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Monday, January 31, 2011

Today is Monday, January 31st

Tracy slept most of the day, my poor baby needed the sleep.  Let's face it:  nobody gets any rest in the hospital.  His temp is normal.  His color is good, he's growing a goatee and a new mane!  He even has a sense of humor!

I spent the day working on trying to put together a deal for Stan and Tracy's ordeal.  He's now scheduled for a day at Stanford on Wed.   Managed to get 24 pages of Tracy's treatments faxed from Dominican this afternoon.  Now all I have to do is find the time and the patience to go through it.  I'm convinced we'll find the reason for his arrhythmia in there somewhere...  we'll see...

My S'vale condo closed today!!!  Yahoo!

Early night tonight... I've got my ankle iced since according to my chiropractor,  I strained my achilles tendon.  So much for 0-6.5 miles without any warm up... my jock days are over...

Today is Sunday, January 30th

HE'S BACK!!  TRACY IS HOME!!!   At around noon the powers that be made the decision to discharge my T.  It took awhile to actually let him go but we were heading for home soon enough.  We packed him up so quickly we left his iPod charger... headed for CVS to pick up more meds and that's when it got squirrelly.  They had to order one of the meds so, we took what had been prescribed and the pharmacist called us and questioned the fact that Tracy was taking two of these meds at the same time... they could cause arrhythmia  ... so was that what caused the arrhythmia?  T had been on them both while in the hospital...  I'm so distrustful at this point.  I want to know the sequence of each and every medication he was given while in the hospital.  He had one doctor for the first few days and then, no one seemed to be in charge...  and how interesting that the CVS pharmacist sounded the alarm today?  after Tracy had been in the hospital for 6 days and been given a never ending progression of drugs and dosages.  We're going to figure this one out and soon I hope.

It all makes me crazy with worry.  We shouldn't have to second guess the treatment he's given but how would something like this happen?  We've never had to worry about his heart before and now?

1. Call Dr. Alexander for the  treatment protocol while he was in the hospital.
2. Call Bruno re he's back & next steps.
3. Look up each and every drug & their interactions & contraindications.
4. Figure out whether the arrhythmia was drug induced.

All that and I showed Stan & Glenna 3 beautiful homes in Opal Cliff and West Cliff.  We'll see tomorrow...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today is Saturday, January 29th

Tracy sounds stronger and more like himself... I had a sore throat today so, no visit to my honey.  I showed 6 homes to my clients, dinner with the Hall's and home...  I miss Tracy... we need him here at home with us... Riley cuddles with me but he misses his daddy terribly.... hopefully, very soon...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 28th

My Bored Baby with his stack of monitors & 6 bags

Today I felt the weight of the week.  I hadn't been able to sleep last night and I found myself unable to keep my eyes open this morning.  Ended up crawling back into bed after  nodding off while I read the newspaper.  Tracy had called and said his heart was erratic again but it was now under control... I slept until about 5PM.  From CVS to spooning with Tracy for a couple hours and then, home to bed again....  

Tomorrow is another day.  Tracy hopes to come home and I'll be showing property to a client in the afternoon.  Hopefully, I'll feel like me again...and Tracy will be safe.

Thursday, January 27th

8:00 AM  I awoke to a phone call from Dominican and as I said, "Good Morning Honey"  the nurse said she had a call from Dr. Alexander.  Not fully awake, I listened as Michael proceeded to try to salve my fear and at the same time scare the hell out of me.  Tracy's heart was beating too fast and they were mobilizing and probably going to move him to the telemetry wing for more efficient monitoring.  Michael didn't want me to be unduly alarmed by this.  Oh no, not me...  I listened and tried to make sense as the hair on my neck stood straight up.  OMG!!!  What had we talked about last night... had I kissed him enough?  Had I teased him too much?  What if that were it?  NO NO NO

Vicki had called while Michael was giving me the update.  I needed to wake up.  Scared out of my wits.  I caved.  I turned on the coffee pot, drank a glass of juice and started to shake.  I tried to collect myself.  I needed to go to Tracy.  I called Linda and she said she'd drive me to the hospital.  I dressed, gathered up a bag and we left.  By the time we arrived, I collected myself... Linda kept telling me to breathe... Tracy was still in his original private room with the rapid response team.  T was on oxygen and his temperature was normal!!!!!!!  They had given him potassium and platelets and blood and God knows but his color was good, his temp was NORMAL and his heart was back to a regular beat.  T greeted me with " Guess I got your attention" and I said I needed to slap him around...  OMG!!!  With the new batteries I'd remembered for his speaker, he turned on his iPod and T was my T, sly smirk and all.

