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Friday, March 23, 2012

Today is Friday, March 23rd

Oh What a day!

We went all the way to Stanford for T's long day and after labs, found out
that Bruno wasn't there.  We're scheduled for next Fri.  So, on our way
home, received a phone call that T is once again neutrapenic.  Which means
that he has little or no immune system.  

He's back on Neupogen 3x a week and so, I guess going today was a good thing
cause we had no idea. and so the story goes on. T's white cell count is down to less than 500.  

I'm soooo depressed.  I miss seeing you all and having folks over … frankly, I thought we were past all this.  We're back to being hermits….ai yi yi!!!  

Please continue to surround T with white healing light... he is really depressed and I think, a little scared.  He looks great and he's been a little more active... walking Riley several times a day...  WTF?????  

here we go again....


  1. wowie zowie...Ok, sending lots and lots of pure white to surround, fill, bless and protect you both and Riley too. May God bless Tracy with healing and grace. Love you guys!

  2. oh yeah, luv Jan & Tom

  3. Oh man... Please God.. can you JUST do your miracles...this is not fair....A&T White light .. lots of prayers and love your way! Love you guys.. di & mike

  4. Love and prayers Tracy. Please.