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Friday, October 7, 2011

Today is Friday, October 7th

Oh what a difference a day makes!  Thursday and Friday were work days, plain and simple.

I'm baack!  It's fun again and I'm working on several people's dreams.  I'm a happy gal.

T has spent the last few days gathering data on one of our Watsonville rentals' roofs.  Have to admit, I was nervous.  BUT Warren Knox of Knox Roofing, my favorite go to Roofing Contractor, got up on the roof and found a hole, got off the roof and got back up there and caulked it.  He then told T, "You win, I lose".  That's the guy I'd trust on any roofing inspection and always do.  I love honest professionals!!!  We had 4 Roofing contractors get up on the roof and Warren solved the problem!!!!  We dodged another big bullet!

So, here we are on a Friday evening.  I've spent the last couple days working and now, I get to relax with my honey and a glass of red while my version of Marchigianna sauce is cooking and I'm waiting for the penne to be ready.

Thank you God for being alive and enjoying every turn of that never ending circle!!!

Love you all....

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