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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today is Wednesday, September 28th

Birthdays galore!! Tim's B'day was yesterday. Happy Birthday Tim!!! One of the sweetest & cutest guys I know. He knows how to create a party and a costume! Today is Evelyn's 90th!!! Wow! Now that's an accomplishment!

Catching up... Johnny emailed that his biopsy was on Tuesday and that the Doctor said everything looked good. He won't hear anything for awhile, but he should be resting easy. Shar, I hope you're loving Portugal! I wish I was there with you. You deserve this trip and I hope it's a gas! I've never been there or Spain but Tracy has and said it was one of his favorite places.

Multiple offers on 118 Granada and we're in contract! Only 16 days on the market. Played poker with my client's best interests at heart and we won! Close of escrow is the 18th so, we're thinking positive thoughts. The negotiations are the best and most fun part for me of any real estate transaction. It's great when everyone feels it's a win-win.

Birthday Gal, Lorraine

We celebrated Lorraine's birthday yesterday with a Fabulous Trio lunch at Cafe Cruz. It was great to spend a couple hours with Marilyn & Lorraine and as always, the food was delish!!!

Today was a day where I spent some time checking in with clients and then, Tracy washed my car. That was sooo sweet of my man! So, I made chicken salad for lunch and we went to the beach with the Riley ball chasing monster... he never stops. We took turns and finally collapsed on our chairs and as the wind started to pick up and the waves crashed on the shore we climbed back up to our Rio Del Mar haven...

All is well as the week winds on...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Today is Monday, September 26th

I've finally slept and today is a new day! I'm hoping that we'll get an assist from all of you dear friends. This is a very important week for Tracy. His counts went back up to 2.5 Fri. It's still not normal but much better than it was. Tracy wants to get on with chemo light. Today we return to Stanford for another bone marrow test and Friday for the consult with Bruno et al.

PLEASE SEND WHITE HEALING LIGHT TO TRACY!!! He needs your help and support to withstand the next round. Surround us both please? We're gonna need it!

Sunday saw the McAnelli's in our slug stations watching the Niners inch their way to VICTORY!!! Would have been easier to watch if they didn't commit so many fouls. We'll take the win for a 2 and 1 start to the season.

Even in the rain, 118 Granada saw 7 groups of folks at the open house hosted by Marilyn. We also received another offer. So by 7:30, after many phone calls to the sellers, a multiple Counter offer went out. Let the games begin!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today is Sunday, September 25th

In the wee small hours of the morning...I am truly amazed. It's a year that we embarked on this odyssey. I'm dumbfounded. Inured to the relentless worry and stress. I wonder how I've endured and yet there is no alternative... I am praying for health and stamina and energy to be able to be there for Tracy. We're about to start the cycle again.... I don't know how much more I can take and yet there isn't anything else...

I awoke at 1:30AM from a nightmare. I was stuck in a spiral staircase and I couldn't seem to get to my things which were just over the edge. Boy, I'm sure I could even figure that one out.

Saturday was a work day. Open house at 118 Granada Dr. had 16 groups through and an offer presented in person by another agent. All kinds of justifications just not very good stats to back them up. We'll counter this morning. It could come together. Who knows?

I'm concerned about my bro. Shar just left for Portugal and he's stuck in a medical maze. Won't have any answers for at least 2 weeks which leaves him in a nightmare. I wish I could have gotten on that plane with Shar.

Which brings me back to why I'm up in the middle of the night. I decided that it was time to get loose after my conversation with Johnny. I started making supper and pouring wine. T & I consumed a bottle of red and then, after an hour or so, I scooped white cloud and double chocolate... I think when I went to sleep at 11, I knew all that sugar would be jarring me awake and soon. I'm just not in training enough anymore. The bod just ain't used to it.

I'm gearing up for another change. I do think it's time for another adventure. I hope this time it'll be fun. We're definitely due!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today is Thursday, September 22nd

Diana, may your Mom rest in peace... she will always be in your heart.