T in his private room with his stack of monitors

We discussed that it would be nice for him to remain in his private room but the doctors decided he needed to be in a constantly monitored room so finally they moved him.

Well, he's in great hands.  Dominican is known for being a great cardiac hospital so, I gathered up all his personal stuff as he was moved with tons of gauges to his new much smaller room in the telemetry wing and promptly got out of the way.  Much smaller room populated by lots of equipment and lots of professionals.... I needed to leave them to their business and decompress and breathe.  Vicki and Marilyn picked me up and we went off to tour properties on brokers tour...  what a treat to take me away and soon joined by Lorraine... the Fab Four prevailed... our friends are everything in this life... love and friendship make our trip worthwhile... I looked a fright with my hair cowlicks strutting their stuff and my UGG wannabes but no one cared as we viewed many properties and gradually I came back down to terra ferma... home to Riley and collapse...checked in with my honey and he was resting...all was well.. dare we hope that he can come home soon?   no nap but sweet rest until Linda called to say dinner was ready.  We are so blessed!!! Lots of wonderful remembrances of times past... home to another call to T and a bubble bath with Riley hovering...  I want my T and he'll be coming home soon...he's a fighter and he WILL BEAT THIS THING!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th

It's Wed. about 6PM.  Tracy is still in the hospital and he's still running a temperature.  Last check was 102.3.  They're checking his temp every hour and we're applying cold compresses to his forehead and armpits.  He's had a brain MRI, catscan, chest x-ray, skin biopsy of his leg (the red spots reappeared on his legs that look similar to what he had when he contracted the virus 11 years ago)... you name it..he's had it.  They think he contracted an infection and I'm crazy with shoulda, coulda  regrets ...hindsight says T was entirely too casual after being battered by chemo... kissing, hugging is a part of my T but he probably pushed it too far.

Right now he's laying on the bed with all his covers off and he's talking back to the PBS news hour, while a cold wet facecloth graces his brow.  Me, I'm writing my blog cause I've been scolded that I didn't update it last night... sorry, I had all I could handle last night by listening to the President's State of Union, eating my lunch sandwich, stripping the bed, washing clothes and finally closing my eyes with the help of a sleep aide (after a largely sleepless night the night before). 

I'm worried that my poor hubby has been fighting something for going on 48 hours with no relief in sight.  Tracy keeps telling me to have patience... anyone who knows me, knows patience doesn't come easy to me.  I will try but I'm frustrated... before I came to the hospital today; I tried to synch T's iPod and all I managed to do was get a message "Do Not Disconnect" even when it recharged.  So, it's stuck and I'm gonna have to figure out how to clear it so, T can have his music.... not so easy for me, that's T's expertise...  Oh well... I also tried scanning some documents for the Boulder Creek duplex and couldn't get them emailed.  I finally gave up... once again, that's T's expertise... I'm lost without my honey and Riley is very sad too.

Dr. Alexander just returned my call.  He says they're doing everything they can and as the data comes in, they'll adjust.  He asked if we wanted to transport T to Stanford and we both said no.  He also said that this kind of reaction comes with the territory.  "chemo is some nasty stuff and has terrible consequences".  He explained the measured steps they've taken and at my request, said he would contact Bruno just to let him know what's going on.  I feel better that they're on this and he reassured me that he's working on it...deep breath...

So, please send white light to surround and heal Tracy and bring his temperature down.

