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Friday, March 30, 2012

Today is Friday, March 30th

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! Tracy is back to normal!!! This roller coaster has us smiling but exhausted and yet, so thankful for yet another twist. We arrived at Stanford today not exactly excited... more apprehensive about what was in store. Thank God we're a little dumbstruck but able to absorb the never ending tale... Dr. Lam was inquisitive and cordial and after ascertaining that T had gained about 9lbs (I say YAHOO!!!) and that his white cell count was back to normal... we all relaxed and Dr. Lam went along with T's answer that he only had problems when doing chores so, he probably shouldn't be expected to do any....hee hee got his sense of humor back too... altho' over the last week there have been several times when I haven't responded as quickly as he'd like to perhaps play some Wii tennis; T's dropped the line "come on now, you know I'm gonna die soon" the shit.... and then, we both giggle...gotta love this man of mine...

So, today was no different. We spent a good amount of time with the Fellow, Dr. Lam... working through the work up and rolling with the punches... and laughing too. And then, Bruno arrived with all pomp and circumstance stripped away. Tracy is an enigma. We don't know why he dropped so perilously low last week and with 3 Neupogen shots returned to normal. We only know he did. So, we're back in a month to revisit Bruno with one lab visit in between.... we hope & pray he stays normal... Bruno believes he will be on this regimen until Sept. That will be one year of the maintenance regimen. Then, hopefully, we'll see Bruno monthly and go back to seeing Dr. Wu for his CLL on a quarterly basis....benign neglect sounds so positively wonderful to me.

So, no more mask and just the same old admonitions. If you're ill, stay away!!! Otherwise slowly but surely, we'll get back to normal. Right now we're wiped out but we heal nicely.

Hopefully, the next time the Voodoos play the Crows Nest we'll have the energy to enjoy it. You rock Tom!!!

C Y'all soon!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Today is Friday, March 23rd

Oh What a day!

We went all the way to Stanford for T's long day and after labs, found out
that Bruno wasn't there.  We're scheduled for next Fri.  So, on our way
home, received a phone call that T is once again neutrapenic.  Which means
that he has little or no immune system.  

He's back on Neupogen 3x a week and so, I guess going today was a good thing
cause we had no idea. and so the story goes on. T's white cell count is down to less than 500.  

I'm soooo depressed.  I miss seeing you all and having folks over … frankly, I thought we were past all this.  We're back to being hermits….ai yi yi!!!  

Please continue to surround T with white healing light... he is really depressed and I think, a little scared.  He looks great and he's been a little more active... walking Riley several times a day...  WTF?????  

here we go again....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today is Thursday, March 22nd

The seasons are changing and I'm ready for a change... way too many doctor apts. Today we spent 2 hours in the opthamologist office and the good news is T doesn't have any issues with his eyes and his eyesight is 20/40.... not bad for a 62 year old!!!

Keeping up with demand....enjoying the special little things and withstanding the grind of the continual parade of 'ologists' and their opinions as we slog through the morass.

yet another all day marathon at Stanford tomorrow... life is what we make it...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today is Monday, March 19th

I'm sorry it's getting harder to dedicate some time to writing my blog. I went to see Claudia Sternbach read from her new book and speak about writing memoirs last Wed. morning at the Porter Library. it was inspiring and at the same time disenheartening... there are times when writing stems from my soul and other times it's just plain hard work. Sometimes it's inspiration that drives me other times not so much. I'm afraid lately I've been suffering from the drone of everyday stuff... while madly looking for the light.

So, the important stuff stems around our boy, Tracy... he's still suffering quietly with a constant headache and various aches and pains. The guy doesn't complain. It's only evident when you study his face.... and all we can hope for is some relief with the meds. So far, no dice. Fri. was 172 miles of relentless driving... we narrowly missed being delayed by the head on fatality accident on 17 and went to Milpitas first to check the condition of the soon to be listed home and then, on to Redwood City for 2.5 hours of MRI's for Tracy. Next stop for me was Paradiso Deli to pick up lunch for Jayne, Carla & I and then, the 3 of us ate and caught up until it was time to pick up T and head for the Cancer Center at Stanford for an apt. with Dr. Thomas, the Fellow and then, Dr. Recht, the Neuro-Oncologist. We were ready for anything and hoping for some answer to T's headaches and all we got was "Stay away from any more LP's!!!" The hope is T's counts will come back up and dissipate the fluid... and heal our boy. Reality: drill a hole in T's skull and insert a port to drain the fluid. Not on our watch!!!!

