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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today is Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Amazing how this year is flying by!!!  I am in love with this season... leaves changing colors and a slight crispness to the air.  The fall brings back fond memories of school starting and new friendships beginning ... yielding to the encroaching inevitable winter ... cuddling for warmth and hot chocolate ... evenings of card games and movies surrounded by the warmth of family and friends.

We've been busy.  We finally took a trip!!!!   Our first real vacation since Feb. 2010 and oh what a delight it was!  We went to our favorite island of Kauai and stayed in a brand new cottage across the street from Poipu beach.  Wow!!!  http://www.vrbo.com/3565510ha 

My only complaint was I would have liked to stay longer!!!  and then, there were the roosters which we became inured to as the week played out.  Johnny & Shar trekked the island with us and we enjoyed the Art Walk in Hanapepe on Fri. evening, finding the only and quite wonderful book store on the island - Talk Story and coasting up to Princeville and to the end of the road... but mostly just relaxing, reading or playing crazy rummy on the lanai as the sunlight waned and the music filled us up...
View from the lanai

T with a sculpture buddy in Koloa town

My business has been wonderful this year as I returned to focussing on my clients and was relieved of the caregiver role.  Tracy is in remission and doing well now that he's recovered from the respiratory vicious virus he picked up upon our return...  it was pretty scary for about a week when a visit to our GP turned into an encounter with Dr. Wu, his oncologist and then, an immediate trip for a biopsy of his lymph gland in his neck... he was looking like a not so healthy line backer for a bit there and put the scare back that the continual chemo may have caused his lymphoma to act up... ai yi yi!!!!  The poor guy has had enough thank you very much!!!  Anyway,  Tracy is much better and actually fast at work on the Art shack again with Adolpho's able assistance.  Picked out the vinyl for the floor and the paint on Mon.  Hopefully, we'll be creating in it pretty soon...

and we're back to the beach with our Riley boy who finds the biggest stick and insists on playing...

Carpe diem!!!