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Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is Halloween!!!

Sunday was a day to remember!  Gorgeous day on the coast and watching the 49ers with our tried & true niner T-shirts proved fateful!!! The niners beat the pants off Cleveland and oh what a joy it was to watch!!!  For the first time in years, I'm almost afraid to say it.... but we do believe the niners will go all the way!!!   

After the game, we strolled over to Sean & Bina's Pumpkin Carving Party...
Sean & 1 of his creations

Bina, the Gorgeous Witch

Suzanna & Miz Ruby Slippers

Tracy's is SF 49ers front & center

It was a great gathering of gorgeous creatures diligently working up some creative designs and noshing away...  What a treat to be able to share our favorite holiday with neighbors and friends...  Tracy's pumpkin now adorns our front entry and will welcome our trick or treaters this evening...  We have lots of candy for the costumed bell ringers.  Such a treat to enjoy!!! Just one year ago, Tracy had been released from the hospital and was unable to greet our tiny visitors...  what a difference! 

Bless you all... and carpe diem!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today is Sunday, October 30th

Friday was an amazing orchestration of events.  The inspectors did me a favor and went all the way to Redwood City from Santa Cruz, the only day they were available, Fri.  It worked into our day at Stanford perfectly and Brian's home is standing tough.  Altho' the prospect of actually getting the home inspected looked dismal for awhile.  The lockbox had mysteriously vanished and no one was answering my calls.  Finally, the owner responded and came & unlocked the bedrooms & garages and the inspections proceeded. We're now more convinced than ever that it's the right home for him.  The hard job will be  getting the listing agent to do her job but we're on our way....From there we rolled to Ikea in E. Palo Alto to pick up the key for Amos's San Jose home from Jon, his tenant, ( he works in Foster City & had forgotten to leave the key) and then straight across the tony tree lined University Ave. to Stanford.  T's labs were done quickly so, we grabbed a salad & sandwich outside in the sun beside the Lucille Packard Children's cafeteria and finally, went on to Bruno's clinic.  The anticipation of seeing Bruno always gives me agida (acid stomach for an Italian) and today was no exception.  Thankfully,  Bruno came in with a smile.  T's counts are holding.  His white cell count was 3 and he's had a good month.  The test he'd taken last month to discover whether he had an errant enzyme that caused havoc with chemo turned out to be true.  So, T will stay this course of Vincristine by IV once a month and 5 tabs of Dexamethasone for 5 days and this month, an additional 18 tabs of Methotrexate every 7 days.  We joked about the fact that he'd be taking almost 2 dozen pills ( 1 short) and he'd better eat with them or suffer a queasy stomach.  Bruno was his charming self and remarked on how well T looked.  When I said, " he hadn't killed him yet ", Bruno said "No, but you almost killed me" ...  and we all laughed...  Being T's advocate didn't make me exactly popular but it sure got results.  I wouldn't and couldn't change cause I become the Momma Bear when it comes to my love.... and Bruno et al beware....  Janell met with us after and explained she'd be gone for 6 weeks for surgery on her leg and gave us alternative physician assistants to contact in her absence.... T will return for labs in 2 weeks and then again on the 23rd for treatment & Bruno's clinic.

Relieved and pretty exhausted, we left the campus in search of a hardware store to make copies of Amos' key.  The app, 'Around Me', is invaluable when searching for something like that... whahoo...  10 min. later we were on our way to South San Jose, near Hellyer Park.

4130 Sacramento Ave.
Amos' home looks great!!!  The paint colors are terrific and I just love the red door.  The carpet cleaner, On the Spot, was on his way so, we put the contractor's box on the hose bib; put up the sign and assessed what needed to be done before we put it on the market.

Phew!!!  Now all we needed to do was drive home in rush hour traffic.  We took the southernly route and wound our way down to Gilroy on 101 and then, across 152 through the leafy gentle curves of Hecker Pass by the closed Mt. Madonna Inn to Watsonville and finally our Rio Del Mar haven... one more mandatory stop at CVS for T's meds and my flu vaccine since T had been given his at Stanford.  I was truly spent when we arrived home but rallied enough to make mashed potatoes and veggie burgers and then, we both collapsed on the couch.