I'm gonna sign off so, I can hand wipe my baby off... no shower tonight since he can't get the biopsy wet.  Every time you think of us, please send healing white light to surround Tracy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24th

We started out slowly this morning... teasing each other and Riley...plotting how we could spend the day in bed.  In a moment, everything changed.  T was sick to his stomach & getting rid of it gave him no relief... he ached everywhere, legs and arms and even his head and then the sweats began and his temperature started rising so, I called Stanford.  The triage nurse, Barb, advised no Tylenol & that at 100.5 to go immediately to the emergency room at Dominican.  The concern was that after all the chemo, T couldn't fight worth a damn. As I hovered over my love, worried out of my mind, I took T's temperature every 20-30 min.  At one point I actually started shaking the digital thermometer.. when I realized what I was doing, T & I both giggled and T's comment was "are you sure you're not blond?"  Duh... digital thermometer, no mercury to shake down.... so, poking fun while monitoring T's temp thru out the day...coaxing T to drink a wee bit of broth... he seemed to plateau back to almost normal temp but he was sweating through everything over and over - 5-6 times.  Since he wouldn't eat, "everything smelled funny & I don't wanna" teasing & cajoling him just to drink,  an idea popped into my head (I'm Italian, I can't help myself.  Food is always the answer)... my annie banany bars...T can't resist them.  So as I headed downstairs to make them magically appear, T quipped "yah sure, abandoning me up here" and we both chuckled... 45 min. later I headed up with his favorite healthy treat and he nibbled a bit.... Then, early evening with nothing to fuel the fight, T's temp started to rise gradually.  Constantly coaxing him to sip gatorade, water, protein drinks anything to hydrate him, changing his shirt and pants... we both settled in.  T refused to go to the hospital so, I kept monitoring his temp every couple hours until my worst fears were realized.  About 12:15AM,  I was finally scribing this blog when T jumped out of bed and ran to empty his guts.  Terrible News! Terrible Temp  103.5  OMG!!!!    I rechecked with the ear thermometer ... 103.7 WTF!!!!  No fight left, he gave in ... At 1:00AM bundling him up we raced to the emergency room...  now as a true lapsed Catholic, my guilty conscience says I could have done more and double guessing myself;  I should have driven him to Stanford but faced with the fear of the wickedly spiked temp all I could think was HELP!!!

It took awhile to mobilize an effort... actually, it probably only took about a half hour to get their attention and get him into a room so, they could make sure that we weren't old drunks off our rockers or homeless and indigent; they pretty quickly recognized our dire straits.  I stupidly repeated what Barb, the Stanford nurse had said "no tylenol" so, it took some convincing to get some relief for my T.  The difference in this hospital is that I must remind people to close his door and I'm constantly watching to make sure they wash their hands as they enter. I feel like a sentry on guard duty.  Most don't understand neutrapenic or the implications of immune compromised.  After all the blood draws, the EKG, X-ray, my baby was exhausted.  The decision was made by the on call oncologist to admit T.  By now T was shivering, so I climbed into bed and we spooned, hoping my body warmth would warm him.  We fell into fitful sleep about 4:00 while they constantly monitored him, awaiting his rescue.  Around 6 AM they transported him up to a room.  I kept asking for things for him... water, blankets, help... finally an RN nurturer, Teresa, began taking care of him... Dr. Michael Alexander appeared and examined him and caught up with us, even sharing the highlights of Bobby Hutcherson's Kuumbwa show last evening...  what a different way to pass an evening... can't wait to go back there again...

T has been moved to a gorgeous private room where he's been given blood, 2 antibiotics, oxycotin for the pain, tylenol, anti-nauseal, potassium, platelets to come and God knows what else... his temp is still holding at 102.7- 103.  It's 11:55AM and I'm worried but I know they're doing all they can, altho' they only had one infusion of blood available.  I've asked them to try elsewhere, blood bank?  Red Cross?  Michael says it's OK to get the second blood transfusion tomorrow.  OK deep breath...

Poor Riley didn't know what was going on with his daddy but a phone call to Allan this morning and he's taken care of.  Thank God!!!   Lorraine will pick me up around 1:00.  I need to get some food in me and probably a bag for T... he's sweating again.... send some white light please?!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is Sunday, January 23rd

We awoke to another gorgeous day on the coast and decided to enjoy it.  Something different for breakfast... lox and bagels... ran out for the bagels & red onion & tomato and we enjoyed our brunch until I left to show several Opal Cliff homes...Beautiful homes with a grand view of the ocean and time will tell.   My client has more choices and the time to make his decision.  Back to walk on the beach with the girls to celebrate Dayna's birthday.  Three times in as many days, I've had the privilege to walk on or near the sea.  The ideal scenario to sort things through and get to the other side.  I need the ocean to set me free.. how wonderful to enjoy the sun and the camaraderie... and then back to watch the Bears and the Jets lose with T...  pizza & football, what more could anyone want?!!  Maybe just a winning team...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today is Saturday, January 22nd

