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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 26th

We've been trying to relax a bit while I handle the work load.... it's been very fun to have Johnny & Shar here for a visit.  Monday & Tuesday were work days but we managed to have some fun too... Shar & I had pedicures and went to Cafe Rio for their Mon. night Burger & Beer for $10 and home to a very berry Gizdich pie.  We enjoyed it!

Tuesday after my sales meeting, Cathy Sy adjusted my twisted body ( it is getting better!  Cathy says the tension is starting to leave and she's able to get in to my frame more easily) and then, we took a ride along the coast to the North... and ended up in Pescadero at Duarte's for their world famous cream of artichoke soup.... pretty good... wonder how it changes with the artichokes that are in season??....  home for CSI and an early night while I groused about the listing agent on Brian's deal.  I do believe we can make this work!

Today was a day of work and then, we all relaxed on the back deck soaking in the warm rays of this gorgeous weather....  Tonight we'll celebrate Tom & Gary's b'days on the patio at Bittersweet Bistro... it will be bittersweet indeed...  since Johnny & Shar leave very early tomorrow...

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  1. Sounds like a perfect week, give Johnny and Sharon a hug for me and safe travels, it always so good to see them. Love Carla