Too much going on and yet I'm stymied.  It seems like I keep starting things and not finishing them and yet days pass by....  oh well, I'm consuming much literature and cooking a lot.  Finished "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and I have to say it was brilliant.  Such a wonderful tale and made me reminisce about my Max.  Maybe someday I'll have an Enzo.

As we inch towards Fall, summer has turned to fog... hope there's some warm weather yet to come....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today is Tuesday, September 20th

I give.  I've been worried for weeks now.  Dreading next week and whatever news we'll  hear at Stanford.  Today after our sales meeting, my listing was on the Bailey Tour.  Great response and many viewings.  Saw my buddy, Marilyn and went to have my body adjusted by Cathy Sy.  I was so twisted that when she finished, I had to sit for a few moments to collect myself... fingers and toes tingling.  I realized I couldn't drive over the hill so, tomorrow I'll drive the hill to see the Redwood City home Brian likes.  Next Trader Joe's stop for some staples & finally, home to collapse and sleep.

I've got to relax and accept...That's pretty tough for me but T agrees... We'll roll with the punches.  What choice do we have?  Life has been so good and quiet and T has been his old lovable self with just very swollen pained feet and ankles.  I could deal with this forever but something tells me - there's nothing so constant as change....

And life goes on.....  keep that white light streaming in to surround our T... it's not over yet!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today is Sunday, September 18th

Dave & Bob
Tom, Deb & Gary

Gary & Tammy

Marit, Gary, Jayne, Tammy & Lou

Lynne, Marilyn & Me

Tim & Marit

I know, I know... I've been missing in action.  Jayne sent these great photos from her B'day party.   I've known Jayne Heller Smits since 8th grade.  We were at Michael J. Whalen Jr. High together and went on to become sorority sisters at Hamden High and dear friends forever more.  Lots of stories I could relate but suffice to say we've had some adventures together.  Some tales will just have to wait....
Amazing that I had trouble uploading more pics.  Still haven't figured out why I can't upload photos from my iPad to this blog or Facebook.  Oh well!

The last few days have been a blur.  Our dinner at Cafe Sparrow was fabulous on T's b'day after the Virgo cocktail gathering at home.  Thurs was a full day of work.  I held my listing at 118 Granada Dr.open on Brokers Tour and came home and collapsed.  Fri. I awoke feeling ill.  Nausea and all the accompanying symptoms.  I figured I'd picked something up the day before what with all the folks I was exposed to.  So, I had to miss my board meeting and my hair appointment.  I laid in bed and finally after I kept down broth and stayed clear of T,  I relaxed and zoned out to "Mad Men".

Yesterday was another very good open house at 118 Granada Dr.  and today we watched the niners throw away a win to the Cowboys in overtime with the Reeds and celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Gary & Deanna!!!  We were lucky enough to be a part of the wedding at St. Orres on the Mendocino coast 7 years ago today.  Tracy was a Bridegroom and I sang with Gary Whitney.  Almost got through without crying too until I noticed Jayne & Carla weeping and then, it was hard to stop the flood.  It was a special ceremony and Deanna was one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen on a clear, bright day at a spectacular venue on the California coast.  A destination wedding that surpassed all expectations and they're still going strong...

My eyes are closing...sweet dreams....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today is Wednesday, September 14th

Here's a photo from Jayne:

Catching up again. After my sales meeting Tuesday, I went to Trader Joe's and then, Cathy Sy worked my body back to normal. T wanted to go to the beach and that's what we did. With Riley, chairs, books and water we found our place in the sun at Hidden Beach. Riley ran T ragged. What a gas....and then, after dinner we decided to get in the jacuzzi tub (first time in a year )... wow what a treat! Unfortunately, T fell as he was getting out of the tub.... Thank God he didn't break anything...only big bruises that the nurses will probably ask T about. Have you been abused.. by your wife perhaps? No, thank God, T & I are growing closer as T becomes centered in health.

