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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Today is Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

Today is perhaps week 7?? of sheltering in place... Phew.... I'm losing track of time, however, I have had an amazing awakening.   All of a sudden, I've recognized that I'm capable of accomplishing something every day... that's my new way to cope.  It gives me great pleasure to recognize that no matter how small or large... whether exercise or a task;  I'm doing things... checking goals off the list and/or adding things for another day.  That's major for me to acknowledge and has given me pause and pleasure.

You see, I believe we're all social people but we exist on different levels for seeking social contact.  I used to crave social contact as an extrovert, but in the last several years; I've become a bit of an introvert.... go figure...  I now realize, I need alone time whether for a day or several days; the need is real.  Of course I do need social contact and I crave being hugged but for now, since that's impossible,  I choose to ignore it.  That's for the good of our community...  We shall all live to see May by sheltering in place.

I am so proud to be a citizen in California.  Gov. Newsom has admirably managed the pandemic.  He deserves high praise for recognizing the enormity of this plague early on and acting on it.  I include him in my list of heroes and I pray that we all stay safe!

President Trump on the other hand is the devil himself constantly politicizing the pandemic .... encouraging protests against sheltering in place in blue states; not leading the charge for the Federal government to manage the procurement of PPE or testing kits or masks etc across the nation; manipulating the truth so red states don't institute sheltering in place; advocating for the closure of the post office and other voter suppression techniques and on and on.

Stay safe!!   Stay home!!! 

Wash your hands and by all means, wear a mask if you must go out!!!

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