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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today is Wednesday, October 19th

Indian Summer is still with us...  Yesterday, Tuesday, was a work day (Sales meeting & escrow work) combined with some play... rather than sit anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop on Granada,  T & I watched  "Limitless"  with DeNiro & Bradley Cooper...pretty good flick and then, it was our best TV night.. NCI & NCI Los Angeles and Unforgettable... since we missed "The Good Wife" last Sun.... didn't want to miss Zeva & the boys... so, we kept on escaping until I checked my email about 9PM and the bad news was finally here.  The buyer bailed on Granada.  My clients are not happy and would like to punish the buyer for being stupid & wasting a month by keeping her deposit.  Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen.  So, the good news is the carpets look fantastic!  The stain is gone and the house is staged and ready to go!!!  The bad news:  it should have closed yesterday...  so, I get to sell it again...  Oh well... this time it will be a great buyer who loves the home and can't be without it!!!

Now today made up for yesterday... After our walk this morning, I played catch up with several clients and then, Tracy & I started working with clay... OMG!!!  I love the feel of molding and shaping clay.. it's amazing to start with a lump of clay and mold it into an otter!!!! and Betsy is an inspiration!  She encourages me to try and it feels like I belong...like I was meant to do this... I love my otter... he'll need a name but wow!!! I can't wait to continue working on him.  He needs to dry and I have to hollow out his body so, he doesn't shatter in the kiln...next week.  So, afterwards, Larry called me and decided he wants to short sell his home... so, I went to the office to put together all the paperwork and we'll meet tomorrow afternoon to list his home... I hope the Short Sale God will smile down upon us and grant us his wish...  we'll see,,, the Trustee Sale is scheduled for Nov. 7th which is a very tight timeline.  One can only hope...  Amos's house will be ready to go by mid - to late next week.  There you go... zero to three listings in no time....  Now if only Brian's deal would get on track...

Went & picked up all the fixins and T & I worked an assembly line to concoct eggplant parmigiana!!  So, one meal ready to go for Johnny & Shar, who arrive tomorrow.
OK, I'm a tired girl now and I wish you all good night...

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