I'm playing catch up again...  Sometimes life gets in the way.  T & I are renewed.  It's terrible that death should be the harbinger for living consciously but so it is.  I guess complacency is the opposite and for us, just NOT acceptable.  Joan will be a part of us forever even though I've never met her... I feel like we would have been fast friends... now she is a part of our memory and we thank her for being a part of our experience.  Carpe diem!!!

Thursday is usually Brokers tour day but this week, T & I spent the day at Stanford after consuming a big breakfast.  We are blessed.  Tracy is treated so well (a bed so he could doze) as he is given 2 infusions of blood and I go off to get some stuff done.... never realized that an oil change for my hybrid would be 2.5 times more expensive than a gas powered auto but there you have it... the car and our environment are definitely worth it, with all the driving we do...  anyway,  I made a run to Costco & a few other stops and then, for the very first time... drum roll please... I found a 2 hour parking spot on Pasteur Drive, skirted the garage and the consistent $6 please for any parking under 6 hours.  I picked up a panini to split with my honey and T & I relaxed while he was given his last infusion....made it back to my car before the avaricious meter maid.  My broker had called with an REO listing opportunity on the Eastside of San Jose so, that would be our next stop.  It took about an hour to reach the very dense neighborhood off King Rd north of 680 and it was dark and a little scary.  I knocked on the door as my honey stood sentinel outside the door of our car (T was too wiped out to venture any further).  Since the man who answered didn't speak English and I speak enough Spanish to get the point across; this was definitely not a match made in heaven.  He claimed he didn't live there & no one else was home.  I left my card but I won't be holding my breath for a call back.  Unfortunate situation and T & I decided that we wouldn't pursue this one.  Too far from Stanford to make it manageable.  Next stop home in heavy but moving traffic and Michelle's veggie soup for me and chicken soup & pastina for T....

Friday was to be a day off for me.  Wow!!!  I took care of business, made a French toast & bacon breakfast for us and played hooky with my buddy, Marilyn.  We hiked 6.5 miles in Wilder State Park and it was glorious!!!  I had never been in the park and it is truly worth the trip.  It's just north of Santa Cruz and it straddles Hiway 1.  So scenic and peaceful; I only felt a twinge of guilt that I couldn't take Riley along to play.  Meanwhile our buddy, Gary Whitney picked up my honey and transported him to Stanford.  Wow!!!  Friends mean so much!!  On their way back they picked up Deb and in the meantime, I met Barry & Dottie at the office so they could accept the deal and release most of their contingencies.  It was a very happy day!!!  I was back home when T & co. arrived and we drank some red and ate some brie to celebrate.  I topped the day off with a relaxing soak in my way too big tub (when we were building the house, we climbed into it for a test drive in the Saratoga Plumbing showroom to make sure we both would fit in it together, never considering that it might be too big for just one).  I like it much better when we're both in it but right now with a PICC line, T is relegated to showers only.  Oh well... the bath was needed and I didn't drown..

Saturday dawned early and we ate scrambled eggs & bacon and set off for T's last trip to Stanford for the week.  I claimed a parking space on Pasteur Drive after dropping T off... I'm getting pretty good at this... and joined my T as we chatted with Joaquin & Jerry and waited for T's RN to magically appear.  Joaquin starts his transplant this week.  I have a good feeling for him... my hair stood up on my arms in confirmation....  We talked about the fact that they spent about $25,000 on Residence Inn while he has been getting treatment.  I wish I had met them sooner.  They could have invested in a condo and had something to show for it.... that got me thinking... a new potential project in the making.  Anyway, we beat the meter maid and sped off in the glorious sun and decided that this was a day for the beach.  Riley, T & me together on the beach again... just for a little while and then, on to Linda & Jim's to break bread and drink some red....    Night all...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today is Wednesday, January 19th

Tracy was driven to Stanford today by an old friend from the bay area, Michael Dougherty.  He actually drove over from San Jose, picked up Tracy and then, drove him to Stanford.   God bless him!!!  Michael dropped T off for his labs & hell shot and when T was ready;  he called Michael to pick him up and drive him home.  What an incredible favor!!!

