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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today is Tuesday, March 13th

A whole week has whizzed by as March's weird weather has surrounded us... gorgeous sunny spring days have evolved to a cold winter rain storm... we need the rain & it makes it easier for me to stay in bed today with my flu like aches and pains & upset stomach... 2nd day and today I give... I slept most of yesterday but today I've erected a slug station extraordinaire complete with crocheting in case I decide to watch something streamed from Netflix on my iPad2. Funny, it feels so good to give in and just cave and give myself a break. Tracy & Riley went to the beach this morning in the rain and Riley is about to cozy up... there's my baby...

I spent Sunday meeting with old friends/clients and new clients touring the area. It was
fun, exhausting and exhilarating... I love showing off our community and it's separate and quite different eco-climates & cultures. Lots of trauma with my new listing and yet in the face of their dilemma, as always I strive to be a safe calm port in the storm.

Tracy is hanging in there... as always he has his good and bad days. When his head is bothering him it's apparent by his moods and attitude. I've learned to try to help and then, stay clear. It's best for us both. We go back to Stanford on Friday for his updated cranial MRI and a spinal MRI. While on the other side of the hill, we'll also stop by my upcoming Milpitas listing.

So, while OSX Lion loads and iCloud does it's thing and my iPhone update is loading; I continue to check in on my short sale. The 2nd lien payoff is $29.04 more so, I just got an amended HUD-1 and will be faxing it to the bank very soon. There is a lot I can handle while still in bed... thank God!

The Fab 3 while on tour Thursday went to the newly redone by Robert Irvine, the buffed Chef of "Restaurant Impossible" ,  Hoffman's on the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz and were rewarded with this scrumptious dessert.  The food and service were fabulous!!!  Put it on your list to try!!!

The flowers were sent by Brian Taylor, (Cathy Maag's son) my wonderful client/ family upon closing his new home... what a great young man and I'm so glad I could help!!!
Marilyn, Me & Vick @Hoffman's for lunch

Flowers from Brian

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  1. Annie, I hope you are feeling better very soon.. Stay in bed as long as you want/need! It's OK! Give Tracy my love and all the best for a good Stanford day!!! XXOO Di