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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today is Sunday, May 19th

I've been enjoying myself thoroughly the last week or so... Living on the coast certainly has it's advantages.  Our walks are such an amazing ritual at this point and it's hard to even think about not seeing and feeling the surf each morning...even walked in the drizzle on Thurs. Speaking of which..Thurs  was a jammed packed day... Between our walk and Broker's Tour, we kept up pace to see about 25 homes..  but then, home to pick up my personal hero, Tracy, cancer survivor and take him to the Relay for Life Texas Hold 'em Tournament at our broker's home in Monte Sereno to play poker... We raised over $7000 and had a blast doing it.!!!  What a fun evening!!  So glad to give back even tho' we both lost...  I lasted through two breaks anyway...

Texas Hold'em Relay for Life 

Friday was another fabulous day where I walked, played with clay (almost done with my surfer gal) and showed a very interesting home on Moon Valley Ranch Road and then, took a trip to Tuscany..
Linda and Jim shared dinner with us and we totally enjoyed being with them!!!

Open house today at 404 Arbolado Drive in La Selva Beach!!!  Another gorgeous day at the beach!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today is May 1st

Well, I find myself awake at 3:00 in the morning so what do I do?  Update a marketing analysis for a home in Saratoga, clean up my email and watch a video online.  I'm a happy gal but I sure wish I could go back to sleep.... maybe I should try?

The days have been warm with a breeze on the coast and I'm enjoying our lives unfolding...

Yesterday was a phenomenal day!!!  T, Riley & I proceeded to the beach early... about 7:30 instead of our usual 8 AM.  The air was warm and soft, almost caressing as we followed the prancing Riley boy down towards Seascape... greeting our beach buddies, feeding treats to their doggies.  It's amazing to be able to start our day that way.

Upon our return, we stopped to say hi to our neighbor and then, were invited in to see another neighbor's home on Toledo and then, watered some potted plants at 207 Toledo ( sale closing in a couple weeks).  Delivered some mail and greeted Linda and then, finally home to coffee, protein drink and the paper on the back deck.  Imagine that?  I actually read the paper the day it was delivered!

Work beckoned and I enjoyed checking in with several clients and catching up on paperwork.  Grabbed a light lunch and off to an inspection at 84 Robak and then, to show several homes to a great Cupertino couple.

Upon my return, Tracy & Riley were outside and we decided that dinner out would be fun so, T came along when we stopped at 1220 Day Valley Trails to deliver my closing gifts.  What a wonderful gift to be a part of my clients' happiness in their new home!!!  They are positively beaming!!!  We are blessed!!

Then, we found ourselves at Cafe Sparrow enjoying a surf & turf and a risotto and a wonderful Barbera from Fiddletown Cellars.

That and the last half of NCIS and a couple more shows and sleep beckoned...

Maybe it will again?