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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today is Sunday, November 6th

What an amazing last few days... The winter is here and we added an hour to our day this morning... It's been raining on & off since Thursday & it's ok. Nothing a rip roaring fire can't cure... As we walked the neighborhood we relished that it wasn't raining YET and returned home for breakfast and the papers... & then, I was off to 118 Granada Dr. for an open house...

The last few days I've felt very thankful for everything... Tracy's health, Riley, the wonder dog, living here on the central coast, having my family and friends very much involved with our lives and having a purpose where I get to interact with all kinds of people all the time... the Niners coming back and getting to rant and rave at will... what more could I want?

When I returned home yesterday after the open house, I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner and I guess I was thinking out loud... T was apparently listening and all of a sudden... I smelled grilling onions... T made these wonderful burgers with lettuce, tomatoes and grilled onions on Italian bread and the dinner question was done. It was such a good thing... I had had a small accident with the trim on the Master Bedroom window as I adjusted the shades. My wrist was hurting and I was trying to ignore it. We both called it an early night.

Today we walked the neighborhood and returned home to breakfast and the niners in an early game and what a game!!! We kicked butt in DC and I kept debating on changing my shirt until the bitter end. After all, we've worn these niner shirts continuously since the first game we won. Never let it be said that we're superstitious tho'! So, I waited until the end of the game to change for my open house at 104 Angora Lane. Next week, I'll just wear my niners shirt to the open house. I met and greeted 16 groups today and it was a pleasure!

Looks like we're getting some action and I'm hoping a couple offers soon on both listings!!!
It's gonna be an early night...

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