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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Today is Wednesday, April 8th 2020

Well this Connecticut Yankee was just turned on to a website www.getmainelobster.com and boy, did I take advantage!  The highlight of my day, week and month will result in a surf & turf for Easter for this homesick puppy....  I'm excited!!!!  Thanks Deb!!!

So, I'm wondering how all of you peeps deal with this shut-in status...  I have found myself in the same pj's or I guess I could call them lounging pajamas... sounds a little better?... for 2 and I'm reluctant to say sometimes 3 days.  Then, I do a deep dive... shower, strip the bed or sometimes just change sides... since it IS a Cal King and there's a totally unused and clean side to abuse... ha!  What you say?

I find I'm listening to music and wanting more... it's the little things that bring pleasure.... music brings such peace....
after all, forewarned by Michael before it hit the news... the beach is NOT safe right now.  Think about the fact that the rivers and creeks wash into the ocean and after the last couple storms, the scientists have begun to suspect that the ocean spray may hold Covid 19 particles... damn!  Who would have thunk? 

So, I'm forgoing walks to the beach for awhile... besides I've read and heard in multiple news sources that there's another critical point approaching in the pandemic.  So, why not stay home for a few more days and stay safe?!!!!

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