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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 30th

I'm a very tired girl... packed fun & work into the last two days and now I'm ready to unwind.  Life is sooo good.  Walked on the beach this morning with my boys after I'd talked to my Aunt Etta, my Mom's twin, who just turned 98... sounds just like my Mom so, I like to listen as she rambles... She's still living in her own home in West Haven, Ct. and luckily no longer drives.  She cooks and cleans & keeps up with her grand children & plays bingo twice a week at the senior center ( which she helped establish).  She's an inspiration.  Also, called my great niece to wish her a happy birthday.  Arwen turned 6 yesterday.... also, spoke with my long lost cousin, Vinny... Oh family, my family...

Then, set to work & finished Tracy's Virgo girl... kind of an Impressionist piece that will need to be fired & then?

Virgo for T
Showed property this evening until about 7:30... now I know why I don't like to show property when it's dark... hard to see the lockbox... let alone find the places...  I'm lucky to have avoided a suddenly stopped car on E.Cliff Dr. & a terribly lit area in a townhouse parking lot.  Home to my honey, comfort food prepared by T and glad to be here...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Today is Monday, November 28th

I'm a pooped girl.  It took a lot to get out of bed today... had a weird cramping/sharp shooting pain in my leg yesterday after my open house.  Silly me... I'd worn my red spike heel boots to show property on Sat. & ended up walking a fair distance in them... felt like I was walking on my face (mom's expression works sooo well) by the time we left Pajaro Dunes.  Luckily, I had a pair of flats with me... but by the end of day yesterday after doing the stairs multiple times at the open house... I was in physical pain.  So, I massaged my leg and took a muscle relaxer and went to bed early.

Today I've been fielding calls and doing work follow-up.  But I'm ready for a movie...

I've included a Youtube that I think is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen.  Have fun!!!:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today is Saturday, November 26th

It seems like I take the opportunity to write every other day lately... oh well, that's the way it is sometimes....  Yesterday was a day where I just wanted to rest but we were very glad to make Michael's surprise 60th... a gathering of the tribe to celebrate a very special friend...

Today was a full on work day...starting with showing 2 homes in La Selva Beach and one in Seacliff and then, an open house at 118 Granada Dr. - 5 groups through and followed by a trip to Tuscany to enjoy this wonderful weather with Linda & Jim, Mike & Grace...We're in bed early this evening because we're both exhausted but satisfied...leftovers were the order of the day and we ate 'em up!

Happy trails....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Today is Friday, November 25th

The sky is an amazing shade of pink, purple and blue this morning as we awake.  Thanksgiving was a celebration of love, family and great food!!!

Our Thanksgiving prayer:

For the blessings you have bestowed upon this family,

For all the days we've had together and all the days to come...

For all the joys and sorrows that bind us ever closer

For the trials we have overcome!

And for teaching us that we can do no great things - only small things with great love!!!


We are happy, satisfied and full.  Our dinner was a presentation of great cooking skills!  Di made a Martha Stewart corn bread pudding that was outstanding and a green bean salad with crunch and Di made the gravy upon arrival...  Deb made a sculptured cherry pie and mmmmm pumpkin mousse (I managed to save a whole one to savor over the weekend) and T & I worked in concert to stuff the turkey's orifices with an apple, cranberry, sausage cornbread stuffing and our family's traditional cranberry orange sauce and a pumpkin cheesecake with praline sauce.  What a feast!!!  We managed to check in with our families and prepare the feast and feel the love across the country...  Our neighbors joined us for dessert and brought a pumpkin and blackberry pie (made by Cathy Sy) and Ryan played a few tunes for us on his guitar and soprano sax.  He's a talented budding musician...  I even crooned a cappella as much of our wedding vows "Someone to Believe In"  as I could remember...

The only downer on the day was the broadcast of the Niner game... how could they do that to their fans?  Only the NFL channel carried it and tho' I thought of signing up for one day,  we made other arrangements... Bina & Sean left the TV set for us and after everyone left we walked over only to see the last seconds of the game...  big brother, John Harbaugh, with his Ravens beat up on his little brother, Jim and his Niner team....  oh well... we loyal fans had been denied access so our team paid the penalty... 16-6 it must have been a nail biter...

We thank God for another day, another year and the chance to do good....

Mike took photos so hopefully, they'll send them soon....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 23rd

We are soooo grateful!!!  Thankful for a new lease on life.

