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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today is Tuesday, Sept. 6th

Work and play make Annie a much brighter gal. We're holding our own as we roll into this big birthday month. Jayne's is on the 12th and T's is on the 14th. How shall we celebrate? Actually, the strangest coincidence, enigma? is the Granada birthday block we live on. There are only 3 houses on our side of the block and each home holds a person with a Sept. 14th birthday PLUS Evelyn across the street will turn 89 this month!!! Tracy, Debi, Bina all chose to live on this block...side by side!!! So, maybe we can celebrate with a block party?!!
We'll have to work on that...

I'm escaping again... wondering if it's time for a change? My T is content to stay home and I'm yearning for a change of scene. Tomorrow Marilyn & I are going to play hooky... hopefully, that will keep me going for the time being.... Thursday I meet with clients to list 118 Granada again. Hopefully, we'll sell it this time around.

Sweet dreams....

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