I was free to attend the Women's Council of Realtors luncheon and meet with my clients this afternoon, while I tried not to worry about Trace.  After all, this was the first time someone else had driven T for his treatment and I had my fingers crossed.  I've been yearning for a break and today was the first one.  So, I took care of business and returned home about 5:00 to find my baby looking kinda sickly...

   All went well today but T's numbers are off so, he'll need two blood transfusions tomorrow.  That means I'll be driving him since it takes about 2 hours per transfusion in addition to his hell shot so, we let Linda off the hook for driving him on Thursday.  T also was feeling kinda nauseous from the treatment so, I made some chicken soup with pastina and T's stomach settled down.

I think it will be an early evening....

Today is Tuesday, January 18th

We've heard of three deaths in the last day... thank God that's over... they always come in threes: our neighbor, Debi's Mom, Joan Kelley Pariso & Sargent Shriver... T & I were very emotional.  Joan was a dear friend from T's high school & college years whom T'd  reunited with on Facebook.  Joan had been designing homemade cards and writing thoughtful, encouraging messages and heartfelt memories of their early days and sending Tracy 2-3 a week for months.  I looked forward to seeing those cards and sometimes reading them to Tracy, at times through my tears.  Joan had a way of relating that struck home on all levels.  She was our age or a few years younger and lived in Minnesota.  She'd started seeing a 39 year old and was enjoying life.   There was talk of her coming to California in February.  She died of a massive heart attack Monday evening.  I hope she was having fun when it happened!!!!!

We are reminded of the fragility of life and our mortality; the horrible specter of living without each other.  Joan was an important piece in the checkerboard and now she's gone.  She will be missed yet we go on; saddened by the ghost of what might have been and that nothing ever stays the same... there's nothing so constant as change.
Upon reading the email, Tracy went to the beach with Riley; first time since a few days before he was hospitalized back in October.  I missed the adventure but I thank God that there will be another time... I hope it will be soon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today is Monday, January 17th

Stress does terrible things to us.  It works it's insidious way into our psyches and makes us do and say things we regret.  I realize that I am stressed to the max and I have to look for ways to let go... that is a fact.  I will work some walking in to my schedule again.

Tracy had a big smile on his face when I got home today.  He had rosy cheeks and he wanted me to relax with him for a little while.  I had a myriad of things to do but I decided that spending some time with T was more important... I'm soo glad I did.

I'm about to change my whole working set up.  I am going to get rid of the tools I don't use or don't like using, my PC for one, and convert everything over to my mac.  I'll have to buy a CRM software program but that should make things easier and me much more efficient.  We'll see now, won't we?

All is well...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today is Sunday, January 16th

Tracy is looking good!!!  His eyes radiate his strength again.  He's back!  And this after a full first round of treatment... second round coming up...
i ran out to Castroville this morning to let my clients in and do my visual inspection.  Ran back home and put the chicken & veggies in to roast in my clay pot and realized we needed eggs, Italian bread and a pie for my love.  We were going to celebrate his health with Jim & Linda and we did!!!  And the Bears won!!! The Patriots lost so next week should be very interesting... all the way around....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today is Saturday, January 15th

Friday was a whirlwind of activity starting with my board meeting and then, our third trip to Stanford in as many days.  Tracy had had some side effects and we were keeping our fingers crossed that they'd subside.  It was such a stunningly gorgeous day that we just relaxed and made believe we were just taking a drive.  Tracy, as DJ, spinning Stevie Winwood, Stevie Wonder and Boney James while we enjoyed each other's company and the beauty of our drive north through the Santa Cruz mountains, highway 85 and ultimately, the scenic views of 280 and Alpine Road winding our way to the hallowed halls of Stanford Hospital and Tracy's next hell shot.  We met another couple in the treatment area. Jerry and Joaquin are from the gold country, a little town near Jackson.  He has been treated almost every day for a year for AML so, they stay in a Residence Inn while his bone marrow transplant is being readied.  He's very lucky.  He has 5 matches and they aren't relatives.  We are truly blessed!!