It was a long day at Stanford...Tracy's counts were a little down but he's doing well over all!!!  I felt anxious and excited and fearful as the first Doctor arrived in clinic, Dr. Wen-Jen.  We hadn't seen her in 8-9 months and she remarked on how well T looked.  T can now have his teeth cleaned; not a deep cleanse but at least a surface cleaning.  A little thing to most of us; but a big thing to welcome T back to the land of the living.... when Bruno arrived we were ready for him.  T will remain on one IV Vincristine for at least this month & next, plus Dexamethasone & the Methotrexate as he's doing well on this protocol.  No need to disrupt the status quo over the holidays and I am so sincerely thankful on this the eve of our 16th wedding anniversary...

I look back and realize we've come a very long way.  We're still discovering things about each other as we continue to grow.  Yesterday, after my sales meeting;  we played with clay.  T was so caring as I worked at sculpting his Virgo figure.  I have a lot of work to do on the piece but I at least have the basics done.  T worked on a face... a beautiful face and it was amazing to work side by side creating something out of clay.... I love the feel of the clay in my hands as I shape and pull and work at it.  It was a different mix of artists, the Tuesday group, and astounding to absorb what they do.  Each time we learn a little more about each person and their art and Tuesday's group is very unique.  Looks like when we can't make it on Wed., we'll be able to play with clay on Tues. and that's a very good thing.  Oscar & Riley were fired last evening (sounds so ominous)... can't wait to see how they came out!

16 years ago, the 23rd of Nov. fell on Thanksgiving.  I was very excited and hardly able to contain myself as it was the eve of our wedding.  Johnny & Shar had arrived safely and we shared a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at Jayne & Andre's home.  Mom blessed us and we were ready.  It was a warm, brilliantly sunny day and our roses were in full bloom.  The limo arrived to carry Mom, Shar & I from our home in Los Gatos to the Shadowbrook and as we crested the hill,  I saw my life unfolding... full with the warmth of being loved and surrounded by our loving family & friends.  I'd waited all my life for the love of my life, Tracy. ... now we were to become man & woman joined in love.... true partners and head over heels ....  Our future was so bright and our path had begun...

Every day since his death, I'd worn a large gold crucifix on a leather chain that I'd gotten for Cenz while we were in Italy.  I loved it and since Cenz had always worn it, I'd felt him close.  On this my wedding day, I'd worn it as usual and when I began to change in our private lounge; I removed it and never saw it again.  I panicked & Mary Lou, the wedding planner, had the sink drain taken apart and we looked everywhere but I never saw it again.  My intention was to put it in my bustier to have Cenz close, but he had decided to take it back and release me into Tracy's arms forever more.  I know it's strange but how else would you explain the disappearance of his crucifix?  We, Shar, Mom & I were the only ones in the lounge and yet, the crucifix was gone....  Mom calmed me down and the rest of the day unfolded slowly and beautifully.... into a day to remember forever with a sunset  walk on the beach

T & A 11.24.95

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21st

Football, football and more football all weekend until we skidded to a halt.  We finally gave up tonight as the Patriots were shellacking the Chiefs... couldn't watch anymore... BUT the Niners are now 9 and 1!!!!   Our T-shirts are getting a workout!!!

Organized my open house schedule for all 3 listings for this holiday weekend; got a price reduction on Granada Dr. to $674,999 and sent out a complete package of disclosures & inspections to a prospective buyer.  Busy work day as I checked in with the bank on my short sale and checked in with clients.  Tracy & I picked up our turkey and T went back to bed... he's pretty punky... had a cold sweat last night and I'm going to monitor him very closely tonight and tomorrow.  Hot tea and a protein drink was all he could handle sooo send in that white light to surround our boy, please...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today is Saturday, November 19th

Aw man... Cal just lost to Stanford 31-28...next year we'll get that axe back!!!

What a day!  Sunny but cold...I held 104 Angora Lane open and met a new client and we may have an interested buyer... sometimes I really enjoy meeting new clients and today was one of those days...  at the end of my gig, I was ready to go home to my honey & get warm... the excitement built as I neared our door and saw the lights on and T's blue bomber parked in it's usual spot outside the garage...  Riley & T greeted me with a kiss and a hug and I finally relaxed...  home at last...

