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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today is Saturday, March 19th

Yesterday, we traveled to Stanford for the beginning of the second week of chemo treatments for Tracy.  He seemed to tolerate it well along with the steroid and the demerol.  He had a slight headache and laid down a bit throughout the day.  We went to Deb & Gary's for dinner on our route home and the Sorcenelli clan caught up with the Whitnick's.  It was a stormy day and we made it without a hitch....  came home and watched Mel Brook's "Robin Hood" streamed from Netflix on our Wii ... not his best effort but we enjoyed a few laughs...

Today T awoke with an inability to keep water down.  I was alarmed to see that he was running a temperature of 101.9.  After compazine, tylenol and green tea, protein drink and Greek yogurt... T's temp finally came down to 100.7.  I wanted to call Stanford.  T prevailed and insisted on going to his scheduled appointment.  Sharon came with us and Johnny & Shawn went exploring in Monterey on their own.  T's temperature is now normal.  Yahoo!  We're hoping he'll be able to have his chemo treatment and continue....  Ok so, it took awhile to get a Doctors attention but finally T was given his chemo and we went back over the hill.  What a ride that was!!  It had been raining sooo hard that it became pretty scary... we were hit with a wall of water at one point without any visibility, I just tried to stay still and we rode it out.  It felt like minutes but it was probably only seconds... thank God everyone kept their heads!

Tracy is holding at 98 - 99.7.  We've been warned that if his temp goes to 100.5; we should call the doctor immediately.   I've lost count on how many times he's sweated through everything... send white light to surround my love please...

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  1. You can do it Uncle T! Think low temp, think low temp and coool white light. Love you Maren and the menagerie xoxoxox