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Monday, September 14, 2015

Today is Monday, September 14th

It's Tracy's birthday and I long to celebrate it with him... he would have been a young 66 today. Strange stuff operating within my world so, he sent me a problem with my tire so, I'd stay close to home.... Jayne's b'day celebration on Sat. took place at the new niners stadium- Levi stadium and we enjoyed a fabulous tour of the facility complete with a luncheon and a trip thru the museum... Most poignant for me Tracy's brick is right at the entrance to the stadium...

Adorned with his ring and my heart

missing you baby
Di, Melanie, Mike, Dave, Jennifer, Marilyn, Tyler,Lou,Jayne, Maurice, Me, Bob, Gary, Carla, Tammy, Gary,Deanna, Deb

Gary, Deb, Deanna, Gary, Me, Lou,Carla, Maurice, Tammy, Tyler, Jayne, Marilyn, Melanie, Bob, Jennifer, Dave, Di, Mike

Marilyn & I sharing Brady in the locker room

The birthday girl, Jayne surrounded by 49er swag
That's all she wrote....