 The sound of the rain pelting the skylights will put me to sleep...Sweet dreams...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today is Friday, November 18th

I awoke this morning, dreaming of my lion and hoping I'd put enough holes in his cheeks and jowls... wouldn't want him to blow up when he's fired!  I started thinking of a whole series... first a Virgo so, we'd have matching heads for our home... T, the Virgo (creative, loving, nurturing soul) and yah, me, the Lion (leading the way as I protect my Virgo).  I'd love to do all those astrology figures... mmm food for thought...  I kept laughing as I sculpted Leo and that's what life is all about.

We've come so far in the last year.  We've survived and we're thriving. It truly is amazing to me.. I finished Carla's gift of "Lost & Found" by Jacqueline Sheehan yesterday.  Tracy had urged me to read it and from the moment I started consuming it; I felt catharsis.  I sobbed and sobbed (all day I fought back tears)... grieving for Rocky's loss and identifying with that terrible feeling of ultimately, not being able to save her loved one.  I know I'll re-read it after I've passed it on to Marilyn & Jayne.  I couldn't get out of bed until I'd read it through yesterday & on top of my bad hair day, caused me to be late to meet Marilyn for our Board tour...ugh.  Somedays are just like that.  We viewed a lot of homes and were stunned by the beauty of Tony's new Laurent listing.  I pictured the UCSC Chancellor living there and entertaining hordes of intelligentsia.  What a majestic view of the coastline and our city!!!  Transfixed we walked through the home and dreamed of being invited there for an evening of fun...  Thursday is another favorite day as Marilyn and I get to kibitz as we work. Vicki was missing yesterday but she will rejoin us after the holiday.  We work & play well together and the conversations are pretty interesting...and not to be repeated.  What is said in the car, stays in the car.  Hee hee!

Our Tracy is doing better all the time altho' he's plagued by these stinging pains in his feet.  T just acknowledges them and moves on...never dwelling.  Today we'll take a walk around the neighborhood and then, maybe later if the weather holds we'll walk to our beloved Hidden Beach to let the hound out...

Have a peaceful and fruitful Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 16th

I'm playing catch up as we roll into our week... Tuesday after our Sales Meeting and tour, I collected T and we did a Costco run... what a difference a year makes.  This is the 2nd time in 13 months that Tracy has been inside Costco.  I do believe he enjoyed rounding up our staples & having a hot dog & lemonade as Riley waited patiently in the car.  We dropped our bounty off and immediately went to the beach to enjoy the sunshine...and Riley ran and ran and ran... have to admit, he is slowing down just a wee bit... but we won't tell him...  Home for some phone work.  Then, Jan, our angel, came by to rework our bodies thru massage and we settled in for the evening.

Today, Wednesday, has become my favorite day of the week.  After our walk & some phone work this morning, T & I headed over to Betsy's to play with clay.  We missed our day last week due to my new San Jose listing & a trip to Stanford; so we were both craving our clay play.  I can't explain how wonderful it feels to create with my hands & my heart in such a warm & loving environment.  We both decided on a new piece today and I actually completed the sculpting.  Tracy's is a face that is truly gorgeous (didn't get a photo cause T had wrapped it up).  These pieces all have to dry now and that will take awhile.  Then, they are fired in the kiln and then we get to glaze or paint or shellac or whatever the piece speaks to us.  Oh Boy!!!

My Leo, the Lion

My Oscar, the Otter

T's Riley boy
 I'm amazed at how satisfying the process is.  I'd been feeling major suitcase envy but somehow this new avenue is filling me up.  We even took Riley by when we broke for lunch.  Everyone loved our boy as we do.  He'd had a bad morning.  Something scared him and he literally had climbed up to the head of the bed & perched above our heads.  We finally calmed him down but an extra walk was in the cards.

I have a rant coming... 60 minutes did a piece last Sunday on Congress which has totally blown my mind.  I'll have to collect my thoughts and words in order to voice it, but it's coming.... and so's Christmas...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Today is Monday, November 14th

Life is amazing... Sat. was a day for enjoying friends.  Started out with meeting Deb at the Summit and then, zooming down the hill to Jayne's where we hooked up with Carla & Jayne and started our trip to Max's of Burlingame for Gina's baby shower... what an amazing party with lots of gals and a gorgeous young mother to be...  I enjoyed seeing Deanna, Lori, Pati, Jennel and Carmel and chatting with the rest of Gina's extended family.  Beautifully done and a wonderful celebration... afterwards the fab four returned to Jayne's & immediately on to the Summit with Deb to pick up my car & crest the hill...home to yet another party at Grace & Mike's catered affair at their home on Granada... the weather had held and the group was enjoying the garden and the spectacular eats and I got to relax with our neighbors and artists...  T had moseyed over earlier with Jim & Linda and I was happy to join them... finally, we sauntered home to put our feet up...

