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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 2nd

104 Angora Lane
I'm baack!!!  Been super busy and it's fun... just have to catch my breath...  Yesterday was the first day of November, full of promise and hope...  I'm learning to balance work and play and boy, that's a good thing....  Managed to spend some time enjoying the view from Capitola while eating a Gayle's wrap with Marilyn...Back to the office to list an Aptos Meadow Ranch Beauty that will hit the market by Fri. latest..  First open house will be this Sun. 2-4PM.

Next stop T's Wellness exam and then, on to see our Watsonville tenants and dinner at the Wooden Nickle.  A very long but fruitful day...

Wednesday, started with a 40 min. call to Blue Shield to point out an error with the letter they sent us touting the fact that as good corporate citizens "committed to high quality health care at an affordable price" they had "pledged to limit our annual net income to 2% of revenue collected... and to give back any excess to our customers and community.... As one of our eligible customers you will receive a one-month credit based on your dues/premiums as of May 2010."  Our monthly premium is $1046 and I expected a credit of $1046 but instead Blue Shield chose to issue a credit of $317.21 which makes no sense whatsoever.  I pointed out this material fact to the customer service gal and then, after a very long wait, to the manager, Rain.  Rain then, informed me that the intent of the letter was not what was clearly written and the $317.21 credit was correct BUT I could appeal the process which takes 30 days to guess who?  Blue Shield!  Now isn't that appealing?  This conversation was conducted civilly with a person whose native language was NOT English.  So, my next step is to contact Sam Farr, the Action Line and the papers.  Of course, I paid the premium as stated because, we can't go without medical insurance.  Blue Shield meanwhile is getting a lot of great press for "doing the right thing" even tho' they're actually NOT!

So, next stop was a Grievance issue at the board.... and then, on to play with clay... my otter now has adorable paws ( thanks to Tracy) and ears... he'll be drying for awhile...  great fun!  2 of  the artists lived in DC in almost the same time frame as I did....and turns out we all have the same political views... how refreshing!!!  Made for some stimulating conversation!!

Then, off to the office to copy docs for the new file and I've played catch up ever since....

good nite to all and sweet dreams.....

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  1. Love reading the words "Tracy's WELLNESS exam." !!!!!