/or shallow breathing since last Fri.... not to mention the never ending tears...  Tracy is still free of the freaking leukemia even after all of the twisted turns of the last several months!  Now Bruno et al will have to figure out the puzzle... why aren't his nutraphils recovering as quickly as they should be?  Any ideas?

The rest of the day was a blur... I cried and then, sang at the top of my lungs with the wind rushing into the open windows all the way to Boulder Creek.  Mike and Janet's home will be quite a showplace when they're through with it.  Finished up the tour as my stomach was in knots.... accida to the nth degree... that's how I deal with stress... sweet Lila brought dinner over on her way to happy hour as I took antiacids & pepto-bismal & relaxed.  We were both so wiped out; we took a nap... then dinner, email and hopefully, a good night's sleep....  looking forward to the next step in the process and thanking the sweet Lord for REMISSION!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is Wednesday, March 2nd

Waiting...the vexing wait for the bone marrow biopsy results is making an already crazy person NUTS!!!  

So, in the meantime:  Monday was a day of work related phone calls while Tracy rested up. Uneventful other than a bonehead (that would be me) recorded the red carpet and didn't change the channel so, none of the actual Oscar show was recorded... oh well...

Tuesday was a crisp, cold and clear day on the coast.  We decided to go to the beach and enjoy it so, we piled into the blue bomber after Tracy replaced the bulb for the left hand turn signal (I grew up calling it an "indicator" but that sounds so old fashioned now) ... yes, Ace Hardware still stocks bulbs for a 22 year old car that is a wonder... it runs beautifully and is fun to drive with Riley so excited he almost sings!!!

Tracy & Riley, the Wonder Dog

Riley reaching for the sky (T is 6'4")

Tracy taking a break at Rio del Mar beach 

Man and his dog 
Rio del Mar beach was ours to enjoy... upon seeing a huge gathering of birds sitting on top of a seemingly flat area not very far from the shore;  we knew we were in for a treat.... very soon we saw black fins cresting the water.  A school of dolphins had found the feeding area too as they skimmed the waves we took that as a portend of good news... hope and faith in T's indomitable spirit...

T decided it was time so we ambled back home.  He decided he'd clean the mold off his beloved blue bomber with ammonia & a brush (sitting for months with one side in the shade caused the mold to grow) as I washed Riley, the wonder dog...  then, with a quick stop at the office to pick up a couple faxes for my short sale;  I went to see Cathy Sy who untwisted my tormented body, and finally, Whole Foods for un-sulphured apricots, liverwurst requested by T (yuck!), sourdough bread, organic berry pie and bananas and home to my sweet man...  T had set up the game of Life and we enjoyed a quick turn around the board as T kicked my novice butt!

Last stop for the day... ran down to Watsonville to pick up the rents.  Learned we have to replace the original windows on our Craftsman homes soon... Tracy will be making some phone calls today to figure that one out as we don't want our tenants to suffer through the cold and wet.  Hopefully, there's a government program (some would call that socialism; I call that lovely ) to help defray the cost.  Anyway, it must be done and soon.  Picked up a fish & chips dinner to share from the much missed Wooden Nickel (we haven't been there in at least 5 months) and home to an early evening...

We're still waiting for the news .. keep the white light surrounding T and thee...