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Monday, February 3, 2014

Today is Monday, February 3rd

Another day at Stanford and unfortunately, T's counts were too low and his liver counts too off to allow for the 1st treatment of the 3rd cycle of the protocol.  We learned something today.  Instead of being afraid of complaining, we were told (after we waited almost an hour for labs to be drawn ) that we needed to voice up after 5 min. of waiting... we'll see.  We were able to speak with Michaela (Dr. Liedtke) and she reminded us that this protocol is definitely an intermediate step.... OM goodness.... and that the Penn study is a definite whenever they have gotten approval for a new something? from the FDA and in the meantime, we need to look into a bone marrow transplant.  So, here we go...  T will continue with this protocol until he can start something else ... which we hope and pray will be Penn.

The Super Bowl was a bust.... boring and huge disappointment since expected much more out of Peyton and the boys and I wore orange for nothing... ran out to show a home beforehand to an old friend who will be a client in awhile...

So here we go....  pray for  T's inclusion in the Penn study...

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