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Monday, March 19, 2012

Today is Monday, March 19th

I'm sorry it's getting harder to dedicate some time to writing my blog. I went to see Claudia Sternbach read from her new book and speak about writing memoirs last Wed. morning at the Porter Library. it was inspiring and at the same time disenheartening... there are times when writing stems from my soul and other times it's just plain hard work. Sometimes it's inspiration that drives me other times not so much. I'm afraid lately I've been suffering from the drone of everyday stuff... while madly looking for the light.

So, the important stuff stems around our boy, Tracy... he's still suffering quietly with a constant headache and various aches and pains. The guy doesn't complain. It's only evident when you study his face.... and all we can hope for is some relief with the meds. So far, no dice. Fri. was 172 miles of relentless driving... we narrowly missed being delayed by the head on fatality accident on 17 and went to Milpitas first to check the condition of the soon to be listed home and then, on to Redwood City for 2.5 hours of MRI's for Tracy. Next stop for me was Paradiso Deli to pick up lunch for Jayne, Carla & I and then, the 3 of us ate and caught up until it was time to pick up T and head for the Cancer Center at Stanford for an apt. with Dr. Thomas, the Fellow and then, Dr. Recht, the Neuro-Oncologist. We were ready for anything and hoping for some answer to T's headaches and all we got was "Stay away from any more LP's!!!" The hope is T's counts will come back up and dissipate the fluid... and heal our boy. Reality: drill a hole in T's skull and insert a port to drain the fluid. Not on our watch!!!!

So, the weekend was a mixture of work and down time...watched "Water for Elephants" which didn't appear to be derived from that great book of the same name and "The Artist" which was truly amazing! Finished my book club selection "Suite Francaise" and decided altho' it was good; life's too short for another WWII book. The saving grace of this novel was the fact that the author developed real characters and made us love them.... so a great dinner with Sally & Dinah, and a great exchange of ideas ... good night all!!!

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