Sunday brought a day of meeting and greeting and a hard decision... we'd worn our old 49er t-shirts for 6 straight game wins... last week I'd even not changed my shirt until the last minute to go to my open house.  Sunday, I had no choice... How could I take the chance of screwing up the streak?  I had an open house at 104 Angora Lane and my clients were nice enough to put the game on for me and I WORE the shirt... never had I ever been so casual as to wear a t-shirt to an open house but today I did it and I'm so glad I did!!!  The niners won their 7th in a row...  do I hear Super Bowl???   it was soo fun to meet and greet while the game was on and I even heard from one visitor that it was refreshing!  Jaime & his wife came in as I was opening up ( it was Jaime's 3rd visit of the week) and after his wife had seen the home, they decided to write an offer with me representing them.  We agreed to touch base after I closed up.  I also had Lisa Cardoza, my go to mortgage broker call him for a pre-qual. It was an amazing day and I went home to write the offer and email it.  I  spoke with Jaime several times and we agreed to meet in the office today to go over the details... all was well and Larry was ecstatic!  Dinner and an early bedtime completed the day.

Today after a disturbing call from the negotiator on Brian's deal ( he's insistent that it's no longer a HAFA deal & that we have to come up with more money for the 2nd; I insisted on seeing the details in writing) & subsequently speaking with both Larry and Jaime... I went to meet Jaime at the office.  We spent an hour & a half going over the details of the offer and the short sale process.  We then agreed to meet again at 3:30 to collect the signed offer (from he & his wife) and Larry was going to come by at 5.  At 3:35, Jaime called with bad news... his wife had cold feet.  I was going to list their home immediately and they simply weren't ready for that big a change.... many phone calls later to apprise everyone of the news... I went home, took a walk with my honey & Riley and promptly at 5:00, T made me an outstanding lemon drop while he sipped on a margarita, ate dinner & watched the Packers trounce the Vikings and soon, showered and relaxed we retired to watch Antiques Roadshow and call it an early night....  Just another day in the life of a Realtor...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is Veteran's Day, 11-11-11

Wow! What a conundrum!!! Can you imagine 11-11-11? and not think something amazing is going on?

Thursday was a full on work day. Brokers Tour and I had 104 Angora Lane on too... so, it was a chance to meet and greet 20 plus agents & 3 prospective buyers... Lots of talking and winking and enjoying what we do... I'm a happy gal and I'm feeling like I can make a difference...

Today was Veteran's Day and I'm amazed by the heroism of our soldiers. Through so many centuries, the reality remains the same. So many citizens sacrificed their lives for us... Viet Nam rings particularly hard with me... I can remember thinking that if my brothers went I would demonstrate everywhere to keep them safe...Now it's not even the draft that entices our young..I'd like to know what the percentage is of young people that are enticed by the prospect of doing the best for their country... how could we treat them so shoddily?

Anyway, today as the rain poured down.. I decided it was the day to call my clients and what a great day to keep in touch... it felt soooo good!! I'm so glad that life has allowed me the time and energy to keep in touch... I also acknowledge that I'm not delving into stuff at all...protective measure? who knows?

Dinner with Jan & kim, Gary & Deb at Rio Del Mar Mexican and at last accepting my fate... I'm a a happy girl loving living here in Rio Del Mar....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 9th

Tues and Wed have been a blur... Tues. started with my Sales Meeting and guest speaker, Carole Radoni who expounded on the Bay Area Real Estate market and gave us a few feel good moments... our market is always better than most of the country due to our silicon valley influence.... funny, she spoke of a new method to purchase investments by leveraging stock prior to an IPO ... sounds like another derivative scheme to me and I would have liked to debate a few other points with her .... but it sure was interesting...  I was able to put 104 Angora Lane on the Bailey tour and had great response from my team.  Cathy Sy next to mend my body and then, a little food shopping and hours at the office... working the short sale (I had to re-submit the authorizations again to another number yesterday) and worked Brian's escrow... home to my honey and a break.

