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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today is Tuesday, September 20th

I give.  I've been worried for weeks now.  Dreading next week and whatever news we'll  hear at Stanford.  Today after our sales meeting, my listing was on the Bailey Tour.  Great response and many viewings.  Saw my buddy, Marilyn and went to have my body adjusted by Cathy Sy.  I was so twisted that when she finished, I had to sit for a few moments to collect myself... fingers and toes tingling.  I realized I couldn't drive over the hill so, tomorrow I'll drive the hill to see the Redwood City home Brian likes.  Next Trader Joe's stop for some staples & finally, home to collapse and sleep.

I've got to relax and accept...That's pretty tough for me but T agrees... We'll roll with the punches.  What choice do we have?  Life has been so good and quiet and T has been his old lovable self with just very swollen pained feet and ankles.  I could deal with this forever but something tells me - there's nothing so constant as change....

And life goes on.....  keep that white light streaming in to surround our T... it's not over yet!

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