So, the weekend was a mixture of work and down time...watched "Water for Elephants" which didn't appear to be derived from that great book of the same name and "The Artist" which was truly amazing! Finished my book club selection "Suite Francaise" and decided altho' it was good; life's too short for another WWII book. The saving grace of this novel was the fact that the author developed real characters and made us love them.... so a great dinner with Sally & Dinah, and a great exchange of ideas ... good night all!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today is Tuesday, March 13th

A whole week has whizzed by as March's weird weather has surrounded us... gorgeous sunny spring days have evolved to a cold winter rain storm... we need the rain & it makes it easier for me to stay in bed today with my flu like aches and pains & upset stomach... 2nd day and today I give... I slept most of yesterday but today I've erected a slug station extraordinaire complete with crocheting in case I decide to watch something streamed from Netflix on my iPad2. Funny, it feels so good to give in and just cave and give myself a break. Tracy & Riley went to the beach this morning in the rain and Riley is about to cozy up... there's my baby...

I spent Sunday meeting with old friends/clients and new clients touring the area. It was
fun, exhausting and exhilarating... I love showing off our community and it's separate and quite different eco-climates & cultures. Lots of trauma with my new listing and yet in the face of their dilemma, as always I strive to be a safe calm port in the storm.

Tracy is hanging in there... as always he has his good and bad days. When his head is bothering him it's apparent by his moods and attitude. I've learned to try to help and then, stay clear. It's best for us both. We go back to Stanford on Friday for his updated cranial MRI and a spinal MRI. While on the other side of the hill, we'll also stop by my upcoming Milpitas listing.

So, while OSX Lion loads and iCloud does it's thing and my iPhone update is loading; I continue to check in on my short sale. The 2nd lien payoff is $29.04 more so, I just got an amended HUD-1 and will be faxing it to the bank very soon. There is a lot I can handle while still in bed... thank God!

The Fab 3 while on tour Thursday went to the newly redone by Robert Irvine, the buffed Chef of "Restaurant Impossible" ,  Hoffman's on the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz and were rewarded with this scrumptious dessert.  The food and service were fabulous!!!  Put it on your list to try!!!

The flowers were sent by Brian Taylor, (Cathy Maag's son) my wonderful client/ family upon closing his new home... what a great young man and I'm so glad I could help!!!
Marilyn, Me & Vick @Hoffman's for lunch

Flowers from Brian

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today is Sunday, March 4th

March came in like a lion in most of the country with tornados and high winds, snow storms wreaking havoc... while we finally got some welcome rain and it brought the most beautiful weekend weather to date.
Tracy was doing well with the headaches and foot pain while he was taking the steroids last week. So, now he's starting to adjust the Neurontin. We've got our fingers crossed.

Busy...busy,,,busy... took the listing at 320 Rio Del Mar Blvd and hopefully, it will all come together. Lost a listing in my neighborhood... actually I never even got the opportunity BUT I learned a big lesson. Be who you are... no matter what. We'd done many favors for the absentee owners and I'd shown them some beautiful estates over the years and then, last year when they reached out... I didn't respond. I didn't have the time or the energy. I kept in touch by email but apparently that wasn't enough. Oh well, that's life. Who knows maybe I'll get another shot at it. I love the home and I'd love to have the opportunity. Hopefully, next time it will be my turn.

Saturday I held a beautiful home open on the bluff. 1.395 will get you your piece of paradise. Today, I took a new client to view 7 homes and different areas in the sun. They'll be deciding on when to move from their Boulder Creek home soon. It may be next month or next year but it was a fabulous way to spend the afternoon... Now it's time for the Good Wife...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today is Thursday, March 1st

Well, we survived Leap year... those once every four year added treats.  I spent a half day working and the rest watching movies... "Drive"... too violent and "Contagion" portends what could happen...  I probably will never eat nuts or chips in a bar again.

T's headache is back and he's taking a wait and see on upping the dosage on his new med, Neurontin.  We're sooo tired of this!  T deserves better. Way too long being sick....

New listing tomorrow in Rio Del Mar ...  keep sending that healing white light please....