Saturday was another gorgeous day on the coast.  We walked the neighborhood and came home for scrambled eggs and coffee and T swallowed all 23 pills...God love him!  I kept feeling like I needed a nap but the balmy weather and a chance to meet and greet was on the way...  As I put out my open house sign on Rio Del Mar Blvd and Sumner, a pick up truck slowed down... as the fella held up his coffee in salute to me, he sang "Walk like an angel"  and I have to admit,  I smiled and strutted just a bit...  made me feel young again and just a wee bit sexy as I forgot all about my feminist roots....

The open house was very slow which allowed me to spend time with each visitor, neighbor and perhaps the next buyer...  I crocheted and listened to jazz from my iPhone and thought about the risotto we were going to assemble when I returned home....  My honey and I are a brilliant team in the kitchen.  I sipped Moscato (Shar had left some) as I stirred the risotto and kissed the last two days goodbye...

We are blessed....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today is Friday, October 28th

OMG!!!  Yesterday after saying goodbye and safe travels to Johnny & Shar,  rolled into my work day.  Broker's tour including my honey sitting in 118 Granada while I ran to see a few homes.  Amazing to have T's help....  Saw a home that's newly listed in Rio Del Mar that is priced way too low.   Nothing I can do about it but grouse about people underselling the neighborhood.  The afternoon had me playing poker again with the listing agent on Brian's deal.  Long story short this agent doesn't have a clue and has dropped the ball... hopefully, we can get it back on track.  Inspections are scheduled today at 10AM and then, we go to Stanford for T's monthly meet with Bruno et al and treatment.  Afterward, on to Amos's home in South San Jose to check it out for listing coming very soon.

It will be a crazy but I hope fruitful day!  Keep on truckin'...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 26th

We've been trying to relax a bit while I handle the work load.... it's been very fun to have Johnny & Shar here for a visit.  Monday & Tuesday were work days but we managed to have some fun too... Shar & I had pedicures and went to Cafe Rio for their Mon. night Burger & Beer for $10 and home to a very berry Gizdich pie.  We enjoyed it!

Tuesday after my sales meeting, Cathy Sy adjusted my twisted body ( it is getting better!  Cathy says the tension is starting to leave and she's able to get in to my frame more easily) and then, we took a ride along the coast to the North... and ended up in Pescadero at Duarte's for their world famous cream of artichoke soup.... pretty good... wonder how it changes with the artichokes that are in season??....  home for CSI and an early night while I groused about the listing agent on Brian's deal.  I do believe we can make this work!

Today was a day of work and then, we all relaxed on the back deck soaking in the warm rays of this gorgeous weather....  Tonight we'll celebrate Tom & Gary's b'days on the patio at Bittersweet Bistro... it will be bittersweet indeed...  since Johnny & Shar leave very early tomorrow...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today is Sunday, October 23rd


Shar & Johnny 

Tracy, me, Shar & Johnny

The weather has been unbelievably balmy... hard to believe it's October!!! How could this be?  We actually went to Monterey yesterday and people were remarking on how unseasonably warm the Central coast was.  After strolling through the Monterey Arts & Crafts Fair at the Post House (found a hand beaded case for my iPhone 4S);  we wandered down to Cannery Row for a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae ( one item knocked off Johnny's bucket list ).

 Sunday found us down at the beach with our feet in the water as the Riley dog chased his ball continually plunging into the surf. Why not?  No football worth watching...

Hidden Beach Beauties
We've never seen it sooo crowded at Hidden Beach.... there were many surfers & swimmers escaping the heat in the gentle surf... almost made me want to jump all the way in... another day perhaps...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is Friday, October 21st

We jammed packed the last two days and we're holding on...Thursday was tour day & Marilyn & I went until lunch and then, I saw a couple homes on my own and went to meet Larry. We have a plan of attack for his short sale. By Wed. latest, we'll list his home and hope the Short Sale Gods smile down upon us. On to have my hair colored and shaped & home to welcome my brother Johnny & Shar, my sis. Immediately, we started preparing dinner and got down to the business of enjoying each other as all good Italians do.. we ate and talked and ate and talked....

Great news finally today! Brian's Short sale purchase was finally approved and we received it in writing. YAHOO!!! Amazing thing... I looked up paint samples online at Kelly Moore to help Amos pick colors to paint his home in order to create better curb appeal. Amos is in Hawaii and his home is in San Jose.... and it will soon look fantastic and will attract a wonderful buyer!!!

