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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is Thursday, March 17th Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

The last few days have been hairy and harrowing...  love those alliterations... but the reality has worn me down.  Tracy was driven to Stanford on Mon. by John and when he arrived home he was hurting... spinal headache was raging and he'd been given a prescription for 25 mg. Demerol ( Class 2 Narcotic) which Walgreen's in the Cancer Center couldn't fill and neither could CVS.  Poor T was miserable and I was bound & determined to find him some relief... I started calling pharmacies only to find that most were closed or didn't have the prescription strength as written.  Linda even drove to a few along the way with the final stop at Dominican Hospital trying to get someone to help... very strong coffee and vicodin finally allowed T to eat some soup and sleep...  I learned that because the med is a Class 2 Narcotic; it can only be filled as written from a hard copy script.  No one stocks 25 mg.  Tracy seemed to be able to handle the pain with vicodin and resting prone on Tues.  By Wed. T was done.  I called the Dr. & drove to Stanford to pick up a new prescription.  T had located the only Santa Cruz county pharmacy that had Demerol and it was in Watsonville.  As I left Stanford, I noticed a sandwich board advertising a pharmacy around the corner.  Something told me to try there.  I went in with the prescription in a sealed envelope and opened it at the counter.  It was a copy, not the original.  The pharmacist said he needed the original.  I asked if he could fill it, given the right script and he replied yes, that he had a generic.  So back to Stanford, calling the Dr. & asking for assistance from the medical receptionist.  The Dr appeared immediately, apologizing profusely.  I asked "what would I have done if I'd gone all the way home, only to find an unfillable script?"  It didn't matter.  I was done.  I circled back to the pharmacy and retrieved T's relief.  Luckily, I called T from the parking lot.  He informed me that the Dr. had just called in a healing steroid to the Rio Del Mar CVS.  I called the Dr. & told her to call it into the same pharmacy (since CVS would be closed by the time I got home).  Back in I went to retrieve the new med and then, I sat for a few moments.  Stress....

Next stop a 20 min. wait for gas by the airport and then, I picked up John, Shar & Shawn.  Oh what a relief.  Home to dungeness crab (I cooked & cleaned it Tues. night) & champagne and finally, Tracy had a respite from the pain.

Today was Dentist, chiropractor & catch up until this evening, when we stopped by the Sons of Italy fund raiser and dinner at the Wooden Nickel.  Tracy actually ate his take out St. Patty's Day dinner and we're all ready for a good night's sleep...

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