Today, Wed. started with a walk, oatmeal & coffee & a jaunt over the hill to meet Amos & execute the listing agreement etc..  While Amos & I chatted, Tracy took multiple photos and a video.  When we had talked it all thru, we loaded up & headed for Stanford... While T had his labs, I went to Subway for T's favorite Meat Combo, circled back to pick him up and finally travel back home unfortunately, too late to play with clay.  Yearned for a nap but the gardener decided he needed to blow the leaves across the street for an hour...so, back to the office to deal with my listings....

Short sale scenario revisited... I submitted the whole package, 109 pages with the Seller's name & loan # on each page and fully indexed twice... one package to the 1st and one package to the 2nd last Fri.  Yesterday, I was told that I should have ignored the advice I received on Fri. and submitted the Authorizations to another fax.  So, I re-submitted the Authorizations to the new fax # yesterday.  Today, I was told that they hadn't received the Hardship Letter & the Listing Agreement and oh, by the way, they still didn't have the Authorization because it would take days to get into the system... ai yi yi!!! Patience is the order of the day... and tenacity...

I'm gonna rest my weary eyes... sweet dreams...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today is Monday, November 7th

After a great weekend, we took it easy today.  With the sun, we strolled around the neighborhood with our Riley, chomping at the bit to go to the beach again even tho' Jogger Judy took him for a run this morning at 7:30AM.  Home to the papers and after fresh squeezed OJ, coffee and a protein drink, our T went back to bed.  I took his temp which was normal and hugged & kissed him and left him to rest and sleep.  He remained in bed all day... I kept checking on him all day... he's fine just spent.   I stayed home and worked out of my home office cause I didn't want to leave him.  The nadir and the new chemo may take a toll on our boy.... he rallied enough to cheer his beloved Chicago Bears on Mon. night football and eat some chicken soup with pastina... our boy is my hero.

We are truly blessed... keep that white light coming please...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today is Sunday, November 6th

What an amazing last few days... The winter is here and we added an hour to our day this morning... It's been raining on & off since Thursday & it's ok. Nothing a rip roaring fire can't cure... As we walked the neighborhood we relished that it wasn't raining YET and returned home for breakfast and the papers... & then, I was off to 118 Granada Dr. for an open house...

The last few days I've felt very thankful for everything... Tracy's health, Riley, the wonder dog, living here on the central coast, having my family and friends very much involved with our lives and having a purpose where I get to interact with all kinds of people all the time... the Niners coming back and getting to rant and rave at will... what more could I want?

When I returned home yesterday after the open house, I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner and I guess I was thinking out loud... T was apparently listening and all of a sudden... I smelled grilling onions... T made these wonderful burgers with lettuce, tomatoes and grilled onions on Italian bread and the dinner question was done. It was such a good thing... I had had a small accident with the trim on the Master Bedroom window as I adjusted the shades. My wrist was hurting and I was trying to ignore it. We both called it an early night.

Today we walked the neighborhood and returned home to breakfast and the niners in an early game and what a game!!! We kicked butt in DC and I kept debating on changing my shirt until the bitter end. After all, we've worn these niner shirts continuously since the first game we won. Never let it be said that we're superstitious tho'! So, I waited until the end of the game to change for my open house at 104 Angora Lane. Next week, I'll just wear my niners shirt to the open house. I met and greeted 16 groups today and it was a pleasure!

Looks like we're getting some action and I'm hoping a couple offers soon on both listings!!!
It's gonna be an early night...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Today is Friday, November 4th

Catching up... Thursday was jammed packed with Brokers Tour, then, dental cleaning and on to "A Taste of Santa Cruz" where I was a Silent Auction monitor and basically, had fun hawking the prizes until it was time to sample all the delightful munchies and sip some wine... A wonderful event that raised some much needed funds for the Santa Cruz County Housing Foundation. What a giving community we live in!!! We are blessed... this event was very successful and all the feedback I've heard was positive...

In between activities and meetings I've been assembling Short Sale paperwork on the one hand; hounding the listing agent et al for disclosures on Brian's deal; checking out possible 1031 prospects, arranging for carpet cleaning etc for Amos' home and spending time with my honey.... I'm a happy but stretched gal feeling her strengths....

