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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 5th

 I'm finally coming up for air.  Tracy is holding his own and we're back to the land of the living.  I've been taking care of all those things that are important but not soo important when it comes down to life and death.  My Wellness exam, Mammogram and a Bone Density test soon to come next week (recommended since Mom had osteoporosis).  Gradually, I'm getting back the energy I always claimed as mine....
In addition, each day I do a little more of the menial tasks and tackle more of the large tasks.  When I saw Cathy Sy yesterday for an adjustment; she reassured me... my body would start to relax and take the adjustments soon.  I'm relieved.  My neck & back have felt like they were broken but gradually, they're getting better as all the stress comes off my psyche.  

Some Jayne Scorcese (our own Hayne) movies from an impromptu celebration of T after our day at Stanford.

OMG!! Tears and sorrow.... Steve Jobs has passed away...  I can't believe it!  We dodged a bullet and Steve died.  May he rest in peace... the genius that he was will live on in Apple and all his evangelists.  It's such a shame...  I only hope that he enjoyed his life... he certainly gave us a lot to remember him by and love.

Once again, the lesson for all of us:  CARPE DIEM!!!!!

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