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Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is Friday, October 21st

We jammed packed the last two days and we're holding on...Thursday was tour day & Marilyn & I went until lunch and then, I saw a couple homes on my own and went to meet Larry. We have a plan of attack for his short sale. By Wed. latest, we'll list his home and hope the Short Sale Gods smile down upon us. On to have my hair colored and shaped & home to welcome my brother Johnny & Shar, my sis. Immediately, we started preparing dinner and got down to the business of enjoying each other as all good Italians do.. we ate and talked and ate and talked....

Great news finally today! Brian's Short sale purchase was finally approved and we received it in writing. YAHOO!!! Amazing thing... I looked up paint samples online at Kelly Moore to help Amos pick colors to paint his home in order to create better curb appeal. Amos is in Hawaii and his home is in San Jose.... and it will soon look fantastic and will attract a wonderful buyer!!!

Today, we had a 2 hour Santa Cruz County Assoc. of Realtors board meeting with exciting strategy to discuss... I was very glad to be a part of it... after, I went to the office to schedule inspections for next Fri. and get Brian's escrow rolling. Man, I'm glad after 6 months, the banks have finally decided to accept the deal.

Home to my family and a walk to Betsy's to see our sculptures and then, we made a trip to Dr. Wu's office so, we could get to the bottom of T's sore throat. A little scare but, they mobilized quickly, blood test, exam and history and a heavy duty antibiotic later and T was able to enjoy the halibut dinner sans stuffed clams (more for us)...mmmmmm sometimes I so crave all the seafood I grew up with... stuffed clams, fried clams, lobster, scallops but tonite helped a whole lot. Shar put a small cooler in her suitcase with Alaskan halibut (caught by Johnny) and stuffed clams...boy what a great dinner.... the rest of the evening we were setting up facetime accounts so, we could talk to Jayne & Lou and ultimately anyone with a facetime account. Oh Boy!

Now this tired girl is going to finally shut my eyes and dream of wonderful adventures....

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