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Monday, September 5, 2011

Today is Monday, Sept. 5th

Interesting last couple of days.... I've worked & relaxed over the last few days.  An appropriate celebration of Labor Day.  A spontaneous game party last evening joined the Whitnicks, the Reeds, the JayLous, Tom & Jan together for some fun, while pitting the boys against the girls in a Cranium show down.  Much alcohol and food was consumed as we fought to the bitter conclusion:  the Boys won!  How could they?  Amazing and too much laughter as we hummed, molded silly putty, spelled backwards and drew blindly sharing our way through the maze.... It was so phenomenal to see T enjoying himself and forgetting about anything but the present.  I love spontaneity and I adore my T when he's reveling in it!

Enjoy this Labor Day weekend and treasure the memories you're building!!!!

Love to all...


  1. We had sooooo much fun! Thanks A & T for opening your doors to us and all our craziness! I am proud to be a great "closed-eye-artist"..... If I do say so myself! BTW - did I forget to autograph any of the personal sketches for ya all?? Soup was delish! When can we do it again???


  2. Soon I hope! We have to celebrate T & Jayne's b'days!!!