Today is Tracy's birthday and also, the anniversary of Cenz's passing 16 years ago. How could that be???? I remember Tracy had only been around a couple years when Cenz became so very ill. Then, he passed away on T's birthday. Why? Well, Mom insisted that we celebrate Tracy's birth even tho' Cenz had passed. How wonderful that Mom knew we needed T to see us all through. September has been a month of many loved birthdays, including our Riley AND a very big loss.

Today we walked the neighborhood after Tracy's many family phone calls and Riley gave us 2 birthday bags. I did some work- called a new client I'd met last Sat. to apprise her that I'd sent 2 disclosure packages on my listing today and expected an offer imminently. So weird!!! Serendipity, she was sitting in the driveway of 118 Granada with her husband when I called her. So, I walked over and met her husband and showed them the house. I want them to live there. They would be a welcome addition to our neighborhood but isn't there always a wrinkle? The buyer of their home in Piedmont has to find new financing even as they're already living in the home. We know it will happen. The question is when and will it be in time?!!

So, home to get dressed and prepare the 4 layer dip and bruschetta for our neighbors in celebration of the Virgos in our midst. What a wonderful gathering to recognize these lovely folks in our extended family. I am amazed and honored to know them all. Linda & Jim gave us a gift certificate to enjoy our dinner at Cafe Sparrow and man, did we!!!

Happy Birthday one and all!!!!.... we know you're up there smiling Cenz....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is Monday, Sept. 12th

Happy Birthday Jayne!!!!  Amazing that I love so many Virgos... what is it about these wonderful people?!  My first love, Brian, was a Virgo, born on Sept. 6th.  Can't believe I remember that?  The love of my life, my Tracy, is a Virgo born on Sept. 14th.  My one little block holds 4 Virgos and 1 Scorpio (Evelyn just barely missed being a Virgo and turns 90 this year).  What a crazy coincidence or was it divine intervention?

Great recovery day today...  Yesterday, T and I started our day late and I rushed out to buy birthday cards before the Niners game.  I didn't want to miss it...  we screamed and hollered as the 49ers fumbled their way to victory...  They're gonna have to pull it together cause the Seahawks weren't at full strength BUT I'll take a win anyway we can get one right now!!!

As soon as the game was over, T & I rode over the hill and joined Jayne & Lou and the rest of our extended family for a birthday celebration dinner.  It was sooo nice to gather and chat and laugh and eat... what we all do best!  Lots of photos were taken... come on people...let's see 'em.  A great time was had by all...

Today was a relaxing day... T & I walked and I answered a lot of calls about 118 Granada Dr.  I caught the last hour or so of the US Open... what a match between Nadal and the unpronounceable - who won!  To think they can actually play so well and so hard for over 4 hours!!  Afterwards we strolled over to Tuscany until it was time for book club....  we had a great discussion about the element of evil and from whence it comes and as it was related in "The Devil in the White City" by Larsen.  Interesting discussion of how evil has affected several of us.  I got into the AJ Beebe drama; his defiling of the original house we'd bought here in 2000 (while we were awaiting our permits to remodel/build our home )...I got pretty worked up... every time I think about what might have been I get crazy.

T had come over the hill to check on the house in June 2001 (Mike and his family had moved out 2 weeks prior ) and Tracy discovered loaded guns, knives everywhere on counters and in drawers in the kitchen, a sawed off shotgun and gun cleaning kit in the garage and grafitti on all the walls of the house plus the kicker: white paint smeared all over the stone fireplace.  Tracy, my conscientious objector husband, was surrounded by guns.  Tracy immediately called the police and they told him to leave the house.  The Sheriff arrived pretty quickly and gathered all the weapons up and put them in the trunk ( it was so full, he had a hard time closing it).  Linda came over and identified the name on the cleaning kit as belonging to the neighbor.  So the Sheriff went over to the Beebe's house and promptly returned all the weapons to the owner, AJ's Dad.  Do you believe that??!!!!  He then took AJ (a juvenile delinquent ) into custody.  AJ had been terrorizing the neighborhood for awhile.  Clueless parents had turned a blind eye...  Tracy called me to apprise me and I was jolted out of my serene world ( I had been in a meeting with a couple engineers in my office at Apple) and plunged into nightmares about what might have been... Columbine had just happened.  I kept freaking out.  What if T had walked in on AJ sitting with a loaded gun?  I finally convinced T to call the FBI and report the incident but we got no satisfaction.  We ended up going to his trial after a considerable amount of time had passed.  We both took the stand and let that little pissant have it.  That & compensation for the sand blasting of the fireplace was all the retribution we ever received.  No one ever apologized.  The Beebe's finally sold their home and moved away without AJ after he was released.  I hope I never see that little shit again....

