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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9th

What a glorious day!!!  After French toast, Tracy & I were catching up on the news as the phone began to ring... We were listening to one of my favorites "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on our NPR station when we realized that the Chiefs were already battling the Ravens.  Quickly we turned the game on and settled in for another day of wild card games, monitoring our poorly chosen picks albeit very exciting football challenges.  John & Nancy Scannell called for our order from Betty's Burgers.... since we'd barely finished breakfast we decided to split a burger and sweet potato fries.   Just about that time, Jim & Linda called from Hong Kong Chinese and asked if we wanted some War Won Ton soup... well that is my favorite and I couldn't believe how truly blessed we were!!!  Dinner on the way and all I had to do was laundry on this wonderful Sunday....  So, although we couldn't pick a winner to save our lives (one for four wild card games) we totally enjoyed our day of rest.  We caught up with old friends and snuggled in to our slug stations... thoroughly enjoying the day and the chance to just relax....

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