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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today is Saturday, March 5th

Friday was a day of recovery!  T & A needed a day off!  Crystal clear & sunny Rio del Mar beach with Riley, the ever ready bundle of energy jumping for joy!  Saw a very large otter close to shore and caught up with our neighbor, Worth... home to relax, email, eat, Wii boxing, tennis & bowling & "Gosford Park" streamed into the TV via Netflix on our Wii console... interesting confrontation, possibly the last time we'll deal with Dr. Alexander's office people... what a bunch of insensitive, lazy boobs!!!  I read the riot act to the office manager and gotta say, it felt good!  In very direct non swearing words (man, did I want to say go f__k yourself but didn't)  I let them know that their behavior was unacceptable and that I was done trying.  I had asked if T could go to the office for a PICC line dressing change.  The incompetent receptionist replied "that since he's not being treated by this office; they'd be unable to service him.  They would have to get Blue Shield authorization" to perform this simple but very necessary function & they weren't having it.  Well, I made myself very clear to both the receptionist & then, the office manager. " T has been a patient there for over 10 years.  Dr. A referred him to Stanford for treatment and treated him in Jan. when he was rushed to Dominican hospital.  You apparently don't want our business and we'll be sure not to continue giving you our business.  You need some SENSITIVITY training!!!!" ... as T listened and approved my firm rebuke of their inexcusable behavior.  Then T called our GP at Santa Cruz Medical and asked for a referral to Dr. Wu, T's new oncologist.  Dr. Nassaralla called back within the hour to speak to us and make sure it wasn't an emergency.  That's what I'm talking about!!!!  So, tomorrow we'll go to Stanford for the dressing change & blood tests and we will also begin the shift to a new Santa Cruz oncologist for emergencies.

Saturday we awoke with a purpose!  Noon appointment at KUSP  to record my latest piece in the middle of their fund drive.  It will be broadcast on Wed., the 9th at 7:30- 7:40AM and 4:30- 4:40PM on FM 88.9.  Please click here for your listening pleasure Who's Kidding Whom?

And now we're at Stanford for T's dressing change and labs...  swift, efficient and great attention to care!

We'll be stopping at the Reed's on the way home.  T wants to attempt to alter the faucets for our guest bath on Gary's lathe.  We realized way too late that we hadn't ordered these horrible faucets and they make turning the water on & off virtually impossible if your hands are wet.  So, we get to see Gary & Deanna, even if T has to wear his mask... no kisses or hugs. ... but so important to his well being!!!

Love, peace and good health to all!!!

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