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Monday, September 26, 2011

Today is Monday, September 26th

I've finally slept and today is a new day! I'm hoping that we'll get an assist from all of you dear friends. This is a very important week for Tracy. His counts went back up to 2.5 Fri. It's still not normal but much better than it was. Tracy wants to get on with chemo light. Today we return to Stanford for another bone marrow test and Friday for the consult with Bruno et al.

PLEASE SEND WHITE HEALING LIGHT TO TRACY!!! He needs your help and support to withstand the next round. Surround us both please? We're gonna need it!

Sunday saw the McAnelli's in our slug stations watching the Niners inch their way to VICTORY!!! Would have been easier to watch if they didn't commit so many fouls. We'll take the win for a 2 and 1 start to the season.

Even in the rain, 118 Granada saw 7 groups of folks at the open house hosted by Marilyn. We also received another offer. So by 7:30, after many phone calls to the sellers, a multiple Counter offer went out. Let the games begin!


  1. Our thoughts, prayers and white light are being sent to the both of you. Stay strong and know that were pulling for you both. Thanks for the beautiful card to help give me strength.
    Love to you both,
    Di, Den and adorables

  2. BLAZING White light your guy's way! Let's move on so you may enter the total healing process... XXOO Have a super omighty week!
    Love to you both. Di

  3. Its gonna be a GREAT week for Tracy! All of our pull is behind him - and in front of him!

  4. All the Healing White Light that I can imagine coming right up to both of you!

    Love, Linda J.