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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Today is Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

I wonder if I'm handling this as well as most?  I've lost interest in most things and have consigned myself to staying home... emptying the freezer; the pantry and being a little creative with ingredients... and of course raiding the wine stash.  Today was a non- alcohol day... all I wanted was bubbly water.   I keep thinking today's the day to go food shopping and yet, something is telling me to stay home.  So, I've finished another book 'The Accidental Empress' by Potaki and even started looking for the 2nd in the series and realized I have lots more books and magazines here in my house to consume... so why bother?  perhaps something to look forward to...

So, I have a couple major things that need specialized repairmen and yet, I really don't want anyone to come into my house... my Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawers decided to crash Sat. nite  F1 is the error code and I did the logical thing... unplugged it.  According to their website, I need a repair tech.  Plugged it back in yesterday, and nothing was magically fixed.  Oh well... I guess I'll see if the dishwasher in the bar works.  Ha!  I can't remember the last time I used it.  It can wait and I can still wash dishes....

Then there's the furnace... runs constantly and my house isn't warm.  Lucky for me, the temperature outside is rising so, hopefully, I can do something about that in a few months when we're free to return to life.

I do believe it's gonna take another month at least to be free from this sheltering in place situation. 

The good news is I'm retired, I'm lucky and I'm healthy... and there are times that I don't leave the house for a few days at a time.... now, if I could only become motivated to create ... perhaps....

Stay safe and healthy and stay home!!!!

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