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Friday, January 31, 2014

Today is Friday, Jan. 31st

What a beautiful day on the coast even tho' we cry for rain...

 and once again I'm playing catch up.  Tracy's apts at Stanford have been long, frequent and thanks to an interim coordinator, not always on time or total mistakes.  So, the good news is T is handling this protocol.  His numbers are down and as we understand it, that's as expected... it just makes it impossible to expose our T to the general public. ... so we're back at home most all the time and I've been cooking and experimenting... made a raspberry mousse the other night for the very first time... it was fun and T loved it so, I'll keep on...  next up.. maybe chocolate mousse.... mmmmm
T finished the 3rd cycle of this trial and had his bone marrow biopsy yesterday.  Unfortunately, he's been in a lot of pain ever since.  Katie had carpal tunnel surgery and now uses a drill... just imagine that scenario... gives me the willies...

 I passed on a Sam Farr invitation to the VIP Reception and Women's Brunch with Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama in SF today cause I'm just too tired and not wanting to leave my T... of course it also would have incurred a hefty donation... oh well, would have loved to see Michelle up close... maybe some other time.

49ers Fan Extraordinaire
Super Bowl weekend and I couldn't care less... I know we'll watch it and I'll be rooting for the Broncos..  all the way Payton!!!  T is my favorite 49er fan....

I've got a few pics on my phone to share that I'd forgotten about.....

been kind of boring ... watching movies, walking the beach and reading... Oh but we did finally spend a couple hours in our art shack last Sat.  Oh boy!  Forgot how much work it is and it will take a little bit to get back into it.  It was great to see T creating... he's started a skunk and I made a plaque that says 'The Art Shack'.... who knows when we'll be back in there but soon I hope...

T about to work the clay slab
T just starting his skunk

Ready to go to the Sereno Celebration
Vicki & I

Ready or not?!
I have to say my honey gave me this beautiful jacket for Christmas... he went shopping with his hepa mask and man did he do a great job!!!  T is my hero and we're hoping that you all will surround him with white light as always... love to you all and carpe diem!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today is Tuesday, January 21st

Wow!  The last week has flown by... we're in a drought situation here in sunny California and the days couldn't be prettier...or hotter.... our walk on the beach this morning was garnished with some of the largest waves I've seen here on our coast yet.... they're almost scary...

So, I'm playing catch up again and we left off on Wed. Tax day... So, Thurs. Marilyn & I eked out seeing a few homes in South County on Brokers tour and then, I went home to dress for the Sereno New Year Celebration at the Sharon Heights Country Club in Menlo Park.  What a fabulous party!!!!
Sit down surf & turf dinner and great DJ!  I had a blast and danced all night with Vick since both of our husbands weren't able to make it.  I love line dancing and we did it up right!!!

Photos from the party:
Vick & Anne Marie


Denise, Vick, me, Shannon & Shannon

the Santa Cruz Crew

Oh YAH?!

Oh boy!

do we really have to go?
It was an absolutely fun evening and I thank the Sereno Group for 2 great years with a third coming up!

Then, Friday we saw "The Book of Mormon" in San Francisco with Jayne & Lou.  Another great night altho' I have to say I'd forgotten it was a South Park piece... need I say more?

And then, after a fabulous trip to Tuscany with Linda, Jim & Alan on Sat. we were witness to the play off games on that fateful Sun... what a terrible end to the Niners' and the Patriots' seasons!!!  I'll never understand why there were such bogus calls in the SF game and they couldn't be challenged?!!!!

Very early on Monday morning we arrived at Stanford only to be put on terminal hold ... it seemed like they forgot it was a holiday and over scheduled ... a very long day with the good news that T's numbers are moving slightly in the right direction.  He's handling the treatment well and we are grateful for that.

I'm ready for a nap...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today is Wednesday, January 15th

This was an amazing day at the close of an even more amazing weekend which closed out a very amazing week of disparities.  That's what I started to write last Sunday and never got any further. .. the best of intentions ...  so now it's Wed. and we've been to Stanford three times in the last week and T has had two treatments of the second cycle of this clinical trial.... his numbers are down again which we hope is the right outcome after the chemo.... and then, we had some fun...

Sponsored the Robben Ford show at Kuumbwa last Fri and had a blast... enjoyed the show thoroughly and then, rolled into some amazing playoff games... as a result the Patriots and the Niners will be playing in the NFL and AFL championship games this Sunday.

And then, Sun. afternoon, we went to Adolfo's daughter, Daisy's viewing... there's nothing sadder in the whole world than the loss of a child and Daisy was adored by all who knew her....  I have no words to describe it but the overwhelming grief at the loss of such a special young woman will be impossible to forget.  After the rosary, there was a slide show of Daisy's moments and one especially struck home... she was so gorgeous in her turquoise quinceanera gown and she had the guts to finish it off with sneakers... what a wonderful character who deeply touched all who knew her and will be sorely missed.

Cherish every day and share your love by paying it forward....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today is Wednesday, Jan. 8th, 2014

It's official!  The new year has begun and so far so good....  T is holding his own... after 3 visits to Stanford in a week - Mon. being the last and a very long day; T was given his chemo infusion to start the next cycle.  Yahoo!!!  We met with Dr. Micheala Lidtke after labs and she was so sincere and caring and down to earth.  She reassured us both that T was heading in the right direction.... labs were good and she apologized about the delay at every turn that day.  It is a teaching hospital and the school had a mandatory shut down over the holidays... funny cancer doesn't care.... and Mon. was the first day back for most folks.  Consequently,  everything was behind schedule.... So, T's numbers are trending better and his stomach is not so distended nor are his ankles.. the delicate balance is almost restored... his liver counts look better and he seems better.   She also mentioned that she would email again to find out what the situation was with the Penn study.  We're hoping and praying for a spot to open up.

I have to admit... I'm tuckered out.  I was ecstatic to show one multi- residential property, do the food shopping, gas up the chariot and collect some crab from Frank on Sat.  Home to watch wild card games all weekend before heading back for a very long day at Stanford on Mon.

Please understand if I don't answer the phone or email right away... I'm exhausted.  Yesterday,  other than a final walk thru for my clients;  TV was all I could manage.  I realize it's better that I try to do things when I have the energy cause it's just not sustainable.... this body craves rest and remission right now.

Carpe diem!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Today is Friday, Jan. 3rd, 2014

Wow!!!  This will be a great year... in numerology it's a 7 and that's a very good number!!!

It's Friday and we're at Stanford for our second visit this week..  the first was Tues.- New Year's eve.   This time we met with Bruno, had labs and had a chest x-ray to make sure T's PIC line was not disturbed.    No Dr. Liedtke as it turns out cause the team was not in today... so, we consulted with Bruno instead and I gave some feedback to Dr. Liedtke's coordinator- wondering why we were told T would have an infusion today and meet with the clinical trial team too but to no avail.  Oh  well... it is a teaching hospital.... and the good news is:  T's numbers are finally better!!!  Oh what an immense relief!!!  We will be back again next week and T is supposedly scheduled for labs, Liedtke and a 4 hour infusion of Inotuzumab, a miracle drug as far as I'm concerned.  The only lingering problem has been T's liver response but Bruno said his labs today show he's going in the right direction...

Bruno was very encouraging and has basically relinquished T's care to Dr. Liedtke and said his concerns at this point were only T's liver  - so, we're back again next week to meet with the clinical trial team and to find out what the response has been from Penn.

A quiet New Year's eve and the first day of the new year was spent watching movies... and eating chocolates... mmmm  nice way to start the year...