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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Gun Debate

Words are very powerful.  
Choose them wisely.  
They inspire or defile.  
Add a gun and you have chaos. 

I awoke today with a feeling of excitement and hope.  The tragedy of Representative Giffords shooting and the killing of all those innocent people has incited a lot of folks to talk about the political rhetoric in our nation and it's also inspired a lot of folks from Arizona to stock up on glocks.  Whaddayathink about that? 

 I'm tired of the debate myself.  I think it's ridiculous for the average gun owner to want a semi automatic with a magazine that holds 10 rounds, let alone 20 or more.  If you're hunting deer, you don't need a semi-automatic.  Why aren't we talking about gun control?  Is the National Rifle Ass. that powerful?  Where is the sanity and truth in the facts?  Why are we as a nation so beholden to the premise that we all should have the right to own a gun?  

Many years ago, I owned a gun.  After a break in and assault of my roommate in my Saratoga home;  I bought a Saturday Night Special.  I learned how to shoot it and I enjoyed target practice.  Then, I put it away in it's gorgeous leather case and promptly forgot about it.... until it was almost used on me.  Then, when it was aimed at a spot on the wall near my head as I slept in order to get my attention... I knew it was time to get rid of it and I did.  That cured me of ever wanting a gun and Tracy feels the same way.  Wake up people!!!

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