 I usually work while I wait for Tracy and I was able to set up an apt with Barry & Dottie at my office upon my return.  We went over all the disclosures and reports and set up a time on Sun. to revisit the ranch with a contractor to get estimates on work needed.  I was pretty pooped by 7:00 and finally, went home to grill some salmon and green beans while sipping on a glass or two of red.  It was an early night since Thurs night I had gone to Sam Farr's Remembrance for those who were killed in Arizona and hadn't gotten much sleep.

Saturday was another just phenomenally beautiful day.  We chuckled along, listening to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and arrived right on time for T's 12:00 apt. when Gary called.  That's when my ride to celebrate Cathy's 60th birthday in San Jose that evening disappeared.  Oh well, he must have stayed up all night to come up with that excuse.  Anyway, Jerry & Joaquin were just leaving the treatment room.  T was primed and ready cause he didn't want to miss any football....  and we got some great news!  No transfusions or platelets needed!!  A couple pills and the hell shot and we were on our way. .. as DJ Tracy played Diana Krall and then, the Steelers battled the Ravens; we wound our way home to Rio Del Mar... gassed up on the way to the office to kill some more trees, CVS for protein drinks, Deluxe for range free chicken & organic veggies and finally, dropped T at home and met my stylist, Michael for some "me" time.... the roots gotta go...  home to a cocktail with my honey as we watched the Packers trounce the Falcons.  Our picks were on the birds today and they really were for the birds...0-2.  Let's hope the Bears and the Patriots show up to play tomorrow!!!
And to all a good night!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today is Thursday, January 13th

Reports begin to stack up.  I find I need a physical piece of paper to digest the importance of the text rather than reading the report online....I feel badly 'cause I kill a lot of trees in the process but reading online just doesn't work for me.  I do wonder about reading a book on an ipad.  I know I enjoy turning the pages of a book but the page turning sound effects are pretty cool on an ipad.  We'll see... next generation ipad here I come... so, I printed out the septic, home inspection and preliminary title reports for the Castroville ranch and redid the purchase agreement for Janet & Mike's Boulder Creek duplex (the hedge fund seller still hasn't acted on it and they've had it for almost 3 months!!!!  no wonder I have gray hair) and scooted to Stanford with Tracy.  Tracy seemed rested and ready for the next hell shot and I had plenty to keep me busy.  Mr. T seems to be tolerating it even though last night was a tough one for him...

                             T says bring it on!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is Wednesday, January 12th

Ok so, once again I'm catching up...

Monday, the 10th was a day of checking in with my clients and escrows...and loving my honey.  We both realized that we only had a little time left before the chemo started again so, it was time to just relax and be.

Tuesday, the 11th was a day of disappointment and hope.  My client was finally ready to make his last offer on his dream home and he'd waited too long.  Someone else had jumped ahead of him.  Now it's wait and see if his deal survives since he's in a back up position.  I came home and did what I love to do to take my mind off the present... I cook... so, I made Italian soup, some people call it Italian wedding soup for my honey.  I figured since we'd be traveling to Stanford for the next few days, the soup was an easy favorite to sustain us.  We watched Zeva and the Good Wife and cuddled up for the night.

Directors of SCCAOR
Buddies: Darren, Seth, me, Bill  
We started off Wednesday with scrambled eggs & bacon for my honey while I made sure the inspections were going to start on time at the Castroville ranch.  Next stop Chaminade for my luncheon installation as a Director of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.   I missed my installation last year 'cause we were in Grand Cayman Island with Johnny & Shar.  Boy am I glad we went and that we did some fantastic diving...it'll be a long time until we do that again... so,  it was a wonderful event and I even wore stockings!  Had to sneak out a little early in order to make Tracy's apt at Stanford where Tracy began the 2nd round of chemo...  He's also had a spinal tap while I held his head not wanting to look at what the expert Nurse Practitioner, Katie, from Berkeley was actually doing.  I really appreciate the expertise needed to do a medical practitioner's job.  I know that ain't me.  Tracy must stay in a prone position to avoid any complications like headaches and consume lots of liquids....We made it home and bid adieu to a very, very long day.... all he wants is rest now.  

The Gun Debate

Words are very powerful.  
Choose them wisely.  
They inspire or defile.  
Add a gun and you have chaos. 

