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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today is Wednesday, November 9th

Tues and Wed have been a blur... Tues. started with my Sales Meeting and guest speaker, Carole Radoni who expounded on the Bay Area Real Estate market and gave us a few feel good moments... our market is always better than most of the country due to our silicon valley influence.... funny, she spoke of a new method to purchase investments by leveraging stock prior to an IPO ... sounds like another derivative scheme to me and I would have liked to debate a few other points with her .... but it sure was interesting...  I was able to put 104 Angora Lane on the Bailey tour and had great response from my team.  Cathy Sy next to mend my body and then, a little food shopping and hours at the office... working the short sale (I had to re-submit the authorizations again to another number yesterday) and worked Brian's escrow... home to my honey and a break.

Today, Wed. started with a walk, oatmeal & coffee & a jaunt over the hill to meet Amos & execute the listing agreement etc..  While Amos & I chatted, Tracy took multiple photos and a video.  When we had talked it all thru, we loaded up & headed for Stanford... While T had his labs, I went to Subway for T's favorite Meat Combo, circled back to pick him up and finally travel back home unfortunately, too late to play with clay.  Yearned for a nap but the gardener decided he needed to blow the leaves across the street for an hour...so, back to the office to deal with my listings....

Short sale scenario revisited... I submitted the whole package, 109 pages with the Seller's name & loan # on each page and fully indexed twice... one package to the 1st and one package to the 2nd last Fri.  Yesterday, I was told that I should have ignored the advice I received on Fri. and submitted the Authorizations to another fax.  So, I re-submitted the Authorizations to the new fax # yesterday.  Today, I was told that they hadn't received the Hardship Letter & the Listing Agreement and oh, by the way, they still didn't have the Authorization because it would take days to get into the system... ai yi yi!!! Patience is the order of the day... and tenacity...

I'm gonna rest my weary eyes... sweet dreams...

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