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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, September 11th

   As a nation, we have survived.  America has overcome the horror that we faced on the morning of September 11, 2001.  We still grieve today but we know that we can survive even in the face of unimaginable events.  The melting pot of America is a nation of diverse beliefs and people from every corner of the world.  Most people came to our country believing and trusting their futures to a nation where they and their families would thrive and prosper.  They believed that they would live a life free to worship, work and succeed in whatever they chose to pursue under the laws of our nation.  

In 1914, my father came to America from Italy.  He was three years old.  My father loved this country and taught us to believe in our future as Italian Americans.

As a nation, we must learn from our history, reposition our present and focus on our future.  We should continue to welcome those who choose to land on our shores lawfully.  We need to reorient our relationships with the rest of the world.  Our future as a nation hangs in the balance.  We can no longer afford to be the aggressor or the peacemaker in every conflict.  As predicted by Eisenhower, the military industrial complex has over run our government.  It's about time we focussed on our own infrastructure and educational institutions rather than squandering America's blood & treasure on countries that don't want our help or interference.  We must on this the anniversary of one of the most tragic acts of war upon our nation, grieve for our losses and get back to what this nation stands for.

 I believe the building of a Mosque and Community Center near Ground Zero will create an opportunity for understanding and tolerance.  It will clearly portray to the world what our nation stands for:  One Nation under God with liberty and justice for ALL.

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