I awoke today with a feeling of excitement and hope.  The tragedy of Representative Giffords shooting and the killing of all those innocent people has incited a lot of folks to talk about the political rhetoric in our nation and it's also inspired a lot of folks from Arizona to stock up on glocks.  Whaddayathink about that? 

 I'm tired of the debate myself.  I think it's ridiculous for the average gun owner to want a semi automatic with a magazine that holds 10 rounds, let alone 20 or more.  If you're hunting deer, you don't need a semi-automatic.  Why aren't we talking about gun control?  Is the National Rifle Ass. that powerful?  Where is the sanity and truth in the facts?  Why are we as a nation so beholden to the premise that we all should have the right to own a gun?  

Many years ago, I owned a gun.  After a break in and assault of my roommate in my Saratoga home;  I bought a Saturday Night Special.  I learned how to shoot it and I enjoyed target practice.  Then, I put it away in it's gorgeous leather case and promptly forgot about it.... until it was almost used on me.  Then, when it was aimed at a spot on the wall near my head as I slept in order to get my attention... I knew it was time to get rid of it and I did.  That cured me of ever wanting a gun and Tracy feels the same way.  Wake up people!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9th

What a glorious day!!!  After French toast, Tracy & I were catching up on the news as the phone began to ring... We were listening to one of my favorites "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on our NPR station when we realized that the Chiefs were already battling the Ravens.  Quickly we turned the game on and settled in for another day of wild card games, monitoring our poorly chosen picks albeit very exciting football challenges.  John & Nancy Scannell called for our order from Betty's Burgers.... since we'd barely finished breakfast we decided to split a burger and sweet potato fries.   Just about that time, Jim & Linda called from Hong Kong Chinese and asked if we wanted some War Won Ton soup... well that is my favorite and I couldn't believe how truly blessed we were!!!  Dinner on the way and all I had to do was laundry on this wonderful Sunday....  So, although we couldn't pick a winner to save our lives (one for four wild card games) we totally enjoyed our day of rest.  We caught up with old friends and snuggled in to our slug stations... thoroughly enjoying the day and the chance to just relax....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today is Saturday, January 8th

OK So, I'm playing catch up as I watch the Saints battle the Seahawks.  We're rooting for the Saints in this wild card game and what a battle it is!  The awful news of the attack on Congresswoman Giffords made me ill.

Political rhetoric must change! We are politically opposed NOT at war. We have disagreements in philosophy but there is NO reason to wield a gun to win your point. Sanity should prevail!!! There should be consequences for the fact that Sarah Palin's website had a target list! Where is the America we all love?

Ok so, my heavily favored Saints just lost to the Seahawks... next stop Indiana.  It's the Payton/ Sanchez contest and oh, what a game it shall be!
Looking back at Thursday..it was a long day of work! Marilyn & I looked at a lot of homes throughout the county; this being our first brokers tour of the new year.  I enjoyed the time although what's plagued me for days is just how much time I should spend away from Tracy.  Knowing that he'll be starting his chemo soon makes me very conscious of my time and where I really need to be. 

Friday was a long day of hurry up and wait at Stanford.  It's interesting that what should only take a couple hours can take almost a whole day there.  I'm trying not to complain but I certainly hope that Tracy's treatment will enable us to scoot through starting next week with some priority.  Oh yeah, the news was great!  Tracy's numbers are good enough to start the next phase of his treatment next week.  Wednesday is the day and it will be a long one.  Bruno warned that the next phase is intense.  4 days on and 4 days off for 4-6 weeks and then... well, I sort of clicked off when I heard that it would last for about 2 years. Tracy keyed in on Bruno's comment about "a little spinal tap and radiation" amongst all the next variety of treatments.  It's amazing how much two intelligent people can miss or remember when you're talking about life and death....   I kept trying to determine how long each treatment would take so, I could figure out how to manage scheduling our lives.  It's going to be very interesting!  We're really going to need some help now with driving.  4 consecutive days will be tough when I need and want to continue working.  Bruno says that after the first day it should be a quick hour or so each day.  Only time will tell.  Lots of people have asked how they can help.  I think we're about to find out.  My honey is not crazy about what this entails but he's ready willing and able to bear it.  Bring it on!!!  The Stanford Express starts next week.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today is Wednesday, January 5th

Amazing amount accomplished today...  yet I felt badly that T was gonna be home alone all day.  I'm always torn between being home with my love and working.  Working at what I love is fun for me, so I try to balance it out and keep my honey happy too.

