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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Today is Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

Today is perhaps week 7?? of sheltering in place... Phew.... I'm losing track of time, however, I have had an amazing awakening.   All of a sudden, I've recognized that I'm capable of accomplishing something every day... that's my new way to cope.  It gives me great pleasure to recognize that no matter how small or large... whether exercise or a task;  I'm doing things... checking goals off the list and/or adding things for another day.  That's major for me to acknowledge and has given me pause and pleasure.

You see, I believe we're all social people but we exist on different levels for seeking social contact.  I used to crave social contact as an extrovert, but in the last several years; I've become a bit of an introvert.... go figure...  I now realize, I need alone time whether for a day or several days; the need is real.  Of course I do need social contact and I crave being hugged but for now, since that's impossible,  I choose to ignore it.  That's for the good of our community...  We shall all live to see May by sheltering in place.

I am so proud to be a citizen in California.  Gov. Newsom has admirably managed the pandemic.  He deserves high praise for recognizing the enormity of this plague early on and acting on it.  I include him in my list of heroes and I pray that we all stay safe!

President Trump on the other hand is the devil himself constantly politicizing the pandemic .... encouraging protests against sheltering in place in blue states; not leading the charge for the Federal government to manage the procurement of PPE or testing kits or masks etc across the nation; manipulating the truth so red states don't institute sheltering in place; advocating for the closure of the post office and other voter suppression techniques and on and on.

Stay safe!!   Stay home!!! 

Wash your hands and by all means, wear a mask if you must go out!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Today is Thursday, April 9th 2020

It's week 3-4? of sheltering in place.... that is amazing and very interesting since I haven't left the house for any reason for the last 2 weeks anyway .... I find contentment in my new routine ... I'm only missing fresh veggies and company.   Today was garbage day so, I recycled the trash and freshened up my bed and bod...

Woke up feeling restless and latched onto AppleTV+ the Oprah show... wow lots to digest... and to think about in this new world.  What can I do to help?  We're all grappling with that, I think.  Escape is easy... what will I do to make a difference?  I'm thinking about how we're all... the entire world is in this together.  We have polluted the world and this organism is fighting back.... we must choose the best for civilization... not just the US or our own communities...  we must find a way to accept that we are one humanity and we will live or die based on our actions as our world gets smaller and smaller... and this pandemic strikes around the world.

What shall we do?????

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Today is Wednesday, April 8th 2020

Well this Connecticut Yankee was just turned on to a website www.getmainelobster.com and boy, did I take advantage!  The highlight of my day, week and month will result in a surf & turf for Easter for this homesick puppy....  I'm excited!!!!  Thanks Deb!!!

So, I'm wondering how all of you peeps deal with this shut-in status...  I have found myself in the same pj's or I guess I could call them lounging pajamas... sounds a little better?... for 2 and I'm reluctant to say sometimes 3 days.  Then, I do a deep dive... shower, strip the bed or sometimes just change sides... since it IS a Cal King and there's a totally unused and clean side to abuse... ha!  What you say?

I find I'm listening to music and wanting more... it's the little things that bring pleasure.... music brings such peace....
after all, forewarned by Michael before it hit the news... the beach is NOT safe right now.  Think about the fact that the rivers and creeks wash into the ocean and after the last couple storms, the scientists have begun to suspect that the ocean spray may hold Covid 19 particles... damn!  Who would have thunk? 

So, I'm forgoing walks to the beach for awhile... besides I've read and heard in multiple news sources that there's another critical point approaching in the pandemic.  So, why not stay home for a few more days and stay safe?!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Today is Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

I wonder if I'm handling this as well as most?  I've lost interest in most things and have consigned myself to staying home... emptying the freezer; the pantry and being a little creative with ingredients... and of course raiding the wine stash.  Today was a non- alcohol day... all I wanted was bubbly water.   I keep thinking today's the day to go food shopping and yet, something is telling me to stay home.  So, I've finished another book 'The Accidental Empress' by Potaki and even started looking for the 2nd in the series and realized I have lots more books and magazines here in my house to consume... so why bother?  perhaps something to look forward to...

So, I have a couple major things that need specialized repairmen and yet, I really don't want anyone to come into my house... my Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawers decided to crash Sat. nite  F1 is the error code and I did the logical thing... unplugged it.  According to their website, I need a repair tech.  Plugged it back in yesterday, and nothing was magically fixed.  Oh well... I guess I'll see if the dishwasher in the bar works.  Ha!  I can't remember the last time I used it.  It can wait and I can still wash dishes....

Then there's the furnace... runs constantly and my house isn't warm.  Lucky for me, the temperature outside is rising so, hopefully, I can do something about that in a few months when we're free to return to life.

I do believe it's gonna take another month at least to be free from this sheltering in place situation. 

The good news is I'm retired, I'm lucky and I'm healthy... and there are times that I don't leave the house for a few days at a time.... now, if I could only become motivated to create ... perhaps....

Stay safe and healthy and stay home!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Today is Thursday, April 2nd 2020

Wow!  What should I do with myself today?... let's see it's a week today, actually last Thursday, since I'd gone anywhere in my car....for some fresh veggies and my favorite sugarless coffee creamer.  I had watched Rachael Ray while getting ready to shower and she'd prepared " Pasta alla Norma with Lamb" which looked sooo interesting!  It incorporated all the ingredients I loved - eggplant, ground lamb and then, some other novelties for me and I was salivating.  I figured what the hell?!  Why not go for it????

Off to Safeway in Capitola at a non-prime time;  I walked in with my Sierra Club small cold bag over one arm and a reusable bag on the other and gloves, ignoring the shopping carts and any shoppers from a distance.  I desperately needed my Lucerne sugarless French Vanilla and Hazelnut creamers for morning coffee and some fresh veggies and other items for the sauce.  I perused any aisle with no one in it.  Lo and behold, organic eggplant, organic grass fed lamb and salad makings were available but not dried Fusilli con Buco, sweet vermouth, organic cherry tomatoes, tomato passata, or Calabrian chili paste. So, after unloading all my items on the counter and repacking my own bags;  I was off in pursuit of my missing items.... next stop, Deluxe market in my hood... the purveyor of all things Italian...  there I found everything BUT Calabrian chili paste... thankfully, Rachael had suggested substitutions.  I got home about 3:30 and decided to get to it!

Cooking has always been solace for me... only, I'm always wanting to have company so that, the food prepared with love is shared with family and friends....  Covid 19 had reared its ugly head and that wouldn't be possible the normal way.  No, not now... so, I ate my delicious dinner accompanied by a fine Zin and the TV in my bar and planned.  There was way too much sauce and no way would it freeze and besides, I really wanted to share it.  What to do?  I called my neighbors and said I had made their dinner for Friday evening ... turns out both homes ended up with several dinners... per usual, I had made a lot of food and most peeps love leftovers.  How to share?  Well, each party brought a container and I filled it with pasta and this fabulous sauce and I was able to share, albeit awkwardly... I revelled in the praise the next day for my 'shared' gourmet meal.  We'll all get better at it as we proceed in this new world and its many constraints.

This past week has been very interesting... I'm learning that escape doesn't always do it for me.  I've read 4 books in the past few days and finally, figured out who to contact for help with my blog.  You see, that's the stuff my honey always took care of.  Turns out, GoDaddy was able to redirect my domain names to my blog and I've spent a little time editing my profile and now, finally I'm up and writing...

Stay tuned....