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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today is Thursday, January 13th

Reports begin to stack up.  I find I need a physical piece of paper to digest the importance of the text rather than reading the report online....I feel badly 'cause I kill a lot of trees in the process but reading online just doesn't work for me.  I do wonder about reading a book on an ipad.  I know I enjoy turning the pages of a book but the page turning sound effects are pretty cool on an ipad.  We'll see... next generation ipad here I come... so, I printed out the septic, home inspection and preliminary title reports for the Castroville ranch and redid the purchase agreement for Janet & Mike's Boulder Creek duplex (the hedge fund seller still hasn't acted on it and they've had it for almost 3 months!!!!  no wonder I have gray hair) and scooted to Stanford with Tracy.  Tracy seemed rested and ready for the next hell shot and I had plenty to keep me busy.  Mr. T seems to be tolerating it even though last night was a tough one for him...

                             T says bring it on!!!

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