Today started with an LGR meeting where we discussed the Vacation Rental policy and it's effects on our community and the water desal issue and various other interesting issues... a lively meeting... on to the office to finish the Short Sale package and submit it. Home for lunch with my T and Riley and on to Larry's Meadow Ranch beauty to do my visual inspection as T took all the photos and a video... We're ready to fly... also may have found a short term rental solution for my client.... solved lots of puzzles today...love to fit all the pieces together just right.

Winding down I decided it was time to watch the "goodbye to Steve" video...what a phenomenal tear jerking tribute to Steve which gave me pause, many smiles & yes, tears... even a little regret? that I didn't seize the opportunity to work directly for him when I may have had the chance... timing is everything, it was very early in the making of my life with
T and I chose a different path... who knows? I may have stretched my soul and learned to value my personal life more than a professional path for the first time in my life... T was definitely worth it. Before I met T, my business path had always been more important altho' I always tried to have fun... When I met T, I realized I yearned for balance...my regret was for the timing, missed opportunity to learn from the best... a little bit later in our relationship; I would have realized that T would have grounded me enough to attempt it all... but then again, who knows? It could have been a total bust! Everything happens for a reason and it's been a good run so far. Days like today, where T & I work together so fluidly, reinforces the reason I made my fateful decision not to go for it back then. T is my soul mate and I truly have come home... I can honestly say I wouldn't change anything if it meant I'd lose the love of my life so, regrets? nah not really...I relish the fact that I had the opportunity to work for Apple again and again and learned from every stint the value and power of being my best... We'll all miss his future vision and contributions but we've evolved because of our brush with the best....

T is feeling kind of punky tonite... the onset of his nadir so, we'll be taking it easy this weekend... my love deserves a rest... Sweet dreams....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 2nd

104 Angora Lane
I'm baack!!!  Been super busy and it's fun... just have to catch my breath...  Yesterday was the first day of November, full of promise and hope...  I'm learning to balance work and play and boy, that's a good thing....  Managed to spend some time enjoying the view from Capitola while eating a Gayle's wrap with Marilyn...Back to the office to list an Aptos Meadow Ranch Beauty that will hit the market by Fri. latest..  First open house will be this Sun. 2-4PM.

Next stop T's Wellness exam and then, on to see our Watsonville tenants and dinner at the Wooden Nickle.  A very long but fruitful day...

Wednesday, started with a 40 min. call to Blue Shield to point out an error with the letter they sent us touting the fact that as good corporate citizens "committed to high quality health care at an affordable price" they had "pledged to limit our annual net income to 2% of revenue collected... and to give back any excess to our customers and community.... As one of our eligible customers you will receive a one-month credit based on your dues/premiums as of May 2010."  Our monthly premium is $1046 and I expected a credit of $1046 but instead Blue Shield chose to issue a credit of $317.21 which makes no sense whatsoever.  I pointed out this material fact to the customer service gal and then, after a very long wait, to the manager, Rain.  Rain then, informed me that the intent of the letter was not what was clearly written and the $317.21 credit was correct BUT I could appeal the process which takes 30 days to guess who?  Blue Shield!  Now isn't that appealing?  This conversation was conducted civilly with a person whose native language was NOT English.  So, my next step is to contact Sam Farr, the Action Line and the papers.  Of course, I paid the premium as stated because, we can't go without medical insurance.  Blue Shield meanwhile is getting a lot of great press for "doing the right thing" even tho' they're actually NOT!

So, next stop was a Grievance issue at the board.... and then, on to play with clay... my otter now has adorable paws ( thanks to Tracy) and ears... he'll be drying for awhile...  great fun!  2 of  the artists lived in DC in almost the same time frame as I did....and turns out we all have the same political views... how refreshing!!!  Made for some stimulating conversation!!

Then, off to the office to copy docs for the new file and I've played catch up ever since....

good nite to all and sweet dreams.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today is Tuesday, November 1st

I sent this email to the Super Committee today:

Please remember that the 99% are the guts of this nation... We are the populace. We fight the wars, produce the food, perform the services that are the backbone of this nation and we vote after all. Don't cut the 99% - TAX the 1%.

The best way to reduce the deficit is to close corporate loopholes and tax the 1%, and polls show this has the overwhelming support of the public – even including millionaires.

It's time for Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and Big Oil to pay their fair share.

Hands off the 99%. No cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We didn't cause this economic meltdown. We shouldn't be the ones to foot the bill for getting us out of it.

The Occupy Movement has it right!!!
Contact your Congressperson, Senators, Speaker Boehner and the President!!!!  Please!!!!