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Friday, September 24, 2010

Health Care for All

I think it's unconscionable that the health care industry in our country is run for profit.  How did we get to this point?  I'm astounded by the fact that we have a pay or no treatment policy in the United States of America.  My husband is having a series of tests right now and we are being forced to pay before any treatment is done... not after.  With an $8000 deductible and $13000 insurance premiums we're paying for it all.  How did we get to this point?  Why do the medical insurance and prescription drug industries have some of the largest lobbying budgets and profits in the world?  PROFIT!!!!  Where do we the Americans fit in this picture?  We pay for it!!! With our blood, sweat & tears... and the industries have no regrets!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Party????

Huge Federal Deficit?  Guess who put us into this financial distress?  It took 8 years of uncontrolled spending and weird budgeting by the previous administration and total lack of concern for the middle class to get us here.  The Bush administration did not account for the costs of war in the budget nor did they care for any type of social welfare program.  This administration is trying to do the right thing and somehow it gets construed as wild spending... adding to the overwhelming federal deficit.  Yah health care and education are very important to most people.   If the party of no would stop telling lies and spreading BS about these bills and their intent; everyday people would understand.  Socialism?  who doesn't like medicare? or health coverage for children? or libraries? or education? who thinks that people earning over 250k should be given a tax break as opposed to those people below that threshold who actually need it?  I just don't see how people can believe what they're told without using their brains or their eyes?  Time to actually sit down and drink some of that chamomile tea and really think about the issues!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Today is Friday

  Last Fri. Tracy celebrated his impending birthday with a glider ride.  He sported a smile that I haven't seen in a long time!  They actually did acrobatics and it was a gorgeous clear day all the way from Hollister to the coast and back.  Lots of pictures to come! Wonderful Glider Blog Here.

I'm welcoming the prospect of a new day.  This has been a tumultuous week so far.
I'm reeling from a distasteful show of vengeance at our DCC meeting the other night.  Nick Rivera, a young but oh so inspiring and aspiring politician was blocked from receiving the DCC seal of approval, our endorsement.  Why?  Because Nick had the audacity to back Janet Barnes and manage her campaign for Assembly.  Nick is the clear Democratic candidate to beat the Republican candidate for Watsonville city council, District 4.  Dirty politics should only reside in the minds of little mean people not with an outward display of disrespect and game playing.  Hopefully, Nick will have his day.

Today is a day of Dr. appointments. and follow up.  A real estate closure of a property in Cupertino has been delayed yet again.  I've represented the Seller's and protected them every way I know how but between the bank and the buyer we've delayed closing 3 times.    I'm off to the Local Government Relations Committee meeting at the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.  Talk at you later....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, the 12th

Today is one of my very best friend's birthday!  I've known her longer than anyone other than my brother.  We met when I was in 8th grade in Conn.  Tracy & I went over the hill to celebrate with her. YAH JAYNE!!!  On the drive over I called my mom's twin, Aunt Etta.  She will be 97 in Nov. and she still lives by herself in West Haven, Conn.  She said the secret to her longevity is "I get up and get things done.  I never hesitate.  I vacuumed 4 rooms and dusted today.  Then, I did laundry.  When it's time to eat; I get up and make something for myself.  I just keep moving."  So there you have it!  The secret to long life:  KEEP MOVING!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Gui Lanier producing Anne Marie
Here's the photo from the KUSP studio as I'm recording "Quagmire", this is the mp3 which will be broadcast on Wed., the 15th of September. Full text is posted on Sept. 9 entry, or:
Click here to listen.

Saturday, September 11th

   As a nation, we have survived.  America has overcome the horror that we faced on the morning of September 11, 2001.  We still grieve today but we know that we can survive even in the face of unimaginable events.  The melting pot of America is a nation of diverse beliefs and people from every corner of the world.  Most people came to our country believing and trusting their futures to a nation where they and their families would thrive and prosper.  They believed that they would live a life free to worship, work and succeed in whatever they chose to pursue under the laws of our nation.  

In 1914, my father came to America from Italy.  He was three years old.  My father loved this country and taught us to believe in our future as Italian Americans.

As a nation, we must learn from our history, reposition our present and focus on our future.  We should continue to welcome those who choose to land on our shores lawfully.  We need to reorient our relationships with the rest of the world.  Our future as a nation hangs in the balance.  We can no longer afford to be the aggressor or the peacemaker in every conflict.  As predicted by Eisenhower, the military industrial complex has over run our government.  It's about time we focussed on our own infrastructure and educational institutions rather than squandering America's blood & treasure on countries that don't want our help or interference.  We must on this the anniversary of one of the most tragic acts of war upon our nation, grieve for our losses and get back to what this nation stands for.

 I believe the building of a Mosque and Community Center near Ground Zero will create an opportunity for understanding and tolerance.  It will clearly portray to the world what our nation stands for:  One Nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

today is Thursday

My first blog:  Woohoo!  Tracy set it up and since I couldn't sleep;  I thought why not?

I'm gonna post my feelings as I watch the sunrise on this glorious Thursday.  This has been my toughest real estate year yet but I feel it's turning around and I'm welcoming the turns.  I sure hope the Dems can pull it out!  Pres. Obama finally came out swinging and we sure needed to hear that!  We dems, are just too nice!  It's time to take the gloves off and say it like we mean it!  
I've been writing these letters - pleas really and sending them to the editors of the San Jose Mercury News & the Santa Cruz Sentinel and before that, to the Los Gatos Weekly for years now.  I had to get it out and hadn't found the venue until a few years ago.  A producer from KUSP saw one and called me.  I've been a guest speaker on First Person Singular on KUSP, our NPR station, for several years now.  It helps me cope with the frustration I feel as an ordinary self employed citizen.  I've done lots of pieces and I will be on 88.9 KUSP @7:30- 7:40 AM & 4:30-4:40 PM on the 15th with another piece.  I should have the mp3 soon and I'll post it but here's what I said:

The party of change is a victim of it’s own inability to celebrate victory 
and actually move forward.  They don't seem to be able to get a positive 
message out at all. The fact that "our" government is paralyzed by 
the tea party and the party of NO is ridiculous and unacceptable.  The 
Republicans seem to be able to monopolize the media  with bigoted spiels 
disguised as news.
  The promised health care reform doesn't seem to translate to any real 
protection from predatory practices. My health insurance was increased 
40% last year and it's being increased another 13% this month.  I'm tired 
of being squeezed as a part of the middle class. As a self employed citizen 
I’m having trouble believing I’m going to survive this mess.  Our 
Congressional representatives and state politicos will be getting paid and 
their medical benefits will be taken care of for life.  Politicos have no real 
incentive to help the middle class except to collect endorsements,  
campaign contributions and hence, win re-election.  
We, in turn keep hoping for change.  Since industry sponsors write bills and 
"our" representatives act as shills to pass those bills;  our government has 
become a servant of industry.   Most people have lost faith.  How do 
we truly change the system?