Anyway, it was a lively discussion and that full moon definitely made me crazy tonite....

Sweet dreams....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today is Saturday, September 10th

This weekend has been one of lots of memories and building new ones. Yesterday, after spending several hours working, Marilyn & I went to a Memorial Service for Bill's wife, Cathy. She was a vibrant spirit. If I hadn't been so emotional, I would have liked to have shared my story with the assembly.

Cathy and Bill spent an evening with some of our group at Lorraine's home prior to our trip to China several years ago. Cathy was born in China and she & Bill had lived there when they first met. She wanted to prepare us for our travels. She was so enthusiastic and so alive, she gave us all a great idea of what to expect and enjoy. She loved the night life (which unfortunately, we didn't have the energy for ) and shopping. I remember specifically that she said if the price stated on something was $10 we should offer $5 and walk away. They'd cave and we'd still be paying too much. Anyway it was so gracious of she & Bill to spend the evening with us sharing their love of China. The world was a better place with Cathy in it. May she rest in peace and may Bill be surrounded with love....

This was the first service I'd gone to in a long time. I don't do well with death... seems to bring up the feelings of loss of Mom, Cenz and Dad. I tend to want to escape but sometimes it's simply unavoidable. Anyway, it was an honor to be there for my friend and to see the video that the family put together. It truly evoked the soaring spirit that was Cathy Thayer.

After the service, Marilyn & I each went home to change and then, met to get pedicures at our favorite salon, J Bella Nails. I needed it badly and it was the perfect way to ease out of my mood. Picked up Chinese food on the way home and relaxed with my honey. All I wanted to do was cuddle and that's exactly what we did. Today, T & I walked the neighborhood and Riley reveled in the sun. It was a good thing we went when we did, cause the sun disappeared as the fog rolled in before mid day. Oh well, this has been a very weird summer and it may be the same for autumn. We still live in one of the most beautiful places on the central coast of California.

I held my first open house today at 118 Granada Drive. It was a wonderful event! I had 11 groups through and 3 very interested parties. I call that great!!! Finally, it's well received and I feel confident that my clients will get what they want: A Sale! After I closed up and picked up my signs; I stopped to see a new client's home. They may be putting it on the market next year. Finally, I found my way home to my honey. I needed to immerse myself in something creative and since I'd found a new recipe, T & I worked together and made cream less corn chowder from scratch....mmmmmmm it was good! We'll make some changes in the recipe next time but I was satisfied. We made it an early night. I thank God that we have each other and our friends and family ... don't ever want to be without....

Welcome home Jim & Linda!!! We missed you!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today is Thursday, September 8th

Wow!  The last few days have been crazy.  Full day of work Tuesday,  played hooky Wednesday and today started out with my listing of 118 Granada Dr. Rio Del Mar.  A  3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style beauty @ $699,000!!!!

Check out T's movie by double clicking this link:

 Continued on to Brokers Tour and then, getting everything up on the MLS, Realtor.com, Trulia etc. Looks like we're on our way... Next listing coming up in a week or so.

Tracy looks tired today but he actually mustered up the energy to take Riley to the beach after he put up our sign at the listing and put together our flyer and printed a bunch.  Pizza tonight while we watched the season opener - Packers vs. the Saints.  We were rooting for the Saints but the cheese heads prevailed.  It was a tough but really excellent game!  I'm sooo glad that we have football to look forward to...

