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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today is Saturday, September 10th

This weekend has been one of lots of memories and building new ones. Yesterday, after spending several hours working, Marilyn & I went to a Memorial Service for Bill's wife, Cathy. She was a vibrant spirit. If I hadn't been so emotional, I would have liked to have shared my story with the assembly.

Cathy and Bill spent an evening with some of our group at Lorraine's home prior to our trip to China several years ago. Cathy was born in China and she & Bill had lived there when they first met. She wanted to prepare us for our travels. She was so enthusiastic and so alive, she gave us all a great idea of what to expect and enjoy. She loved the night life (which unfortunately, we didn't have the energy for ) and shopping. I remember specifically that she said if the price stated on something was $10 we should offer $5 and walk away. They'd cave and we'd still be paying too much. Anyway it was so gracious of she & Bill to spend the evening with us sharing their love of China. The world was a better place with Cathy in it. May she rest in peace and may Bill be surrounded with love....

This was the first service I'd gone to in a long time. I don't do well with death... seems to bring up the feelings of loss of Mom, Cenz and Dad. I tend to want to escape but sometimes it's simply unavoidable. Anyway, it was an honor to be there for my friend and to see the video that the family put together. It truly evoked the soaring spirit that was Cathy Thayer.

After the service, Marilyn & I each went home to change and then, met to get pedicures at our favorite salon, J Bella Nails. I needed it badly and it was the perfect way to ease out of my mood. Picked up Chinese food on the way home and relaxed with my honey. All I wanted to do was cuddle and that's exactly what we did. Today, T & I walked the neighborhood and Riley reveled in the sun. It was a good thing we went when we did, cause the sun disappeared as the fog rolled in before mid day. Oh well, this has been a very weird summer and it may be the same for autumn. We still live in one of the most beautiful places on the central coast of California.

I held my first open house today at 118 Granada Drive. It was a wonderful event! I had 11 groups through and 3 very interested parties. I call that great!!! Finally, it's well received and I feel confident that my clients will get what they want: A Sale! After I closed up and picked up my signs; I stopped to see a new client's home. They may be putting it on the market next year. Finally, I found my way home to my honey. I needed to immerse myself in something creative and since I'd found a new recipe, T & I worked together and made cream less corn chowder from scratch....mmmmmmm it was good! We'll make some changes in the recipe next time but I was satisfied. We made it an early night. I thank God that we have each other and our friends and family ... don't ever want to be without....

Welcome home Jim & Linda!!! We missed you!!!

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  1. Annie~ I do the same at funeral services. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend. It's very difficult, but there's another angle looking down on us and one more star shinning brightly.
    Love you and T!
    Di H