Today, we had a 2 hour Santa Cruz County Assoc. of Realtors board meeting with exciting strategy to discuss... I was very glad to be a part of it... after, I went to the office to schedule inspections for next Fri. and get Brian's escrow rolling. Man, I'm glad after 6 months, the banks have finally decided to accept the deal.

Home to my family and a walk to Betsy's to see our sculptures and then, we made a trip to Dr. Wu's office so, we could get to the bottom of T's sore throat. A little scare but, they mobilized quickly, blood test, exam and history and a heavy duty antibiotic later and T was able to enjoy the halibut dinner sans stuffed clams (more for us)...mmmmmm sometimes I so crave all the seafood I grew up with... stuffed clams, fried clams, lobster, scallops but tonite helped a whole lot. Shar put a small cooler in her suitcase with Alaskan halibut (caught by Johnny) and stuffed clams...boy what a great dinner.... the rest of the evening we were setting up facetime accounts so, we could talk to Jayne & Lou and ultimately anyone with a facetime account. Oh Boy!

Now this tired girl is going to finally shut my eyes and dream of wonderful adventures....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 19th

Indian Summer is still with us...  Yesterday, Tuesday, was a work day (Sales meeting & escrow work) combined with some play... rather than sit anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop on Granada,  T & I watched  "Limitless"  with DeNiro & Bradley Cooper...pretty good flick and then, it was our best TV night.. NCI & NCI Los Angeles and Unforgettable... since we missed "The Good Wife" last Sun.... didn't want to miss Zeva & the boys... so, we kept on escaping until I checked my email about 9PM and the bad news was finally here.  The buyer bailed on Granada.  My clients are not happy and would like to punish the buyer for being stupid & wasting a month by keeping her deposit.  Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen.  So, the good news is the carpets look fantastic!  The stain is gone and the house is staged and ready to go!!!  The bad news:  it should have closed yesterday...  so, I get to sell it again...  Oh well... this time it will be a great buyer who loves the home and can't be without it!!!

Now today made up for yesterday... After our walk this morning, I played catch up with several clients and then, Tracy & I started working with clay... OMG!!!  I love the feel of molding and shaping clay.. it's amazing to start with a lump of clay and mold it into an otter!!!! and Betsy is an inspiration!  She encourages me to try and it feels like I belong...like I was meant to do this... I love my otter... he'll need a name but wow!!! I can't wait to continue working on him.  He needs to dry and I have to hollow out his body so, he doesn't shatter in the kiln...next week.  So, afterwards, Larry called me and decided he wants to short sell his home... so, I went to the office to put together all the paperwork and we'll meet tomorrow afternoon to list his home... I hope the Short Sale God will smile down upon us and grant us his wish...  we'll see,,, the Trustee Sale is scheduled for Nov. 7th which is a very tight timeline.  One can only hope...  Amos's house will be ready to go by mid - to late next week.  There you go... zero to three listings in no time....  Now if only Brian's deal would get on track...

Went & picked up all the fixins and T & I worked an assembly line to concoct eggplant parmigiana!!  So, one meal ready to go for Johnny & Shar, who arrive tomorrow.
OK, I'm a tired girl now and I wish you all good night...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today is Monday, October 17th

This is our SUMMER!!! The last few days have been sooo gorgeous!!! We've been walking in the morning and today & Sat. we walked our Hidden beach to Rio Del Mar and the Riley boy can't believe his luck!!! It feels so good to be enjoying our little corner of the world...
Riley & T poised to play


Go for it!

Jumpin' Jack Riley!!!

Got our fingers crossed that we get good news by Wed. that this deal is gonna work and this weather lasts long enough for Johnny & Shar to enjoy...

Two more movies of the boys at the beach... which I can't seem to upload right now....
but I'll figure it out...  sweet dreams...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today is Sunday, October 16th

An amazing day!!! Beautiful warm sunny day on the coast made our neighborhood walk so fun and everyone was out enjoying it... chatting with folks along the way and feeling blessed that we are here.

Home for breakfast and an incredible nail biting 49er vs Detroit game in Detroit and

WE WON!!!! The Niners are now 5 and 1 and we've got to wear our T shirts every week from now on... Patriots and the Bears won too!!!