Love to all!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today is Tuesday, Sept. 6th

Work and play make Annie a much brighter gal. We're holding our own as we roll into this big birthday month. Jayne's is on the 12th and T's is on the 14th. How shall we celebrate? Actually, the strangest coincidence, enigma? is the Granada birthday block we live on. There are only 3 houses on our side of the block and each home holds a person with a Sept. 14th birthday PLUS Evelyn across the street will turn 89 this month!!! Tracy, Debi, Bina all chose to live on this block...side by side!!! So, maybe we can celebrate with a block party?!!
We'll have to work on that...

I'm escaping again... wondering if it's time for a change? My T is content to stay home and I'm yearning for a change of scene. Tomorrow Marilyn & I are going to play hooky... hopefully, that will keep me going for the time being.... Thursday I meet with clients to list 118 Granada again. Hopefully, we'll sell it this time around.

Sweet dreams....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Today is Monday, Sept. 5th

Interesting last couple of days.... I've worked & relaxed over the last few days.  An appropriate celebration of Labor Day.  A spontaneous game party last evening joined the Whitnicks, the Reeds, the JayLous, Tom & Jan together for some fun, while pitting the boys against the girls in a Cranium show down.  Much alcohol and food was consumed as we fought to the bitter conclusion:  the Boys won!  How could they?  Amazing and too much laughter as we hummed, molded silly putty, spelled backwards and drew blindly sharing our way through the maze.... It was so phenomenal to see T enjoying himself and forgetting about anything but the present.  I love spontaneity and I adore my T when he's reveling in it!

Enjoy this Labor Day weekend and treasure the memories you're building!!!!

Love to all...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today is Friday, Sept. 2nd bleeding into the 3rd

I'm crazed. This has been a day of doctor appts. end to end. How can one live a life when it's one doctor's appt. to the next. Started out with my annual wellness exam. Whoa Nelly, I'm sick of pap smears and speculums. But can you imagine what T has gone thru?
I can't. Next stop - Stanford. Lunch, labs & Bruno et al. On to Redwood City to show a couple of homes to Brian & Angela. We decided the home we're in contract on is the best bet so far.

Thursday was a day of checking out inventory and our rentals. Today, Saturday will be a day of work. Open house at 741 Oakhill Dr. in Seacliff. A $2,895,000 bluff beauty.

So what happened at Stanford? I feel like we've been blown down by the prevailing winds...or off course yet again. T's white cell count is up to 2.5!!!! No platelets needed. Not stable enough yet for treatment.

The new Fellow entered the examining room and introduced himself. I didn't catch his name...it didn't seem important. He shook T's hand, ignored me and proceeded to ask all the standard questions. Then, it was our turn. I guess since he hadn't properly engaged in the niceties of manners and included me in the first place, I had no problem with interrogating him. One has to earn my respect. Every question or statement was parried by us. It all comes down to Quantity vs Quality and we still don't have any definitive answers.
Statistics were quoted about case studies involving ages 30-60 and 60% were alive 3 years from the time the 2nd phase of treatment started. Of course that skewed higher towards the lower age group and apparently there are no statistics re what happened to the higher age group after that 3 year time span. Oh and the treatment lasts about 2 years and 3 months. So, bottom line: if you survive the treatment you may or may not have about 3 months after the protocol. Of course the alternative, oh that alternative is that you will slowly but surely be attacked by the disease again and wouldn't you start treatment again? So, why would you not continue now? It's a closed loop argument with no room for real debate. I didn't even bother with Bruno. He & T bantered back and forth. Bruno teasing T and T giving it right back. In short, T returns for a bone marrow test in 3 weeks and an apt with Bruno a few days later to begin treatment: chemo light. Probably Vincristine & another poison to stave off leukemia's return. I only hope T remains himself for as long as possible. He doesn't remember how bad it got. He thinks it won't be that bad...I guess he has to.

I'm not feeling the lift I'd hoped for. What happened to years not months or days? WTF?
So, please keep sending that healing white light...we both need it!