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Friday, October 14, 2011

Today is Friday, October 14th

Sometimes all the hard work and best of intentions just don't pan out.  The last two days I've been noodling through a vague sense of unease.  My intuition kept gnawing at me and I just didn't want to listen.  It started with lots of excuses why the buyer's agent wasn't communicating....jury duty, field trip with 70 kids... hmmm but you have a phone.... so, when I still hadn't heard that the financing contingency had been removed last night... I persisted with hope and best intentions and spent many hours molding chocolate.  Keeping my mind off the puzzle at hand, focussed on the fashioning of roses, shells and all sorts of figure lollipops in dark, white, green & lavender chocolate.  It's tedious work but with enough light, very creative... and at last my psyche was calm.

Today started out with our neighborhood walk & evolved with multiple phone calls to chaos.  There was a solution to the dilemma and we persisted in figuring it out to the buyer's very deep appreciation.   It took all day and both sellers, my broker and escrow officer to come up with a viable solution for all concerned.  All day long we proceeded to work on every angle.... At 7:30 this evening, the buyer's agent called to cancel the contract!!!  She cannot buy a house at this time due to a nasty divorce.  So, after I fell off my chair;  I got back up and tried to resurrect either of the 2 previous offers.... So far that's a bust but time will tell....

Relax and enjoy!!!

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