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Friday, January 31, 2014

Today is Friday, Jan. 31st

What a beautiful day on the coast even tho' we cry for rain...

 and once again I'm playing catch up.  Tracy's apts at Stanford have been long, frequent and thanks to an interim coordinator, not always on time or total mistakes.  So, the good news is T is handling this protocol.  His numbers are down and as we understand it, that's as expected... it just makes it impossible to expose our T to the general public. ... so we're back at home most all the time and I've been cooking and experimenting... made a raspberry mousse the other night for the very first time... it was fun and T loved it so, I'll keep on...  next up.. maybe chocolate mousse.... mmmmm
T finished the 3rd cycle of this trial and had his bone marrow biopsy yesterday.  Unfortunately, he's been in a lot of pain ever since.  Katie had carpal tunnel surgery and now uses a drill... just imagine that scenario... gives me the willies...

 I passed on a Sam Farr invitation to the VIP Reception and Women's Brunch with Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama in SF today cause I'm just too tired and not wanting to leave my T... of course it also would have incurred a hefty donation... oh well, would have loved to see Michelle up close... maybe some other time.

49ers Fan Extraordinaire
Super Bowl weekend and I couldn't care less... I know we'll watch it and I'll be rooting for the Broncos..  all the way Payton!!!  T is my favorite 49er fan....

I've got a few pics on my phone to share that I'd forgotten about.....

been kind of boring ... watching movies, walking the beach and reading... Oh but we did finally spend a couple hours in our art shack last Sat.  Oh boy!  Forgot how much work it is and it will take a little bit to get back into it.  It was great to see T creating... he's started a skunk and I made a plaque that says 'The Art Shack'.... who knows when we'll be back in there but soon I hope...

T about to work the clay slab
T just starting his skunk

Ready to go to the Sereno Celebration
Vicki & I

Ready or not?!
I have to say my honey gave me this beautiful jacket for Christmas... he went shopping with his hepa mask and man did he do a great job!!!  T is my hero and we're hoping that you all will surround him with white light as always... love to you all and carpe diem!!!

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