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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today is Saturday, January 15th

Friday was a whirlwind of activity starting with my board meeting and then, our third trip to Stanford in as many days.  Tracy had had some side effects and we were keeping our fingers crossed that they'd subside.  It was such a stunningly gorgeous day that we just relaxed and made believe we were just taking a drive.  Tracy, as DJ, spinning Stevie Winwood, Stevie Wonder and Boney James while we enjoyed each other's company and the beauty of our drive north through the Santa Cruz mountains, highway 85 and ultimately, the scenic views of 280 and Alpine Road winding our way to the hallowed halls of Stanford Hospital and Tracy's next hell shot.  We met another couple in the treatment area. Jerry and Joaquin are from the gold country, a little town near Jackson.  He has been treated almost every day for a year for AML so, they stay in a Residence Inn while his bone marrow transplant is being readied.  He's very lucky.  He has 5 matches and they aren't relatives.  We are truly blessed!!

 I usually work while I wait for Tracy and I was able to set up an apt with Barry & Dottie at my office upon my return.  We went over all the disclosures and reports and set up a time on Sun. to revisit the ranch with a contractor to get estimates on work needed.  I was pretty pooped by 7:00 and finally, went home to grill some salmon and green beans while sipping on a glass or two of red.  It was an early night since Thurs night I had gone to Sam Farr's Remembrance for those who were killed in Arizona and hadn't gotten much sleep.

Saturday was another just phenomenally beautiful day.  We chuckled along, listening to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and arrived right on time for T's 12:00 apt. when Gary called.  That's when my ride to celebrate Cathy's 60th birthday in San Jose that evening disappeared.  Oh well, he must have stayed up all night to come up with that excuse.  Anyway, Jerry & Joaquin were just leaving the treatment room.  T was primed and ready cause he didn't want to miss any football....  and we got some great news!  No transfusions or platelets needed!!  A couple pills and the hell shot and we were on our way. .. as DJ Tracy played Diana Krall and then, the Steelers battled the Ravens; we wound our way home to Rio Del Mar... gassed up on the way to the office to kill some more trees, CVS for protein drinks, Deluxe for range free chicken & organic veggies and finally, dropped T at home and met my stylist, Michael for some "me" time.... the roots gotta go...  home to a cocktail with my honey as we watched the Packers trounce the Falcons.  Our picks were on the birds today and they really were for the birds...0-2.  Let's hope the Bears and the Patriots show up to play tomorrow!!!
And to all a good night!!!

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  1. da Bears delivered. I'm guessing that the Pats will also. You go girl, and Tracy too!