It was a serious slug fest day and I'm so glad we were able to enjoy it! The Discovery Channel did a tribute to Steve which I'm glad I didn't miss BUT somehow I forgot "The Good Wife" !!! Here's hoping it will be on Hulu or something very soon...

Here's hoping the buyer's agent on Granada gets a little bit better at communications... I don't think I can take a whole month of this...

Blessed are we...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today is Saturday, October 15th

That Harvest Moon has continually awakened me in the middle of the night this week... Last night it was 4:00 AM and my eyelids were at half mast and there wasn't any sleep left for this weary soul...

So, I was determined to resurrect one of the back up offers on Granada Drive. I sent emails to both interested parties before I went to sleep last night. Unfortunately, both had become involved in other properties. That's what happens when too much time elapses... Next when I awoke at 4AM, I let the confused buyer go and forgave her. She was so scared and wary. My first phone call of the morning was to my go to carpet cleaner, On the Spot. I arranged for Tom to meet us at the house at 10:30. Then Greg, the Seller, called. He said we needed to give the buyer more time... extend the escrow so, she could sell her Menlo Park home, because it was the 'right' thing to do. I love my clients!!! Long roller coaster story short...we're back in escrow. Keep the faith!

So, stay true to your soul and stay centered. I helped to stage the home this morning and clean up..there's your full service Realtor working hard to help my clients... and lo and behold after a wonderful day that found Tracy and I walking our beloved Hidden Beach this afternoon... gazing at the dolphin and a huge sea lion playing in the surf...we find ourselves back in the good graces of the escrow Gods.

Two more essential details: I neglected to mention that yesterday after my 2.5 hour sojourn at the title office I went to the Capitola AT&T store at the Mall for my reward. I waited about 20 min with a lot of excited folks to get my iPhone4S!!! Yahoo!!! I'm just discovering how truly wonderful it is!! I can actually make phone calls from my house in all the areas that I couldn't before AND I love Siri, my new assistant. I've used it many times today.. make an appointment, call a client, check the weather, check stock prices. I love that it understands me the first time I say something!!! Secondly, I stopped on the way home from the beach to see Betsy today and very soon, T & I may begin working in clay... oh boy!

This evening T and I worked together making dinner like we used to... sipping wine, T assembling the add ins and me working the risotto until our dinner was ready to enjoy... I love days like today!!! Peace and serenity surrounds our beloved home...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Today is Friday, October 14th

Sometimes all the hard work and best of intentions just don't pan out.  The last two days I've been noodling through a vague sense of unease.  My intuition kept gnawing at me and I just didn't want to listen.  It started with lots of excuses why the buyer's agent wasn't communicating....jury duty, field trip with 70 kids... hmmm but you have a phone.... so, when I still hadn't heard that the financing contingency had been removed last night... I persisted with hope and best intentions and spent many hours molding chocolate.  Keeping my mind off the puzzle at hand, focussed on the fashioning of roses, shells and all sorts of figure lollipops in dark, white, green & lavender chocolate.  It's tedious work but with enough light, very creative... and at last my psyche was calm.

Today started out with our neighborhood walk & evolved with multiple phone calls to chaos.  There was a solution to the dilemma and we persisted in figuring it out to the buyer's very deep appreciation.   It took all day and both sellers, my broker and escrow officer to come up with a viable solution for all concerned.  All day long we proceeded to work on every angle.... At 7:30 this evening, the buyer's agent called to cancel the contract!!!  She cannot buy a house at this time due to a nasty divorce.  So, after I fell off my chair;  I got back up and tried to resurrect either of the 2 previous offers.... So far that's a bust but time will tell....

Relax and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 12th

What a gorgeous warm day on the coast!!!  We were determined to enjoy it and after meeting with my clients at 118 Granada Dr and fielding many phone calls... we were off!!

Tracy & Riley reveling in the surf
An otter and some dolphin played in the surf as Riley chased his ball relentlessly...

The sun took it's toll and we're all tired puppies this evening....

Check out this beautiful flower arrangement Cathy sent me
Cathy's thank you flowers

Not often that my clients appreciate the work I've done for them... Cathy does!  It's so wonderful to be appreciated!!!  Now I'd just like to see Bri & Angela happily start their life in their new home.... first things first.... next step: inspections as soon as we receive the written approvals.

Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today is Tuesday, October 11th

We're back to the land of the living.... lots of work related tasks over the last few days.  We're awaiting the final written approval for Brian's home in Redwood City.  A short sale that we've been in contract to since May 5th!!!!  Short sales are not for the faint of heart.  Brian's been patient and understanding and finally, it looks like we're going to see the culmination of his dreams.  YAHOO!!  His mom, Cathy, sent me flowers today...  I'm so happy that it may really work!  I held Brian as a baby and now, 34 years later;  he's about to buy a home and soon, get married!!!  I met Cathy the very first day I arrived in Mt. View, Ca. in 1970.  We've been friends ever since.

Tracy, Riley & I just took a walk around the neighborhood and we're a happy family.  Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna make for dinner.

Love, luck and happiness....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today is Sunday, October 9th

Lots of time to think over the last few days...I tried to hook up with the 99% protest on Thurs. but unbeknowst to me, they'd moved to San Lorenzo Park. I feel like I belong in this fight and finally the movement is getting some traction. Interesting how the conservative press especially FOX news and the Republicans are trying desperately to downplay all the action. Hopefully, the world is listening... I'm gonna have to find my voice again. I've been slowly coming back. Each day T & I walk the neighborhood and slowly but surely, we re-enter our routines. Thankfully, Tracy is eating this time around. I keep trying to put some weight back on him. Lord knows he could gain 20lbs and still look svelte.... tho' he is looking pretty cute in this lean version...Tracy just experienced the nadir and he was pretty punky for a couple days. He's trying awfully hard but he also gets pretty grumpy and withdrawn. It's been the toughest year of our lives and T is not done yet. We have to think positively and keep on going. Re-entry is the key. I think Steve's passing affected all of us profoundly... T included. So we plod along taking care of business and enjoying our world such as it is.

Open house yesterday and today was a play day. Picked up Tom & Jan and went to Micheal's home for a party in his newly renovated outdoor kitchen area. Wow!!! What a great scene and we rooted our Niners to a stunning victory!!! 48-3 against the Buccaneers! The last time the Niners scored 48 points in a game was 1987. Yowzer!!! We wore our old Niners shirts again so, we'll have to wear them from now on.... it's 3 weeks in a row ( don't worry, I have washed them folks). Michael's pork ribs were yummy and the backyard was inviting and very comfortable and a good time was had by all.... lots of reminiscing by the girls of harrowing adventures that we lived to talk about while we laughed and laughed and laughed....

Thank God for the memories!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today is Friday, October 7th

Oh what a difference a day makes!  Thursday and Friday were work days, plain and simple.

I'm baack!  It's fun again and I'm working on several people's dreams.  I'm a happy gal.

T has spent the last few days gathering data on one of our Watsonville rentals' roofs.  Have to admit, I was nervous.  BUT Warren Knox of Knox Roofing, my favorite go to Roofing Contractor, got up on the roof and found a hole, got off the roof and got back up there and caulked it.  He then told T, "You win, I lose".  That's the guy I'd trust on any roofing inspection and always do.  I love honest professionals!!!  We had 4 Roofing contractors get up on the roof and Warren solved the problem!!!!  We dodged another big bullet!

So, here we are on a Friday evening.  I've spent the last couple days working and now, I get to relax with my honey and a glass of red while my version of Marchigianna sauce is cooking and I'm waiting for the penne to be ready.

Thank you God for being alive and enjoying every turn of that never ending circle!!!

Love you all....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 5th

 I'm finally coming up for air.  Tracy is holding his own and we're back to the land of the living.  I've been taking care of all those things that are important but not soo important when it comes down to life and death.  My Wellness exam, Mammogram and a Bone Density test soon to come next week (recommended since Mom had osteoporosis).  Gradually, I'm getting back the energy I always claimed as mine....
In addition, each day I do a little more of the menial tasks and tackle more of the large tasks.  When I saw Cathy Sy yesterday for an adjustment; she reassured me... my body would start to relax and take the adjustments soon.  I'm relieved.  My neck & back have felt like they were broken but gradually, they're getting better as all the stress comes off my psyche.  

Some Jayne Scorcese (our own Hayne) movies from an impromptu celebration of T after our day at Stanford.

