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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today is Tuesday, February 18th

It's been a long hard haul but it's definitely been worth it.  Tracy & I have been walking the beach in the mornings... enjoying the surf as our 13 year old puppy runs for the sheer joy of it.  I never tire of the happiness he brings to our lives.

As of a few moments ago, I've restricted access to my blog.  Suffice to say,  my business is what keeps us going and I've finally realized that some of my clients may have thought I was too busy being a care giver to cater to their needs.  Tracy does come first, but our livelihood is extremely important and I've never ever shirked my responsibilities for my clients.  So, I've sent invitations to my blog followers - at least the ones I had email addresses for- to let them know that they will have to log in to access my blog.  I realize this puts another step into the process but it also gives me more ability to write more freely.  This is a personal blog that is evolving and it will now allow more freedom in what I choose to write about....

Tracy has recovered his sense of humor and I am soo thankful for that.  He is very fatigued but has been taking more advantage of our surroundings and even spending a little time in the art shack.

Love you all and here's hoping you'll send a big whopping stream of white light this week as we go to Stanford....

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  1. Whopping streams on LIGHT continuing! Good idea to go private.
    Love you guys,
    Jan & Tom