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Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is Halloween!!!

Sunday was a day to remember!  Gorgeous day on the coast and watching the 49ers with our tried & true niner T-shirts proved fateful!!! The niners beat the pants off Cleveland and oh what a joy it was to watch!!!  For the first time in years, I'm almost afraid to say it.... but we do believe the niners will go all the way!!!   

After the game, we strolled over to Sean & Bina's Pumpkin Carving Party...
Sean & 1 of his creations

Bina, the Gorgeous Witch

Suzanna & Miz Ruby Slippers

Tracy's is SF 49ers front & center

It was a great gathering of gorgeous creatures diligently working up some creative designs and noshing away...  What a treat to be able to share our favorite holiday with neighbors and friends...  Tracy's pumpkin now adorns our front entry and will welcome our trick or treaters this evening...  We have lots of candy for the costumed bell ringers.  Such a treat to enjoy!!! Just one year ago, Tracy had been released from the hospital and was unable to greet our tiny visitors...  what a difference! 

Bless you all... and carpe diem!!!

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  1. Awesome pumpkins...Perfect 49er pumpkin. I'm impressed.

    Words cannot express how happy we are that Tracy is doing so much better. Thanks be to God!! We plan to keep the prayers and white light coming your way. Happy 1st meeting eachother anniversay and Happy Halloween.

    Love to you both,
    Di H