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Friday, October 28, 2011

Today is Friday, October 28th

OMG!!!  Yesterday after saying goodbye and safe travels to Johnny & Shar,  rolled into my work day.  Broker's tour including my honey sitting in 118 Granada while I ran to see a few homes.  Amazing to have T's help....  Saw a home that's newly listed in Rio Del Mar that is priced way too low.   Nothing I can do about it but grouse about people underselling the neighborhood.  The afternoon had me playing poker again with the listing agent on Brian's deal.  Long story short this agent doesn't have a clue and has dropped the ball... hopefully, we can get it back on track.  Inspections are scheduled today at 10AM and then, we go to Stanford for T's monthly meet with Bruno et al and treatment.  Afterward, on to Amos's home in South San Jose to check it out for listing coming very soon.

It will be a crazy but I hope fruitful day!  Keep on truckin'...

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