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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is Sunday, January 23rd

We awoke to another gorgeous day on the coast and decided to enjoy it.  Something different for breakfast... lox and bagels... ran out for the bagels & red onion & tomato and we enjoyed our brunch until I left to show several Opal Cliff homes...Beautiful homes with a grand view of the ocean and time will tell.   My client has more choices and the time to make his decision.  Back to walk on the beach with the girls to celebrate Dayna's birthday.  Three times in as many days, I've had the privilege to walk on or near the sea.  The ideal scenario to sort things through and get to the other side.  I need the ocean to set me free.. how wonderful to enjoy the sun and the camaraderie... and then back to watch the Bears and the Jets lose with T...  pizza & football, what more could anyone want?!!  Maybe just a winning team...

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