OMG!! Tears and sorrow.... Steve Jobs has passed away...  I can't believe it!  We dodged a bullet and Steve died.  May he rest in peace... the genius that he was will live on in Apple and all his evangelists.  It's such a shame...  I only hope that he enjoyed his life... he certainly gave us a lot to remember him by and love.

Once again, the lesson for all of us:  CARPE DIEM!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today is Monday, October 3rd

I don't know what's wrong with me... I'm exhausted.  I feel like I could sleep for a week.  Hungover?  Stress depletion?  Post partum denial?  All I know is I'm bone tired tonight.  I'd like a vacation... somewhere where we'll be taken care of for a few days....

T & I celebrated Sat. night and became couch potatoes on Sunday feasting on left overs as we relaxed in our slug stations and screamed and hollered our way to 49er and Patriot victories. Who would have thought we'd beat the Eagles?  We wore our old tried and true niner shirts 2 weeks in a row and won.  Now we'll wear them every week, why not?  Not that we're superstitious...

Mammogram today with the new digital beauties...  no more pain!  Thank God for that!
The rest of the day was work related tasks for several clients.  Monday night football and the premiere of House will put us both to sleep....

Thank you all for your love and support!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is Saturday, October 1st

This is the beginning of a great day and a new year for the McAnellis!!  October has been the bane of our existence for a long time but not 18 years ago and not today!!!!  So, I'm beating around the bush as I tend to do...  Yesterday, Friday, September 30th was a very long but oh so amazing day at Stanford... as we waited and waited and waited to see Bruno, we learned that there had been an emergency so, Bruno was covering both his and another Doctor's clinics.  When Bruno appeared, he came alone.  No resident or Fellow preceded him.  My anxiety peaked as Bruno strode through the door and greeted us both with a handshake and a grin.  He proceeded to tell us that he was very happy.  As he turned the computer monitor towards us, he asked us to read a few lines on the screen:  Tracy's bone marrow was CLEAR of leukemia cells!!!!!  After all this time,  over 3.5 months of no treatments,  Tracy remains in REMISSION!!!  OMG!!!

I realized I had been holding my breath and I finally gasped for air and peace....  Tracy and I tried to grasp what that meant as Bruno continued.  He reaffirmed that since Tracy had had a very hard time with chemo;  they were still searching for the reasons and ordered another test to determine whether Tracy was lacking a particular enzyme.  That would help in figuring out the next phase of treatments.  Bruno also reiterated that the fact that it had taken so long for T to recover... for his bone marrow to resume normalcy ( his white cell count was 3.5 today & normal is 4-11) that their hope is that the leukemia cells have also been affected and thwarted.  Only time will tell.

Bruno presented a plan.  Rather than try to administer 2 more cycles of chemo per the protocol;  Tracy would start the maintenance phase.  This is chemo light:  Vincristine by IV and 5 days of steroids.  Lab check in 2 weeks at Stanford and return to consult with Bruno at the end of the month.  Monitoring how Tracy reacts to the chemo and gradually, adding in 3 other chemo treatments mostly orally for the next 14 months will allow our man to beat this f__king disease.  I can't tell you how emotionally charged I feel but I can tell you the relief is palpable.  As Tracy said to Riley last night "Now I know I'm going to outlive you, my boy".    Oh what a relief it is....  I thank you, my dear God!!!

As you can imagine, we were both a little giddy as we left the clinic.  Tracy was to have his labs done prior to the chemo infusion and I was heading out to move my car; when I was flagged down by the Concierge, Holly.  She smiled and said, she hadn't seen us in quite some time. And as her eyebrows raised she asked "and how is?"  as I pointed to T where he stood at the elevator door.  T turned towards us and Holly gasped, "OMG, he looks wonderful!!!"  T approached and we all embraced.  Holly said "I've got goose pimples", as her eyes watered.  It truly is amazing to see this man now after the worst year of our lives!  Tracy has survived and is flourishing.  Tracy is a testament to his will to survive and an unwavering spirit.   14 months from now is Christmas.  Oh what a wonderful Christmas it will be...
Chris infusing T with Vincristine

Our Mr. T
As my bro said "We received two miracles today. "  Johnny's biopsy was clear!  We dodged two huge ugly bullets today.  The Lord is with us.  Now let us pray and thank God and pay it forward....