  The fab four minus one met for a continuing education/coaching session in Scotts Valley and it jazzed me totally... I came back to the office to put another Addendum together and set up a few apts; off to refresh my memory on a Capitola vacation rental ... way too dark and dingy then, finally home to work on my business plan.  Tracy looked lonely and I'm sorry for that.  He's tired of feeling tired.  My baby needs an up and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with him this weekend.

An aide from Sam Farr's Congressional office left a message yesterday that she'd get back with me next week re my Blue Shield issues.  Yahoo!  That restores my faith.

My honey is asleep and I will be too very soon.....

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, January 2,3 & 4

I finally acknowledge that it's tough sometimes to keep up with this blog.  I get going and other things like Tracy or real estate take precedent and then, I'm faced with either blowing off the days I've missed or trying to do a brief run up.  Today I've chosen to tell the tale.  Doesn't mean I won't blow it off next time but here goes:

Sunday, a day of football ..  I loved seeing the niners kick butt!  Why didn't they bring it earlier in the season? .. and a day to show a home in Capitola and catching up with  adorable clients.  A day of fun and a day of chagrin as I tried to get some work done and the MLS software upgrade wasn't having it.  Tracy was content with only football on his mind.

Monday, a day of working on restructuring deals for success and a trip to Stanford for a GI base line for my honey.  We hope to avoid at least some of the pitfalls of the last chemo regimen.  By seeing the Gastroenterologists now when T is pretty OK and discussing all of the reactions and complications he experienced through the first round; we're hoping to mitigate and perhaps avoid the nasties next time around.  One can only hope and take every precaution possible.  So, really good interaction with Dr. Rhees and Cartwright.  They agreed with us that the issues more likely stemmed from the treatment, not dietary indiscretion.... but we'll probably never get Bruno to agree to that...  They did wholeheartedly agree tho' that going for the cure is paramount and everything else pales in the face of that.  Next stop, Friday with the Madeiros team.

T & Riley
Tuesday, started off without time for breakfast... not even coffee, pushed me off kilter.  It's house cleaning day so, as I was straightening up my office, I realized I had forgotten to do some paperwork so, by the time I finished that all I had time for was a kiss from my honey & I was out the door on the run.  After our sales meeting, the fabulous foursome, Lorraine, Marilyn, Vicki & I had breakfast, exchanged info and agreed to delve into continuing education together.  Valuable insights by bouncing off each other's experiences and with this deep level of trust we all win.  It's great to be a part of  the fabulous four!  A couple errands later, I was able to bounce two complicated deal scenarios around with my broker and then, proceed to the Castroville property that will become a dog lover's paradise very soon.  Barry, Dotti, Joel (a contractor and Barry's best friend) and I wandered around the property for quite awhile and then, came back and signed the counter offer and added a counter offer.  An hour later, we got the deal!  We're a happy family!!!  Home to T and a simple meal and one more two pronged approach to a solution for Janet & Mike.
Mike & Janet on New Year's Day
 I'm pooped but very pleased at an eventful January day...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today is Saturday, January 1st, 1/1/11

Happy New Year!!!  

Today is the first day of 2011 and the first day of the second decade of the 21st century.  Amazing how time flies...  the next time this phenomenal sequence will hit is 2/2/22... the next time will be 3/3/33... will we be around to see it?  We hope so...

I can't believe I've lived this long... I can remember when I was in my 20's singing along to Hotel California and believing that I was invincible and that life was anything and everything I could imagine... all I had to do was dream it.  My only problem was finding the right mate to live it with me.  I always learned most of my lessons the hard way; so, I started collecting frogs.   My thinking was that I would have to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince.  It took a lot of adventures and detours to finally find him.  I had almost accepted that I would always enjoy life but I might never find my mate.  And then, Popeye came along.... talk about high maintenance?  He made me laugh and constantly challenged me and thank God, he still does!!!

I look forward to the unfolding of our lives as we begin the next phase...

Happy New Year one and all!!!!
Frog Kisser & Prince & Master Riley

Deanna, Gary & Riley