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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today is Sunday, October 9th

Lots of time to think over the last few days...I tried to hook up with the 99% protest on Thurs. but unbeknowst to me, they'd moved to San Lorenzo Park. I feel like I belong in this fight and finally the movement is getting some traction. Interesting how the conservative press especially FOX news and the Republicans are trying desperately to downplay all the action. Hopefully, the world is listening... I'm gonna have to find my voice again. I've been slowly coming back. Each day T & I walk the neighborhood and slowly but surely, we re-enter our routines. Thankfully, Tracy is eating this time around. I keep trying to put some weight back on him. Lord knows he could gain 20lbs and still look svelte.... tho' he is looking pretty cute in this lean version...Tracy just experienced the nadir and he was pretty punky for a couple days. He's trying awfully hard but he also gets pretty grumpy and withdrawn. It's been the toughest year of our lives and T is not done yet. We have to think positively and keep on going. Re-entry is the key. I think Steve's passing affected all of us profoundly... T included. So we plod along taking care of business and enjoying our world such as it is.

Open house yesterday and today was a play day. Picked up Tom & Jan and went to Micheal's home for a party in his newly renovated outdoor kitchen area. Wow!!! What a great scene and we rooted our Niners to a stunning victory!!! 48-3 against the Buccaneers! The last time the Niners scored 48 points in a game was 1987. Yowzer!!! We wore our old Niners shirts again so, we'll have to wear them from now on.... it's 3 weeks in a row ( don't worry, I have washed them folks). Michael's pork ribs were yummy and the backyard was inviting and very comfortable and a good time was had by all.... lots of reminiscing by the girls of harrowing adventures that we lived to talk about while we laughed and laughed and laughed....

Thank God for the memories!!!

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  1. Those were good laughs indeed! Brought some tears to my eyes too! Thanks friends :-)