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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today is Saturday, October 15th

That Harvest Moon has continually awakened me in the middle of the night this week... Last night it was 4:00 AM and my eyelids were at half mast and there wasn't any sleep left for this weary soul...

So, I was determined to resurrect one of the back up offers on Granada Drive. I sent emails to both interested parties before I went to sleep last night. Unfortunately, both had become involved in other properties. That's what happens when too much time elapses... Next when I awoke at 4AM, I let the confused buyer go and forgave her. She was so scared and wary. My first phone call of the morning was to my go to carpet cleaner, On the Spot. I arranged for Tom to meet us at the house at 10:30. Then Greg, the Seller, called. He said we needed to give the buyer more time... extend the escrow so, she could sell her Menlo Park home, because it was the 'right' thing to do. I love my clients!!! Long roller coaster story short...we're back in escrow. Keep the faith!

So, stay true to your soul and stay centered. I helped to stage the home this morning and clean up..there's your full service Realtor working hard to help my clients... and lo and behold after a wonderful day that found Tracy and I walking our beloved Hidden Beach this afternoon... gazing at the dolphin and a huge sea lion playing in the surf...we find ourselves back in the good graces of the escrow Gods.

Two more essential details: I neglected to mention that yesterday after my 2.5 hour sojourn at the title office I went to the Capitola AT&T store at the Mall for my reward. I waited about 20 min with a lot of excited folks to get my iPhone4S!!! Yahoo!!! I'm just discovering how truly wonderful it is!! I can actually make phone calls from my house in all the areas that I couldn't before AND I love Siri, my new assistant. I've used it many times today.. make an appointment, call a client, check the weather, check stock prices. I love that it understands me the first time I say something!!! Secondly, I stopped on the way home from the beach to see Betsy today and very soon, T & I may begin working in clay... oh boy!

This evening T and I worked together making dinner like we used to... sipping wine, T assembling the add ins and me working the risotto until our dinner was ready to enjoy... I love days like today!!! Peace and serenity surrounds our beloved home...

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